Is There Uber in Lanzarote?

Visiting Lanzarote will be one fun and relaxing experience. Lanzarote is very small, so if you are worried if getting around will be easy, don’t.

So, is there Uber in Lanzarote? No, there is no Uber in Lanzarote. But, don’t worry, there are other options to help you travel around Lanzarote.

is there uber in lanzarote

From riding with a regular taxi, to using their bus services. Keep reading to know more. 

How To Get Around Lanzarote Without Uber?

As we already mentioned, getting around Lanzarote won’t be hard, even with no Uber around. 

Wherever you decide to go, you won’t get far from your hotel, and it will not be hard to come back. 

There are many transportation options that you could use in Lanzarote, and we are here to tell you about all of them. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Lanzarote

Unfortunately, there are no alternative ride-sharing options like Grab or Lyft in Lanzarote, but let’s talk about all the options available.

Taxi in Lanzarote

Using a taxi as your way of transporting around Lanzarote is a great option, as they are relatively cheap and available at all times. 

Taxis in Lanzarote can be found anywhere on the Lanzarote streets, and if you see a green light on the taxi sign, you can easily flag one down, which is the best way of getting a taxi. 

And if this option does not suit your needs then you can call the taxi service number to order one, but it is very likely that the person answering the phone doesn’t speak English, so the best option might be to ask the concierge at your hotel to do it for you. 

The taxis are not expensive at all, and they can fit up to four people in the car. Getting a taxi from the airport is easy; there are lots of them waiting outside Terminal 1 at all times. 

Train in Lanzarote

There are no train services in Lanzarote, so if you wanted to use public transportation to commute around the island, our next option would be the best for you. 

Bus in Lanzarote

Traveling around Lanzarote with a bus will be the best option if you are traveling on a budget or if you simply want to experience the culture in one more way. The buses in Lanzarote are incredibly cheap, and if you are traveling with a kid under the age of four, the ticket will be free. 

They cover most of Lanzarote and are available throughout most times of the day, but you may not be able to use their services at night. In this case, we recommend using a taxi; they are a bit more expensive but not as much. 

They cover most of the places you would want to visit in Lanzarote, which is another advantage of traveling by bus. 

Rent a Car in Lanzarote

If you like your freedom, don’t like to depend on public transportation services, and want to explore Lanzarote and visit some places that are not commonly visited by tourists, then renting a car is the best option for you. 

Renting a car in Lanzarote is not expensive, and if you pre-book your car, you might get an even better deal. There are several car rental shops around Lanzarote; you can find some at the airport and around the island. 

The minimum age that car rental shops allow is 23, and you would have to have your driving license for more than two years. As a tourist, when renting a car in Lanzarote, you would also need a passport and a credit card; car rental shops don’t allow payments with debit cards.  

The prices will go anywhere from $20 if you want to hire an economy car and go up to $150 for a Mercedes Benz. 

Walk in Lanzarote

Walking around Lanzarote can be a fun experience if you have all the time in your hands. It is the best way to meet the culture and meet the local Lanzarote people who are very friendly and will help you with anything you need, maybe even tell you some secret spots that tourists don’t know of. 

On the other hand, walking around Lanzarote can be time-consuming. If you don’t have as much time and save up some money, you could combine public transportation and wandering around Lanzarote, or even use our next option. 

Renting a Bicycle in Lanzarote

Although renting a bike is not as popular in Lanzarote, it is a great way to save up some money and meet their culture. It is also a great way of staying fit while on vacation, and just like walking, it is eco-friendly, so you won’t only be helping yourself but also our planet. 

By choosing this option, you would be able to enjoy Lanzarote’s beautiful views while commuting around it. Also, just like with walking, you would be able to wander around some places that are usually not visited by tourists, we recommend finding a local friend to help you and guide you around.

As we mentioned before, renting a bike in Lanzarote is cheap, and it will save you some money that you can use on other things. There are several bike rental shops around Lanzarote, so if you choose this option, visit the bike rentals and agree on the seller’s price. 

Also, when riding a bike in Lanzarote, it is mandatory to wear a helmet, and if you were to be stopped by the police and you were not wearing one, a hefty fine would be waiting for you. Also, if you are traveling with children we recommend choosing some of the other options mentioned above. 

If you like the option of riding a bike, but you would like to have something that has more speed than renting a motorcycle would be a good option for you. Renting a motorcycle in Lanzarote is pretty affordable too, and it is an excellent option to use when commuting around the island.

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