Is There Uber in Ibiza?

Do you want to go to Ibiza? It’s one of the most popular destinations in Europe and it’s easy to get there.

But, is there Uber in Ibiza? No, there is no Uber in Ibiza. Although Uber does not currently operate in Ibiza, there are various taxi companies operating on the island.

is there uber in ibiza

Let us tell you all about them. 

How To Get Around Ibiza Without Uber?

You might think that getting around without Uber in Ibiza will be challenging, but you’re mistaken; this party island has a lot of tourists throughout the year, so it would be a shame if they couldn’t get around as fast around the island as they wanted. 

That is why Ibiza offers many transportation options to its visitors, and we are here to tell you all about them. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Ibiza

Sadly, Ibiza doesn’t have alternative ride-sharing options like Grab or Lyft, but it has it’s incredible ‘Taxi Ibiza’ app from which you can book a taxi ride, which we will talk about next. 

Taxi in Ibiza

Using a taxi to commute around Ibiza is a comfortable and affordable way of getting around. You can easily flag a taxi down, call one if you prefer doing it in this way, or even download the ‘Ibiza Taxi’ app, which is available on IOS and Android operative systems. 

It is very important to use legal taxies, and you can recognize them by their blue number plate. They work with the meter system, and the government regulates the fares. The minimum fare for a ride is €3.65, and if you are booking through a phone, €4.95. 

The estimated price from the Ibiza Airport to Ibiza Town will cost you around €15 to €18, and from the Airport to Playa d’en Bossa from €11 to €14, and if you wanted to go from the Airport to San Antonio it would cost you from €28 to €36. 

Train in Ibiza

There are no railways in Ibiza, so traveling by train is not an available option. 

Bus in Ibiza

This is another affordable and comfortable way to get around this fantastic island. All buses in Ibiza are air-conditioned, and that makes it easier to commute around with a bus. 

They operate all day, and during the mid-season, they even have some night rides taking you to San Antonio and Es Cana from Ibiza, and also to the airport and from the airport. Plus, all the rides are very affordable. 

You can find the rides’ timetables on the bus stops (P sign for a bus stop), and they will even give you carry-on timetables. If there is a kiosk on which you can buy a ticket next to the bus station, you should buy it there, and if not, you should buy it from the driver. The prices go from €3 to €5.

They also have ‘disco buses’ that connect all the party areas in Ibiza to the resorts from 12 am to 6 am. These buses can be very loud but filled with party people who are ready to make friends, so hop on, save some money and meet some friends along the way. The prices for one ride go from €3 to €4. 

Rent a Car in Ibiza

Renting a car in Ibiza is a great option if you like to be in control of your time and you don’t like depending on anyone. 

There are many car hire shops around Ibiza that you can choose from and the prices are affordable. 

The minimum age that the car rentals in Ibiza will allow to rent a car is 21 to 23, and you will have to have your license for two years before renting. Driving in Ibiza is straightforward, and the drivers and relaxed. 

Don’t drink and drive in Ibiza, apart from it not being good for you because you can cause an accident you can get a fine if you are caught. Also, you can be fined if driving in flip-flops, heels, or barefoot. 

The prices for daily car rentals go from €20 for an economy car to €110 for a new BMW. So as you can see, the prices are very affordable, so if you are not planning to drink, this is an excellent option to commute around Ibiza. 

Bicycle Rental in Ibiza

If you like to stay active, renting a bicycle in Ibiza might be the best option for you to explore this beautiful island, and meet the places you usually wouldn’t. 

Commuting around on a bike in Ibiza is very safe; the pavements are wide enough for a slow bike ride also. If you want to, you can also explore the hills with your bike or ride next to Ibiza’s beautiful beaches.

There are many bike rental shops around the island, and the prices are very affordable, but they usually require their customers to leave a security deposit. They offer helmets and protection gear at the shops too. 

Scooter, Moped, or Motorcycle Rental in Ibiza

Yes, you can rent a scooter, moped, or motorcycle in Ibiza, and it is a great and affordable way of commuting around it. The legal limit to renting a scooter, moped, or motorcycle is the same as for a car 21 to 23 years of age. 

Remember that wearing a helmet while riding on any of this is mandatory, and if a police officer stopped you, you could rest assured that you will get a hefty fine if you are not wearing one. 

The prices for scooter rentals will be anywhere from €30-€40, mopeds will cost you around €45 and motorcycles from €23 to€110 for a BMW café racer.

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