Is There Uber In Mykonos?

Are you thinking about visiting one of the best and most popular party islands in the world, Mykonos? If yes, then you’re probably wondering if you will be able to get around it quickly and if there is Uber in Mykonos to help you venture around.

No, there is no Uber in Mykonos. But don’t worry, there are the other transportation options to help you get around Mykonos. 

is there uber in mykonos

From riding with a regular taxi to using public transportation. Read on to know more. 

How To Get Around Mykonos Without Uber?

Don’t think that Uber not being available in Mykonos will make your trip any harder. Sure, we like to use Uber’s excellent services, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t go on without them. There are many transportation options that you could use in Mykonos, and we are here to tell you all about them.

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Mykonos

There are no alternative ride-sharing options like Grab and Lyft in Mykonos. Read on to find out about the options that are available there. 

Taxi in Mykonos

There are taxi services available in Mykonos. Venturing around Mykonos with a taxi is easy; if you don’t like public transportation, and you don’t have that much time to lose, then this is the best option for you.

Taxis in Mykonos can be quite expensive, they have a base fare of €3.50, and they will charge you €0.50 for every luggage you have. Also, if you wanted to book a taxi over the phone, you will be charged an extra €5. 

Getting a taxi is a good option if you just got to Mykonos and you need transportation to your accommodation, but when you’re already there for a day or two, and you know how to get around, you won’t need its expensive taxi services. 

Bus in Mykonos

The best way of commuting around Mykonos would be by using its bus services. It is a great way of saving up some money. The bus ride prices go anywhere from €1 to €2, and they operate during the whole day; they have many stops and are very reliable. 

There are two main bus stations, and they are both located on the western coast of the island. The buses operate as late as 2 am, and you can buy the bus tickets from the conducted or a bus driver, or in a local store. 

Be aware that if caught without a ticket, you will get a hefty fine. 

Walking in Mykonos

Walking in Mykonos can be one hell of a fun experience. Not only that, but you will be saving up some money that could be used for something else and doing our planet a favor since this option is eco-friendly. 

The Mykonos streets can be a bit confusing, and you could easily get lost in them, but that is part of the fun. Mykonos Chora is proclaimed as an architectural landmark, and since than motorized vehicles are forbidden there, so exploring around it on foot is your only option. 

Venturing around Mykonos on foot is a great way to meet the Greek culture and really experience all the things that Mykonos has to offer. 

Keep in mind that locals in Mykonos are very friendly and will be happy to assist you if you ever need any assistance. Try making a few local friends along the way who can tell you all Mykonos’ secrets.

Bicycle in Mykonos

This is another fun and eco-friendly option that you could use when venturing around Mykonos; plus, this option will keep you in form, and you make you not skip your exercise even when on vacation. 

There are several bike rental shops around the island, and the prices are very affordable. So, you would also save up some money with this option. Riding bikes with your friends around Mykonos can be lots of fun, so make sure not to miss out on this amazing opportunity. 

Rent a Car in Mykonos

Wouldn’t you want to explore around the remote beaches in Mykonos? You can’t do that by using public transportation, but if you rent a car, you sure could. Another plus of this option is that you would have all the freedom in the world, and you would not rely on anyone but yourself. 

Renting a car in Mykonos would cost you anywhere from €30-€45 for an economy car, of course, if you went for something more luxurious the price would go up with it. When renting a car in Mykonos, the thing that you will have to worry about the most is parking. 

There is public parking around the island where you could park, but finding a free parking space might be challenging, especially in the mid-season.

If you booked your car in advance in Mykonos, you might even get a discount, and if you are coming in the mid-season and plan on renting a car, we suggest you do it before your trip because you may not be able to find a rental upon your arrival. 

When renting a car anywhere in Greece, you will have to have an International Driving License if you are coming from anywhere out of the EU. Also, to be able to rent a car, you would have to be at least 21. 

Rent a Moped or Scooter in Mykonos

Renting a moped or scooter in Mykonos can also be fun if you like the idea of riding a bike but you don’t like the idea of exercising or you like speed than renting a moped or scooter is the answer for you. 

There are many rental shops around the island, and the prices are very affordable; scooters can be rented for prices from €25 to €40 depending on the type of the scooter, and mopeds would cost you anywhere from €30 to €40 again depending on the price. 

To rent a scooter or moped in Mykonos, you would also have to have a driving license and a minimum age of 21. Another plus, when renting a scooter, would be that you won’t have to worry about parking.