Is there Uber in Tenerife?

Tenerife is the biggest and most populated of all the islands of the Canary region. So if you are wondering how to move around this gorgeous island, stay tuned to know more.

No, there is no Uber in Tenerife. But don’t worry, there are other transportation options to help you venture around Tenerife.

There are a few exciting options for traveling around Tenerife, from riding with a regular taxi to renting a car or even walking. Keep reading to find out more.

How to get around without Uber around Tenerife?

When going to a city or, in this case, an island that doesn’t have Uber, you might get a bit frustrated if you are used to Uber, but you shouldn’t be. There are a lot of other options you can use to go around and explore Tenerife.

You can rent a bike, take a taxi, ride a local bus, catch a tram, or even go on foot.

Alternative ride-sharing (Grab/Lyft) services in Tenerife?

Unfortunately, there are no ride-sharing services, like Grab or Lyft in Tenerife.

Taxi in Tenerife

Getting around Tenerife with a taxi is a good option for those who are not fans of public transportation and don’t mind paying some extra money than public transportation. As soon as you get out of Tenerife airport, taxis will be lined up in front of it, and they are effortless to find around the city.

Taxis in Tenerife are white, and they will have a green light on top of the car if they are available, and you will be able to flag down the taxi. The drivers offer excellent service, but some of them might not speak good English. There are also taxi services available for people with special needs (like people in a wheelchair).

Tenerife’s taxis also have to use a meter, and the driver is supposed to turn it on as soon as you enter the car. Make sure to remind him to do so if he doesn’t. Some drivers will also give you an estimated price at the beginning of your ride if that is a ride that he takes often.

The prices of your ride will depend on the time and length of your ride. If you take a taxi ride from 6 am to 10 pm, the base fare will be €1.10, and if you take it after 10 pm, the base fare would be €1.26, this fare is also calculated during the holidays throughout the whole day. The minimum fare for your taxi ride is €4.50 during the day and €6.14 after 10 pm.

Public bus in Tenerife

One of the most affordable ways of getting around Tenerife will most certainly be public buses, also known as “guaguas.” Bright green buses will take you almost anywhere in the Tenerife area. You can buy a single ticket that costs €5.00-€14.00, or you can purchase a “Bono-bus” (bus-pass) for €15.00 or €25.00.

Approximate fares for most popular trips are: 

 €5.00 for a trip from Puorto de la Cruz- Santa Cruz de Tenerife

 €5.90 when going from Puerto de la Cruz – Parque Nacional del Teide

 €9.00 for a trip from Playa de las Américas – Santa Cruz de Tenerife

 €13.00 when going from Puerto de la Cruz – Aeropuerto Tenerife Sur and 

 €13.90 for when going from Puerto de la Cruz- Playa de las Américas

Tramway in Tenerife

Tramway is one of the most popular ways of transport in Tenerife. It has two routes; the first route (line 1) connects the main places of interest within the metropolitan area on the island, between Santa Cruz and La Laguna. And the second route (line 2) runs crosswise to line 1 and connects La Cuesta, Taco, and Tincer.

Ticket prices run from €10.00 for a day pass that is valid 24 hours from the first use to €50.00, valid for seven days from your first use.

Rent a car in Tenerife

Renting a car in Tenerife is one of the best options since it allows you to explore all the remote beaches and gives you all the freedom, you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself and isn’t that what we all want when we are on vacation?

There are car rental shops at Tenerife airport and all around Tenerife, so getting a rental is easy. The prices are affordable, but we recommend contacting your rental before your trip since this can lower your rental cost.

All you need to rent a car in Tenerife is a valid driving license and a valid passport. It would be best if you took precautions with drinking and driving and using your phone while driving since this can get you a hefty fine when in Tenerife, which is the last thing you want when on vacation.

Finding parking is easy; there are parking spots all over Tenerife too. So if you like your freedom and don’t mind paying a bit more than when using public transportation this is the best option for you, since renting a car in Tenerife is a cheaper option than taking a taxi multiple times a day.

Rent a Bike in Tenerife

If you want to explore the city and get some exercise while doing so, the best way for you to explore Tenerife is when renting a bike. Bike rentals can cost up to €25.00 for 24-hour use. 

And if you are more of a tour person, you can book your favorite tour for €50.00 (if you brought your bike) or €75.00-€85.00 when booking a tour with bike rental.  

Walking in Tenerife

Do you want to see all the hidden treasures of Tenerife? If the answer is yes, then booking a walking tour is the right thing for you.

Booking a Teide and Northern Tenerife walking tour will cost you €35.00 and will last all day. You will have an English speaking guide, and you will be picked up in front of your hotel. This tour doesn’t include any food or drinks, so make sure to bring a sandwich or two.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Hiking in the Anaga Mountains will last for three and a half hours and cost you €55.00. This tour doesn’t include hotel pick up or drop off, so make sure to get well informed where the meeting point is before the tour starts.

Another exciting tour is Teide National Park Tour, it will last for 80-minutes and will cost €35.00. it includes stargazing with the naked eye, astronomical observation with a telescope, a professional astronomical guide, and insurance during the tour.

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