Is There Uber In Mallorca?

Mallorca is one of the most beautiful and cheapest travel destinations nowadays. There are many ways to get there, and many airlines have low-cost flights that can take you there. But is getting around Mallorca easy? Is there Uber in Mallorca to help you venture around?

No, there is no Uber in Mallorca. But don’t worry, there are other transportation options to help you get around Mallorca.

is there uber in mallorca

From riding with a regular taxi to using their public transportation. Keep reading to know more. 

How To Get Around Mallorca Without Uber?

Getting around Mallorca without Uber might sound complicated, and you might be disappointed, but don’t be since there are plenty of other ways in which you can get around Mallorca with ease and enjoy your trip as much as possible. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Mallorca

There are no ride-sharing alternatives in Mallorca, but there are other options available for you in Mallorca, and let’s start talking about them. 

Taxi in Mallorca

Getting around Mallorca with a taxi is incredibly safe and affordable. If you like getting fast to places and don’t like public transportation, you will be satisfied with Mallorca’s taxi services. 

In Mallorca, taxis use a meter, and for some trips, the fares can be fixed, so asking your driver about the price before getting in the car might be a good idea. Don’t worry about getting scammed by your driver; the worst thing that can happen to you is your driver driving the long way to get a few dollars extra. 

The taxis in Mallorca are white, and they are strolling around the city streets at all times. You can really rely on their services whenever you need them; you can get one by flagging it down, calling the taxi service number, or booking one through your hotel. The minimum taxi fare in Mallorca is €4.95. 

Train in Mallorca

The first public transportation system we will talk about are the amazing train and metro services that Mallorca offers. 

Whether you are tired of driving and having to think about parking or just want to save up some money taking a train or a metro is an excellent way of getting around Mallorca and its villages.

You can catch a train in Mallorca that will take you all the way to Manacor and will have stops in various villages; another advantage is that on most trains you can take your bike with you. 

Another train service is the scenic old train, which train station is just across the road from the main train station and offers services with trains that are established in 1912. It provides services from Palma five times a day. 

The metro services are also available in Palma; they are established in 2007 and only have two lines in Mallorca. The first one, which is called M1, has nine stops, and the second one, called M2, has ten stops. 

Whichever way of commuting around Mallorca you choose, know that commuting by train is one of the most beautiful and fun experiences that you can have while visiting. 

Bus in Mallorca

If you are looking to save up some money and use it for something more useful than commuting around Mallorca, then using Mallorca’s bus services is a great option. They are very much safe and clean and offer excellent service. 

They have two bus companies operating in Mallorca if you want to commute inside Mallorca, make sure to use the blue and white buses, and if you’re going to go out of Mallorca, you will have to go with the yellow buses. 

The tickets’ prices are very affordable; you can buy a one-way ticket from your driver, which will cost you €1.50, and make sure to bring change since the driver usually doesn’t have bills that are larger than €20. 

Another option for buying bus tickets is buying ten tickets at the local tobacco shops, which will cost you €10, and it is another way to save up some money if you plan on using the bus service daily. 

Bicycle in Mallorca

Riding a bike in Mallorca is a  great way to save our planet, your money, and your health. Mallorca is beautiful, and if you have all the time on your hands, venturing around on a bike and going to all the places that are not usually visited by tourists might be a great idea. 

Just like in any large city, when riding a bike, you will have to worry about the traffic, look out for the car and bus drivers, and never run the red light, since the traffic laws apply for the bike drivers too. Also, be lookout for all the slow walkers. 

The prices for bike rentals are pretty low, also make sure to ask around for the insurance policies. Again, try to book your rental before you arrive at Mallorca to get an even lower price. The prices will differ depending on the type of bike too. 

Rent a Car in Mallorca

A great way of getting around Mallorca if you like your privacy and you don’t like depending on others. It is also a great way of wandering around places that are not often visited by tourists. 

Mallorca’s car rental companies are available at the airport and all around Mallorca. The prices are very affordable, and the minimum age for driving in Mallorca is 18, but most companies won’t accept drivers below 21. 

It is also essential to have your driving license with you and a credit card; most car rental places will, in case you only have a debit card, make you purchase extra insurance when renting a car. As we already said, the prices are affordable, but it would be even greater if you booked your car in advance. 

The prices will differ depending on the type of the vehicle; they will go from €16 per day for an economy car all the way up to €200 per day for a luxurious car.

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