Is There Uber in Dublin, Ireland?

Dublin, the capital of Ireland is known for its friendly atmosphere, scenery and attractions. It is located on the west coast, at the mouth of the Liffey River. It offers impressive monuments such as Trinity College or the Customs House, as well as pristine beaches near the center.

Is there Uber in Dublin? Yes, there is Uber in Dublin. The only available Uber rides in Dublin are Uber Taxi and Uber Black. Uber Taxi is slightly more expensive than a Regular taxi in Dublin. The Uber minimum fare in Dublin is €3.60.

is there uber in dublin ireland

Read on to find out more about Uber in Dublin.

How to Get a Free Ride in Dublin?

You can get your free Uber ride in Dublin just by downloading the FREE RIDES app, there you will find everything you need, and if not, your first ride (if you are a first time user)  will in almost any city be for free. If you don’t get a free ride, you can always ask for a “newbie discount”  that can be 50% or less.

Is There Uber XL in Dublin?

Uber XL in not available in Dublin, Ireland. So if you wanted to ride with your four other friends, you would have to consider some alternatives.

The only available Uber Dublin rides are Uber Taxi and Uber Black.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Dublin?

Uber Taxi is slightly more expensive than a Regular taxi in Dublin. The regular taxis have the same base fare but have lower ride prices per km and per minute. 

If you chose to ride with Uber Black, your ride would be slightly higher than when riding with Uber Taxi.

Uber Minimum Fare in Dublin

The Uber minimum fare in Dublin is €3.60, the base fare for Uber Taxi is €4.00, they are charging €0.51 per minute, and €1.45 per kilometer. 

It will cost you €5.00 if you would want to cancel your trip. 

Uber Black has a base fare of €6.00, a minimum fare of €15.00; they will charge you €0.65 per minute and €1.26 per kilometer.

If you would want to cancel Uber Black in Dublin, they will charge you €10.00.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Dublin International Airport To Dublin Downtown?

The price of your Uber Taxi ride from Dublin Airport to the Center of Dublin will be €45.31.

And an Uber Black ride of the same distance would cost €43,46.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Dublin, Ireland?

A 30-minute ride with Uber Taxi in Dublin will be €10.00 exorbitant than if you were to take an Uber Black car.

Uber Taxi will cost you €71.07 for a 30-minute ride, and Uber Black will be €61.66.

So our suggestion is to take an Uber black, as you will have a professional driver behind the wheel taking you to the place you wanted.

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Dublin?

The answer is NO; you cannot pay with cash for your Uber ride in Dublin, Ireland. They only accept Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal payments.

The only cash they can receive is a cash tip. When traveling in Dublin, tipping an Uber driver is a great way to show your appreciation for their service. It’s not required, but it’s always appreciated by the driver and you can expect a better ride experience. The standard tip for an Uber driver in Dublin is 10% of the fare, with a minimum of €1 at the end of each trip. If the driver goes out of their way to provide exceptional service, you can tip more than that if you’d like.

When tipping in cash, it’s important to let the driver know before you hand them the money so they don’t mistake it for paying for the fare. You can also tip your driver in the app at the end of your ride if you don’t have any cash with you.

What’s Cheaper In Dublin Uber Or Taxi?

Generally, the prices of Uber are somewhat higher, but will Uber you can choose if you would want to ride with Uber Black or Uber Taxi, and with a regular taxi, you can just raise your hand and hitchhike your cab, as there are a lot of taxi cabs in Dublin.

How Safe Is Uber in Dublin?

In general terms, Dublin is a very safe city to live in, and you living and traveling from point A to point B every day by Uber is very safe, as Uber has Professionals working for them. The drivers must undergo a series of tests and regulations before they even start working. 

So there is nothing to worry about; Uber in Dublin is safe.

Is Uber Safe At Night in Dublin?

Yes, Uber is safe at night in Dublin. As we said in the previous paragraph, Uber drivers undergo a series of checkups before they start working for Uber, so riding in an Uber car at night should be as safe as riding in an Uber at any other time of the day.

If you’re still unsure, the good news is that there are several steps that you can take to ensure your safety when traveling with Uber at night in Dublin. First, make sure that you take only licensed and insured Uber drivers. While all of the Uber drivers have undergone background checks and vehicle inspections, it is important to check their credentials before getting into the car.

Second, confirm your route before beginning your ride. Make sure that you know the area before getting into the car so that you can be aware of any potential hazards or routes to avoid. You should also make sure that your route is in a safe, well-lit area and try to avoid back alleys and secluded roads if possible.

 Finally, stay alert during your ride. Pay attention to the route that you are taking and be aware of any potential danger. If something doesn’t feel right or if you have any doubts about the safety of your trip, don’t hesitate to get out of the car and find an alternate mode of transportation.

How Reliable Is Uber In Dublin?

Uber in Dublin is very reliable. One of Dublin’s most effective modes of transportation is Uber. Whenever you need one, you should be confident that you can book one. The car will wait for you at the pickup location you specified, and you will be dropped off wherever you have specified your drop-off location to be.

Can You Pre Book Uber in  Dublin?

YES, you can pre-book your Uber in Dublin. You can organize your time and schedule a ride for 5 minutes or 30 days in advance. Within the app Schedule Rides, the feature is available now, which will allow you to select your pickup time and the location where you would want to be picked up. The driver will wait for you as per your specific time and your pick up point.  

Can Uber Operate Outside Dublin?

As Dublin is the only city in Ireland with Uber, your Uber driver can pretty much take you anywhere you want in Ireland, but if you would like to get back to Dublin with Uber. You’re outside of the city, that would probably not be possible.

How Do I Contact Uber in Dublin?

Contacting Uber in Dublin is easy, and there are several ways of doing it. One of them is contacting them with their UK Customer Support phone number and talking with their fantastic support team, which will assist you with anything you may need. 

The second way of contacting Uber in Dublin is by arranging an in-person appointment. How do you do that? It is simple just to choose the Help option in your Uber app, checkbook an in-person appointment, select the issue you have and need assistance with, and book the appointment.

The third and final way is to check the frequently asked questions on the Uber website and look for your answer there.