Is There Uber In Malta?

Is there Uber in Malta? No, there is no Uber in Malta. Ride-sharing app like Uber or Lyft are currently not operating in Malta. However, public transportation is reliable and affordable.

is there uber in malta

From riding with a regular taxi to using it’s public transportation services or renting a car. Keep reading to know more. 

How To Get Around Malta Without Uber?

Sure, we would like for Uber to be there in Malta to help us commute around it in an easy and affordable way, but don’t worry, Malta offers many options to get around to the people who visit and the locals. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Malta

Malta doesn’t offer Grab nor Lyft services, but it has its own ride-sharing application called Cool Ride Sharing, which is available to download Android and IOS devices. 

Cool offers many different options and is an excellent option for commuting around town with a stranger that is going to the same location. But they also offer private rides; all you need to do is tap ‘private’ when booking your ride. 

This way of commuting around Malta is not only affordable but eco-friendly too. And they have many offers and promotions for their frequent users. The prices for rides start from €3.95, and when you book a car, you can see the price of your ride, and it stays the same when the booking is confirmed.

So, download the app, book your ride, and get to exploring. 

Taxi in Malta

Taxis are available in Malta, but they are not as cheap as the Cool Ride-Sharing app. Several taxi services are strolling around the streets of Malta at all times. Usually, taxis in Malta can fit up to four people, but you could also call a taxi number and order a minivan. 

The price for a taxi ride from Malta International Airport to Sliema costs around €20. The taxis operate with a meter, so your ride’s price will also depend on how busy the streets are and if you are taking any stops. 

Train in Malta 

Malta’s railways are out of service, but they still offer a train tour service. The train tour ventures around Mdina, Rabat and Mtarfa, the tours run every hour, and it is an excellent way to meet Malta. The prices of the rides are very affordable, and you can buy them from the driver of the train. 

Bus in Malta

Getting around Malta on a bus is a great way to save up some money and use it on something besides transport. The bus rides in Malta are very frequent, and you can basically get everywhere in Malta and Gozo by using bus services. 

Buses run from 5.30 am to 11 pm, and there are some night rides on the weekends and on public holidays. The tickets are very affordable. The price of the ticket in the winter is €1.50, and in the summer, the ticket for one ride is €2, and the price of the night ticket is €3. 

As we can see, the bus services in Malta are very affordable, but we suggest using the Cool Ride-Sharing app rather than bus services since the price difference is not that big, and when riding with Cool, you get more comfort and better service. 

Rent a Car in Malta

Renting a car in Malta is an excellent option if you like your privacy and like your freedom. When renting a car, you don’t depend on anyone, and you can visit all the places that are a bit secluded and not visited very often. 

Try meeting some locals or people who can tell you about some secret beaches around Malta; locals always know best, and they are very friendly.

Renting a car in Malta is not expensive, and you should remember to wear a seatbelt when driving because it is mandatory in Malta, and you can get a hefty fine if not wearing one.

The prices for car rentals will depend on the vehicle type, an economy car will cost you around €25, and the price for a luxurious Mercedes C-Class will be about €350, so it really depends on what you are looking for. Try booking a car in advance because you can get a bargain in this way. 

Rent a Motorbike in Malta

Renting a motorcycle is a great way of commuting around Malta. In comparison to cars, you don’t have to worry about parking and traffic, and if you like to stay in the open and really look around, the island this is an excellent option for you. 

In Malta, if you have a valid driving license and you are above the age of 21, getting a motorcycle rental is easy. They are also not expensive, and you can find a few places around the island where you can get your rental. 

The prices will be around €30, and this price includes insurance. 

Rent a Bicycle in Malta

Renting a bike in Malta is an excellent way of staying fit while on vacation, plus this is another eco-friendly option for commuting around Malta. 

However, venturing around this island on a bike is not as safe because there are no real bike lanes in Malta, and the traffic in the high season can be heavy. But, if you like adventure and don’t mind the heat, it is a great option to save money. 

The prices for bike rentals will be different from shop to shop and depending on the bike type. We recommend you to choose the company called Nextbike, which offers you the option of renting bikes on the go and have many docking places where you can leave your bike.

The rental price in Nextbike for a 30-minute rental is as low as €1.50.