Is there Uber in Prague?

Are you vacationing in the beautiful capital of Chech Republic? If your answer is yes, and you want to know more about how to get out and about this beautiful, spellbinding city, stay tuned, as we are about to tell you more about your favorite way of transport.

Yes, there is Uber in Prague, and it is one of the best ways to get where you want to go.

  • The base fare for Uber X and Uber X Shield is CZK25.00 ($1.20) with a price of CZK3.00 ($0.14) and CZK9.90 ($0.50) per KM.
  • Uber Select and Uber Comfort base fares are CZK30.00 ($1.40) with CZK4.50 ($0.20) per minute and CZK13.01 ($0.60) per KM.
  • Uber Black base fare is CZK40.00 ($1.90) with CZK6.00 ($0.30) per minute and CZK27.00 ($1.30) per KM
  • Uber XL base fare is CZK45.00 ($2.15) with CZK5.00 ($0.25) per minute and CZK17.00 ($0.80) per KM
  • Uber Taxi base fare is CZK60.00 ($2.85) with CZK7.00 ($0.35) per minute and CZK36.00 ($1.70) per KM. 
is there uber in prague

Stay tuned to read and find out more about getting around the city as smoothly as possible.

How to Get a Free Uber Ride in Prague?

There are a lot of ways how to get a discounted or even a free ride in Prague. If you are new to Uber and what it has to offer, these tips may help. When you download the app, make sure that someone invites you to Uber so both of you can get a discount of $5.00. 

As another option, you can always use these promo codes that will give you up to CZK100 ($5.00) off your first ride:  PRAGUEGO and CZEFREE. 

Is There Uber XL in Prague?

Yes, Uber XL is available in Prague. So if you were wondering how 5 of you will fit in one car, Uber XL is the answer for you.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Prague?

Uber in Prague offers a lot of different rides; therefore, the rate will be different. But if you are taking a regular Uber X or Uber X with Shield, it will cost you the same as the regular taxi. The prices will be higher if you want to ride in premium cars.

Uber Minimum Fare in Prague?

The minimum fare for Uber X, Uber X with Shield, Uber Select, Uber Comfort, Uber Black, and Uber XL is CZK220.00 ($10.00).
Uber Taxi’s minimum fare is CZK60.00 ($2.85).

How Much Does Uber Cost From Prague Václav Havel Airport to Central Prague?

Uber X and Uber X with Shield will charge you CZK370.00 ($18.00) for a trip from Prague Airport to the Center of Prague,

Uber Select will charge you CZK474.00 ($22.50) for the same trip,

Uber Comfort will be CZK466.00 ($22.00)

Uber XL will charge you CZK579.00 ($27.50)

Uber Black will be around CZK799.00 ($38.00) and 

Uber Taxi will charge you around CZK1022.00 ($48.00) for the same route.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost in Prague?

A 30-minute ride with Uber in Prague will cost you:

Uber X and Uber X with Shield will be CZK278.00 ($13.00)

Uber Comfort CZK363.00 ($17.00)

Uber Select CZK379.00 ($18.00)

Uber XL CZK479.00 ($22.50)

Uber Black CZK679.00 ($32.00) and 

Uber Taxi CZK886.00 ($42.00)

Consider that these prices are estimated prices and may differ depending on traffic, route, or travel time.

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Prague?

It is not possible to pay cash with Uber in Prague. Uber is designed to be a cash-free car service, so in most of the world’s cities, as it is in Prague, paying cash is not an available option. You can pay with your Credit/Debit Card or via PayPal. 

Tipping your driver is optional, and it is the only cash you can use when you ride with Uber in Prague.

What’s Cheaper In Prague Uber Or Taxi?

Uber has many different types of rides, but if we compare Uber X with a regular taxi in Prague, Uber will be a bit cheaper if you are taking a longer ride.   

How Safe Is Uber in Prague?

Uber in Prague is very safe and secure. So if you were wondering whether to take an Uber or a taxi, we would say Uber as some of the Uber drivers are professionals and will assist you in any way if you need anything.

Is Uber Safe At Night in Prague?

Any capital in the world has some areas that are not that safe during nighttime, but using Uber will help you get through them easily as Uber is safe to use at night and will take you right to your door. 
But if you have any doubts that you are in any danger do not hesitate to call local authorities.  

How Reliable Is Uber in Prague?

Uber works impeccably in Prague, so you do not have to worry when getting an Uber in Prague. Uber is all around the city, so we are sure you will get your ride as soon as you need one, with a minimum waiting time and an exact pickup location as you have put in the app.

Can You Pre Book Uber in Prague?

Unfortunately, pre-booking an Uber in Prague is not available, so if you have a busy schedule, you will not be able to pre book your ride home for the end of the day.

Can Uber Operate Outside Prague?

If you want to go outside of Prague, Uber could probably take you anywhere in the Czech Republic. Still, as Prague is the only city operated by Uber, it won’t be easy to find an Uber outside Prague’s metropolitan area that will drive you back. 

How Do I Contact Uber in Prague?

By tapping the Help section and choosing Call Support, you can contact Uber to transfer the call to one of the Uber agents automatically. 

And if you have forgotten or lost an item in the car and want to get your Uber driver, go to the section ‘Your trips’ and pick ‘I lost an item’ and contacted your driver to schedule a meeting point to retrieve your item.