Uber Unlimited Pass (Complete Guide) | Money Saver or Money Waster?

Whether you live in a large or mid-sized city, the chances are that you’ve used Uber a couple of times in your life. Perhaps you needed a ride home from work or to the club, or perhaps you got some fresh Italian food delivered to your job for lunch.

What many people don’t know, though, is that they could be saving loads of money on their everyday orders and rides using Uber’s Unlimited Pass.

I’ve been asked time and time again, “Is the Uber Unlimited Pass a waste of money, or can it actually save me money?

No, the Uber Unlimited Pass is not a waste of money. It can save you an incredible amount over the course of a few short weeks. By saving you $3 on a ride here or $6 on a food delivery there, your savings can easily add up, pay for your membership, and put extra money in your pocket. 

I’ve talked about the Uber Pass several before, but I recently realized that I hadn’t given a conclusive guide or answered some of the top questions on the ridesharing company’s service. Now that I’ve had almost a year to use it and familiarize myself with the Uber Unlimited Pass, though, I feel more confident than ever to share my experience. Here’s my tell-all guide on how it works, how much money it can save you, and how to sign up! 

How Uber Unlimited Pass Saves You Money

In today’s world, there’s no shortage of subscription services. These days, it seems like everywhere you look, you’ll find some company offering a monthly membership. Whether it’s your local gas station or your favorite voice recording app, companies figure that the best way to earn their customers’ loyalty is to keep them coming back to them with a perk/discount-based subscription. It’s classic marketing 101. 

That being said, many of the popular subscription services on the market offer very little return on your investment. Some people can easily find themselves paying hundreds of dollars every month between various subscription services they never even use. 

Initially, those were my thoughts on the Uber Unlimted Pass. However, I figured that I’d give it a try before I knocked it. After just one month, I realized the app saved me over $50 in fees! Needless to say, I was impressed enough to keep paying for it. That being said, here’s a complete breakdown of how the Uber Unlimited Pass saves me money. 

Discounts On Rides

I take Uber everywhere. I often Uber to work (which helps me be more productive since I don’t have to drive), and I use it every time I visit the airport (which is quite frequently these days). As an Uber Pass member, I get unlimited discounts on every single ride that I take, whether I’m going down the street to my neighborhood pub or going to the next town over for a meeting. 

If you get a standard Uber (UberX, UberXL, UberGreen, or UberComfort), then you’ll get 10% off of your ride. If you’re the type who prefers something fancier (the UberBlack exclusive rides), then you’ll save 15% on every ride! Eventually, all of your rides will add up and you’ll find that you’re saving more than enough to justify the price of the membership. 

Save On Grocery Delivery (Where Applicable)

Most big cities have participating grocers that work with Uber’s grocery delivery service. This exploded during the pandemic when people were trying to socially distance. If you use Uber to get your groceries delivered, your Uber Unlimited Pass can save you money on specific groceries and give you coupons to apply to your orders. You’ll also get free delivery on all orders over $15!

Discounts On Uber Eats Deliveries

The same discount applies to Uber Eats. As long as your food order is over $15 after tax, then you’ll be eligible to receive free delivery. Uber Eats’ delivery fees can easily cost up to $5 or more per meal, so this can save you a nice chunk of change. 

Special Food Deals For Uber Unlimited Pass Members

Last but not least, Uber Unlimited Pass members receive special deals and coupons with participating restaurants in town. This presents the perfect chance to try that new Mexican restaurant or fancy Bistro that just open up in town. 

How Much Money Can The Uber Unlimited Pass Save Me? 

This all depends on how much you use Uber for transportation, order groceries with Uber’s food delivery service, or use Uber Eats for meal delivery. The more you use these services, the more unlimited benefits that you’ll be able to take advantage of. For example, if you take a $30 Uber ride and order a $25 Uber Eats meal on a Monday morning, then you could easily save $5 between the services. Now, multiply that across five days a week, and you’ll be saving $125 per week! 

Personally, I don’t use Uber that often, but I still manage to save around $15 to $20 a week in delivery fees and the reduced cost of rides. Not only does this pay for my membership, but it puts a nice little chunk of extra change in my pocket that I can use to buy some extra dog treats

How Do I Sign Up For Uber Unlimited Pass?

Signing up for the Uber Unlimited Pass is as easy as 1-2-3. You can sign up anytime, cancel anytime, and renew your membership when you decide that you need it agin. Here’s how to sign up! 

Download The Uber Rider App And Create An Account

You probably have this app already if you’ve been using Uber. If not, though, download the Uber Rider app and either log into your existing account or create a brand-new account.

Access The ‘Ride Pass’ Section of the App

Once your account is set up and verified, click on the three-bar icon in the upper corner of the screen. This will open a drop-down menu where you’ll be able to view your account and other perks. Scroll down the list until you see the tab labeled ‘Ride Pass.’ 

Sign-Up For Your Uber Unlimited Ride and Eats Pass

After clicking the tab, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can enter your personal information and sign up for Uber’s subscription service. Then, if at any time you feel like you’re not getting your money’s worth, you can cancel the subscription by following the same steps that you followed to sign up for Uber Pass in the first place.