Is There Uber in Corfu?

Corfu is an island and a city, the largest of the Ionian islands and a natural bridge between Greece and the rest of Europe. Corfu is a paradise full of natural beauty and a history where the real amalgamates with myths and legends and provides everything you need for a lively and unforgettable vacation.

So, is there Uber in Corfu? No, there is no Uber in Corfu. Unfortunately, Uber doesn’t offer its services in Corfu, but getting around Corfu without Uber is not difficult at all. You can use public buses, rental cars, taxis or even rent a bicycle.

is there uber in corfu

Let us tell you about all the alternative options that you could choose from.

How To Get Around Corfu Without Uber?

Getting around Corfu without Uber, as we said, is not hard. Although we are used to Uber’s fantastic services, in this case, you just might not even feel like you miss it. 

Corfu is a big travel destination, and by listening to our advice, you will have the time to see everything there is in it. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) In Corfu

Corfu doesn’t offer rides with other ride-sharing alternatives like Grab or Lyft. But let’s talk about all the options that you can use in Corfu. 

Taxi in Corfu

There are taxies in Corfu, and this option might be right for you if you are planning on having short trips around the city. Taxi drivers in Corfu usually don’t use meters, so be careful and try to negotiate the price before entering a taxi.

A ride from the Airport to Corfu city center will cost you about 15€, and a five-kilometer drive will cost you about 9€.  

Also, since it will be difficult for drivers to understand your pronunciation, try writing down the street’s name to make sure you won’t end up on the wrong spot.

Train in Corfu

In Corfu, there is also the option of choosing to ride on the Tourist Train, the route will start in Spinada Square, and it will go to the Old Town Corfu by passing through Garitsa and Kanoni. 

Bus in Corfu

If you are up for saving up your money and spending it on something else, then hopping on a bus might just be what you need to do. In Corfu, there are two different kinds of buses, blue and green. 

The white and blue bus will take you from the Corfu Airport to Corfu Town, for only 1.2€. And there is also the option of buying a day pass for 5€.

Green buses travel from Corfu town to resort areas and other villages next to Corfu. The prices will differ depending on the ride you take. They can cost from 2€ to 6€, and it is a one-way ticket. 

Walking in Corfu

And this is another option where you will be able to save up some money, but not only that! Walking around the villages and exploring is just what you need to do in Greece, meet the culture, see all the historical monuments, make sure you saw everything before you leave, you won’t regret it.

The local people in Corfu are amiable and will be there to help you if you are lost or need any other assistance. You can even make friends with some local people, and ask them to tell you all the secret beautiful places in Corfu, that no tourist knows. 

Plus the village’s streets are very narrow, so it can be challenging to navigate by car if you have no experience of driving on roads like those. 

Bicycle in Corfu

This option is very affordable, as well, good for the environment, and it is making sure you are staying in shape. If you don’t mind cycling up the hills, then you should go for this option. 

Exploring around Corfu on a bike can be much more fun than walking too, you get to see everything around you are breathe the fresh air, while having fun, and riding a bike. 

There are plenty of bike rental places, some of them being Corfu Bicycle Rentals, Kontokali Bicycles, etc. The price of renting a bike for one whole day would be around 10€. 

Scooter Rental in Corfu

This is another excellent option if you know how to drive one, and you are not really a fan of physical activity. 

There are lots of Scooter rental places in Corfu, so make sure to visit at least two of them to see who will give you a better deal. And try negotiating with the seller, you might even lower the price for your rental.

The prices estimate at 20€ per day, which is pretty affordable. And you can even get an ATV for 45€ per day. 

Rent A Car in Corfu

And our last, but not least option is renting a car in Corfu. This can be a good option if you like the comfort of riding in a car and want to stay away from taxies. 

But before renting a car, there are a few things you should know about Corfu. Corfu roads are very narrow, so if you are an inexperienced driver, we would not recommend this option. 

Don’t forget that using your phone and driving in Corfu is illegal, so you would pay a hefty fine if you were to get caught. 

Also, if you wanted to rent a car anywhere in Greece, you have to have an international driving license. So you could request a permit from AAA or the American Automobile Touring Alliance (AATA). 

And one last thing, try renting a car before you even get to Greece because if you rent a car in advance, you could get some discounts. And if you were to rent a car upon your arrival, in a local car rental shop, you will probably get ripped off. 

The price of your car rental will differ depending on the type of car. If you were to go for the Economy car depending on your choice, the price would be 18€-35€ per day, if you went for the Intermediate car, it would cost you 24€, and a minivan would be 39€-57€.