Is There Uber in Key West?

Key West is the southernmost point in the continental United States. It’s a beautiful place with miles of beaches and some of the best nightlife in America.

But is there Uber in Key West? Yes, there is Uber in Key West. Uber is one of the safest ways to travel around Key West. The base fare for Uber Key West is $4.29. In addition, it costs $0.22 per minute and $2.00 per mile.

is there uber in key west

Venture around the city and visit some of the most wonderful places in Key West just by downloading your Uber App. Stay tuned to find out more.

How to Get a Free Ride in Key West?

There are a few types of getting your free or discounted Uber ride in Key West.

If you are new with Uber, you can use Uber promo code  yavz5 for $20 off your first ride!

You can also get cashback on your Uber rides with selected travel cards from

Is There Uber XL in Key West?

Are you going on vacation with 4 of your friends and you want to go all in one car, but you’re not sure if that’s possible? 

Be at ease, as Uber holds the answer. Uber XL is available in Key West and will help you and your friends travel in one car.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Key West?

Uber is one of the most affordable ways of traveling in Key West, so if you want to get an Uber and you were wondering if it is expensive, don’t worry; Uber in Key West is reasonably priced and won’t hurt your pocket. 

Uber Minimum Fare in Key West?

Uber X minimum fare in Key West is $9.75. Uber Comfort’s minimum fare is $10.02. Uber XL minimum fare is $11.93.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Key West International Airport To Key West Downtown?

Uber X will cost you $14.73 from Key West International Airport to Downtown or Key West.

For the same route with Uber Comfort, you will pay $18.87. And Uber XL will cost you $20.31 for the same mileage. 

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Key West?

A 30-minute ride with Uber X will cost you $31.55. Uber Comfort will cost you $39.79. Uber XL will be $49.00 for the same ride. 

Can You Pay Cash For Uber in Key West?

Uber is planned to be a cashless experience, so you cannot pay for your Uber ride in cash in most of the cities. But there are a few payment methods that you can try, such as your Credit or your Debit Card; you can pay with your PayPal or pay for your trip using one of your Gift Cards.

If you want to tip your driver and don’t want to leave a tip on the card, you can always tip your Uber driver in cash. 

What’s Cheaper In Key West Uber Or Taxi?

Uber is cheaper in Key West than regular taxi services as regular taxis are charging around $10 per person if you are two or more people. A single passenger will pay $16.00- $20.00 for a taxi ride from the airport to the city center. 

So it is definitely cheaper to travel with Uber in Key West than to catch a regular taxi cab. 

How Safe Is Uber in Key West?

Uber is one of the safest ways of commuting around your favorite city. Most of the Uber drivers are professional drivers, or they went under a series of tests before they even started to work for Uber. 

Is Uber Safe At Night in Key West?

Key West has a very low crime rate; therefore, it is safe to take an Uber ride back to your hotel even if it is late. As we said in the previous paragraph, Uber drivers undergo a series of tests before starting their carrier with Uber, so we are sure you’ll get home safe.

But keep in mind that you should always use your common sense and instincts when going around the city by night, so if something doesn’t feel right, don’t hesitate to call the local police. 

How Reliable Is Uber In Key West?

Uber is very reliable in Key West. One of the most efficient modes of transport in Key West is Uber. You can be assured that you can book an Uber anytime you need one, and you’ll be picked up and dropped off at the location you chose. 

Can You Pre Book Uber in Key West?

Yes, you can pre-book your Uber ride in Key West. If you are in a hurry and you like your life to be organized, you can book your Uber ride, and it will be waiting for you 5 minutes or 30 days in advance at the desired location. 

Can Uber Operate Outside Key West?

Technically, Uber can take you anywhere you desire, but will you be able to come back to the same place with Uber?

It all depends on the location where you are heading; for example, if you were to take an Uber from Key West to Miami, we are confident you’ll be able to take a ride back to Key West. Still, we are not sure if you will be able to find an Uber back if you are going to the outskirts of Florida Keys.

 How Do I Contact Uber in Key West?

If you’ve lost an item and want to contact your Uber driver, you can go to the “Your trips” section, select the ride you were taking and select “I lost an item” to get in touch with them. And if you want to call the operator, just open the “Help” center and then select “Call Support.” 

If you prefer to call your operator the old fashioned way, you can always dial 0808 189 7190.All of the support lines work 24/7, so if you have any complaints, you can call the operator at any time.

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