My name is Todd, and I’ve been driving with Uber and Lyft since 2018. I mainly drive in downtown Boston, but I have dual citizenship and residency in the U.K., so when I need a break, I go stay with some family in London and do rideshare driving over there as well.

The steering wheel and lane-switching take a minute to get adjusted to at first. After the first few times, however, I barely even noticed the change. 

Along my journey and career as a driver, I’ve learned tons of invaluable tips and “hacks” that allow me to make more money, get top ratings, and come to genuinely love my job

Hopefully, I can share some of these with you! 

My Ridesharing Story

In 2017, I had a bit of a life-changing experience. I had my own business as a personal trainer, but one day I hyperextended my knee and had to stop training clients altogether. At first, I was a  bit down, but I’ve always been an optimistic person. I had a friend who was an Uber driver, and they always told me how much fun it was (and how much money they made). 

I applied to be a driver and was quickly approved. 

I’m not going to lie; there was a sharp learning curve when I first started. It tools me months to get proficient enough, driving around the city to start seeing real money. I’m hard-headed, though, and my persistence is my greatest asset. So, I learned

Four years later, and I’m a driver for both Uber and Lyft. I spend an average of four to five nights a week, driving with both services and play my angle right to get the most money out of each ride. Apart from my love of driving, ridesharing has allowed me to meet so many different people and expose myself to different cultures. 

Why I’m Here

When I first started driving for Uber, I wish that I had somebody who was there to give me tips. I could have made a lot more money upfront. I’m here to share some of these tips with you and answer some of the most common questions that rideshare drivers worldwide have. 

Since I’ve also had the experience of being a rideshare driver in a foreign country, I can answer questions that a lot of American-only drivers may not be able to. 

About Ride FAQs

Ride FAQs is the ultimate resource for rideshare drivers around the world. Here, I’ll give you pro-tips that will help you get the most out of each trip and ensure smooth rides. Sometimes, I’ll also offer my personal recommendations for gear such as easy-clean mats, backseat cameras, rider entertainment, and more! 

My Goal

I’ve often found that it’s the small things that get you the highest ratings and the biggest tips. They can also save your behind when it comes to difficult situations such as customers not wanting to pay or drunk/unruly riders. 

Ride Along! 

As I continue to write, I encourage you to keep on reading. Every week, I learn new things or come across new gear that I like to share with my fellow rideshare drivers. If I can help you make a couple of extra bucks, then I’ve done my job! 

Thanks for riding!