Is There Uber in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. It’s also a city where public transportation options are limited, so many locals rely on ride-sharing apps like Uber to get around.

Is There Uber in Hong Kong? Uber is available in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has had Uber for a while now, with fares starting at HKD 37-46 (~USD 4-6).

is there uber in hong kong

Uber in Hong Kong, much like Uber anywhere else in the world, is efficient and reliable. As long as there are drivers available, you can have someone pick you up within minutes of submitting an on-demand request.

Let us tell you about all the advantages when using Uber in Hong Kong. 

Where To Get Uber At Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong airport is a bustling, busy place. With so many planes coming in and out of it daily, you might think that getting a ride from the airport would be difficult.

Luckily for you there are plenty Uber drivers at Hong Kong Airport to take care of your transportation needs!

The best part about taking an Uber from Hong Kong Airport? You don’t have to pay any additional surcharges or fees

At Hong Kong airport, you can find Uber at Car Park 4 if you’re exiting via Arrivals Hall A. If you’re exiting via Arrival Hall B, you can get Uber at Car Park 1.

How To Get A Free Uber Ride in Hong Kong?

Getting a free Uber ride has never been easier than when in Hong Kong. They have so many promotions for their regular and new users. You can check out all the promotions and coupons that are active on the Uber Blog website in the Promotions menu, which is updated on a regular basis. 

Is There UberXL in Hong Kong?

Of course, UberXL is available in Hong Kong! UberXL is a fantastic way of commuting around Hong Kong, and there they allow six people riding in the car, so you will be able to travel with safety and style and have your whole group together. 

Some other Hong Kong Uber options are UberX, Uber Pet, Black, Comfort, and Assist, but they didn’t stop there! Uber in Hong Kong has special rides for healthcare workers with discounted prices called Uber Medics.

And we are not done just yet; Uber in Hong Kong has the new Flash option where it allows you to book a ride and then choose the nearest taxi or UberX ride to you. The prices for both rides are the same; Uber is just trying to improve the speed and quality of its service. 

How Much Does Uber Cost in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, Uber is a very inexpensive option that offers many things along its ride, like safety and quality of service. Let’s discuss the price points a bit further. 

Uber Minimum Fare in Hong Kong?

Uber minimum fare in Hong Kong would be $4.26 if taking UberX, Flash, Medics, and Assist. The base fare for these rides would be $0.90, the cancelation fee $2.6, and the charge per kilometer $0.6. 

But if you were to take any of the other rides, the prices would be a bit higher; for example, the minimum fare for the UberXL ride would be $7.70, the base fare $4.50, as well as the cancelation fee, and the charge per kilometer $1. 

How Much Does Uber Cost From Hong Kong International Airport To Central Hong Kong?

The cost for Uber from Hong Kong International Airport to central Hong Kong would be $43.55  if riding with UberX, Flash, Medics, and Assist. It would cost $46.13 if taking Uber Pet, $55.93 if taking Uber Comfort, $65.29 when taking UberXL, and an Uber Black ride would cost you $68.74.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Hong Kong?

A 30-minute Uber ride in Hong Kong costs the same as the ride from the airport to the city center since that ride takes 30 minutes. 

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Hong Kong?

Yes, you can pay cash with Uber in Hong Kong! All you need to do is go to the Payment menu in your app before booking the ride, then select cash, and when your ride is over, remember to pay cash to your driver. 

And there is also one more thing to remember, when you are taking your next ride with Uber, a cash payment will still be selected, so when you want to go back to paying through the app, you have to select that manually. 

What’s Cheaper In Hong Kong Uber Or Taxi?

Uber is always a better option than taking a taxi because of its price and the service it provides compared to taxi rides. 

How Safe Is Uber in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world, so even without Uber, you have nothing to worry about. But, remember, if you feel uneasy when it comes to commuting around Hong Kong, taking an Uber is your safest choice. 

Is Uber Safe At Night in Hong Kong?

Yes, Uber is safe at night in Hong Kong! There are many ways that Uber is trying to improve the safety factor in its services. Uber has insurance; by the law of Hong Kong, every Uber vehicle has to have insurance. 

And if you ever feel like you are endangered, you can always report that in the Help option on your app, and our 24/7 available customer support will be there to help you. 

How Reliable Is Uber In Hong Kong?

Uber is the most reliable source of transportation around Hong Kong; you can be sure that whenever you need a ride, you will get one because Hong Kong has a lot of vehicles available at all times. 

Can You Pre Book Uber in Hong Kong?

Yes, you can pre-book Uber in Hong Kong! This is another fantastic option that Uber has for its users; if you want to, you can pre-book your ride five minutes to thirty days before taking your Uber ride. 

Can Uber Operate Outside Hong Kong?

Yes, Uber can operate outside Hong Kong! Uber can take you anywhere from Hong Kong, but if you wanted to get back, you would have to use another means of transportation if they don’t have Uber services in the city you are in. 

The reason for that is that every Uber driver is assigned to its location, and they can’t pick up customers outside of that location. 

How Do I Contact Uber in Hong Kong?

There are two ways of contacting Uber in Hong Kong, one is from the Help menu on your app, and by choosing the issue you are having and getting your help from there, and the other one which we recommend you do first is checking the frequently asked questions on Uber’s website.