Is There Uber in Banff?

With almost 5 million visitors a year, Banff National Park is Canada’s most visited tourist attraction. For starters, it’s easy to get around Banff and the best thing about this park is that its points of interest are all easily accessible.

But is there Uber in Banff? Uber is not available in Banff. However, Banff is a small town, and its townsite is just 3.94 square kilometers, so it is effortless to get around even without Uber. 

is there uber in banff

And if you are still questioning yourself which means of transportation to use, let us help you decide.

How To Get Around Banff Without Uber?

Locals in Banff usually commute around by walking or by riding a bike, and sometimes they would commute by public transportation.  That shows us that commuting around Banff is a piece of cake. 

As we said, getting around Banff is pretty easy; walking around as locals do might be the best choice. But let us talk about all the options that you could choose from. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Banff

Unfortunately, there is not Lyft or Grab available in Banff, but don’t worry, there are lots of other options to choose from, so you won’t feel like you’re missing something at all. 

Taxi in Banff

Taxies are an excellent option when commuting around Banff. Taxi services in Banff are available at all times; they offer rides from the airport and many of Banff’s tourist attractions. This is a good option if you don’t like walking around town that much. 

You also have the option of downloading the CheckerYellowCab app and book a taxi through the application. This makes your exploring even more comfortable; you would only have to have the internet on your mobile device. 

The estimated fare from Calgary Airport to Banff would be around 240$, which is not the cheapest taxi ride you will ever get, but it is a fair price since Banff is 109 kilometers away from the Calgary airport. 

Train in Banff

Commuting in Banff with a train is not an available option, since Banff is such a small town building a train rail would not be necessary. But if you wanted to, you could take a train to Vancouver from Banff. But you need to think twice if you wanted to take that ride because The Rocky Mountaineer train ride is very expensive.

The price for one passenger for the Rocky Mountaineer ride estimates at 1000$. But if you are willing to spend your money, it is worth it.

Bus in Banff

If you don’t mind riding around with many people and save up some money, the Banff Roam bus service is there for you! The bus goes to some of the most beautiful destinations in Banff, so you miss on any of the fun with traveling with these buses! 

All of their buses have GPS technology, so you will be able to track the bus, and the exact time it will arrive.  They also have a website called Roam Transit Trip Planner on which you can plan your bus trip in detail. 

You would be able to choose the time of your departure, how much you want to walk and how much you want to ride on the bus, and the website will find the best offer for you. 

A fare for one ride for one adult is 2$, and if you wanted to buy a day pass, it would cost you only 5$. So riding on a bus will save you some money in comparison to taxi rides. 

Walking in Banff

Experience the beauty of this town by taking a walk everywhere you go. The town is unique and beautiful, and there are plenty of things to see, so don’t think that you will regret it. There are many shops, restaurants, and other things to see when taking a walk around town.

A walk to any destination won’t take you longer than 30 minutes. It is a great way to exercise along the way; plus, you will be doing a favor to our beautiful planet while experiencing some of its beauties. 

Bike in Banff

Renting a bike in Banff is something that you can do quickly and easily. It is another excellent way of exercising, and it is budget-friendly. The locals in Banff will help you choose the best bike for you for a great experience. Let us tell you about the best bike trails in Banff. 

There is the Sundance Trail, which is 3.95km long in one way, this is a family-friendly trail, and it will not be challenging to ride on it; your final destination will be the Sundance Canyon picnic area, where you can enjoy your lunch at the end of the ride. 

Vermilion Lakes Drive is a 4.3km long trail, in one way.  This trail has many benches and resting places along the way where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Banff.

Banff Legacy Trail is 29km long in one way; it is a long trail with a lot of resting places and beautiful views. And if you wanted to, you could go back on a bus, which will cost 6$. 

Rent-a-car in Banff

We couldn’t go without mentioning the most comfortable way of commuting around Banff, and that is renting a car. When you rent a car, you are entirely independent of transportation services; the only person you depend on is yourself. 

Ask the locals what places you should visit, rent a car, and hop in. Exploring Banff has never been easier. 

You could choose several options when it comes to looks and the price of the car. Let us tell you all about that so you would pick the right vehicle for yourself. 

Renting a compact or economy car would cost you 58$ in Banff. However, if you wanted to book a minivan, the price would go up from there, a minivan would cost you 122$, and then for a full-size SUV or Intermediate SUV, the price would be 73$.

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