Is there Uber in Pisa?

With its famous leaning tower and almost 20 other historical churches, Pisa stands for one of the most famous travel destinations in the world.

But is there Uber in Pisa? No, there is no Uber in Pisa. But there are other transportation options to help you get around Pisa as smoothly as possible. 

is there uber in pisa

From taking a taxi or walking around the city, renting a bike, Pisa gives you many options to get around as smoothly as possible. Keep reading to find out more about how to get around Pisa in Italy. 

How to get around without Uber in Pisa?

Pisa offers a lot of possibilities to get around the city. One of the best ways of getting to your favorite location in Pisa is by taking a taxi or renting a car.

And if you would like to save those extra coins walking around or renting a bike will be the best option. 

Sit back and relax as we are here to simplify your travels by giving you all the alternatives to Uber you can use.  

Alternative ride-sharing (Grab/Lyft) services in Pisa

Sadly, Pisa does not offer any ride-sharing alternatives such as Grab or Lyft but stick around as we will find all the other ways of exploring Pisa, such as cycling, walking around, or renting a Vespa to take a tour around your favorite travel destination. 

Taxi in Pisa

Taxis in Pisa are very affordable, as Pisa is not that large and everything can be reached within minutes. Are you wondering how to get a taxi in Pisa? 

Well, you can get it for the regular taxi stands that are concentrated in the main areas of Pisa, such as Pisa’s International Airport or Pisa Central Station, and it will take you just a few minutes and a couple of euros to reach the center of Pisa.  The other way of taking a taxi is by calling their Radio Taxi services with your phone.

The number that you should contact to have a taxi come and pick you up is 050 541600. 
If you are taking a taxi from Pisa International Airport to Pisa’s center, taxi services will cost you around €8. 

Tipping your driver is not a common thing to do in Italy; it is not what the drivers are expecting, so they may be surprised if you do. But if you liked their service and the driver goes out of their way to help and assist you, give a tip, as they will feel appreciated.  

Walking in Pisa

Pisa is a place where you can take a walk, visit all the famous monuments and not feel tired at all, as Pisa has all of their cities worth concentrated in one area. So if you were wondering is it tiring to walk around  Pisa, our answer is NO. 

There are many guided walking tours that you can take, where you will have a guide to tell you about all the impressive monuments in Pisa. It will cost you around €15.00 to take a walk with a guide that will explain everything in English and take you through Pisa’s history. Those walks usually last around 90 

minutes. Consider the fact that the prices of these tours do not cover the cost of the tickets to the museums and cathedrals, so you should bring some extra cash if you would like to enter one. 

Scooters/ Vespa/ Motorcycle in Pisa

Scooters and Vespa’s are a trendy way of exploring Pisa, Italy, as you can avoid everyday traffic and explore the city in a fun way. 

Renting a scooter or a Vespa 125 LX in Pisa will cost you around €50 per day. Renting a Piaggio X10 125cc will cost you around 60€, and if you would like to rent a bigger and stronger motorcycle, like BMW or DUCATI, you would have to leave a fat deposit and pay up to €250 per day depending on the type of motorcycle you want to rent. 

Bicycle in Pisa

If you were wondering is there a way to have a bike in Pisa, our answer will be yes. If you didn’t bring yours, you could easily rent one when you get there. The price for a bike rental will cost you €7.00-€50.00 depending on the bike you want to be riding. 

There are bike tours available in Pisa as well; therefore, you can book yours if you would like to check out Pisa on a bike. The prices for a two and a half-hour bike tour can be up to $65.00 and will probably not include the museums and cathedrals’ tickets.  

Rent a car in Pisa

Renting a car in Pisa can be a good investment if you want to explore Pisa and all of Tuscany with your family. It is affordable and will take you a few minutes to do it so all of your family members can ride together.

If you want to rent a car in Pisa, prices can start from around €20.00 to whatever the price you imagine. Renting a car in Pisa can be cheap and affordable or fancy and pricy, depending on the car you want to rent. is a site that offers all of the rental companies. Type in your location and the date you desire, and it will give you all of the options available for that day and city with the price estimate.  

Train in Pisa

Pisa’s main train station is Pisa Centrale; it connects Pisa to Tuscany and many other regions and cities in Italy. So if you’re staying in Pisa, but you would want to visit Florence too, it will take you an hour and around €9 to get there. So if you came to explore all, there is in Italy, and you are staying in Pisa, traveling by train is a way to go, as it is an affordable, safe and clean way of transport.