Is There Uber in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, are you thinking about visiting? If so, you’re probably wondering if its easy to get around.

So is there Uber in Amsterdam? Yes, Uber is available in Amsterdam. Uber is an extremely affordable option when commuting around Amsterdam. The minimum fare for UberX in Amsterdam is €15

is there uber in amsterdam

Here are some of the details you need to know before booking an Uber in Amsterdam.

How To Get A Free Uber Ride In Amsterdam?

Are you new to Uber, or you never used it in euros? Well then, by using the promo code hwrvz you get €10 off your first ride. You can also find many promo codes and coupons to get you free rides with Uber in Amsterdam.

Is There UberXL in Amsterdam?

There is no UberXL in Amsterdam. But there is an alternative option, UberVan. UberVan can fit six people, and it is a good option if you are traveling in a group.

Another option that Uber offers in Amsterdam is UberX. UberX is a perfect option if you are traveling from the airport because the price for it is lower than when using a taxi, and you are in for a comfortable, safe, and calm ride.

And if you care about the environment, you should try UberGreen which offers electric and hybrid cars. Uber allows you to be eco-friendly while riding in their car. And the prices of UberGreen are the same as UberX

How Much Does Uber Cost in Amsterdam?

 As I have already mentioned before, Uber is an extremely affordable option when commuting around Amsterdam. You get more than what you pay for. 

 But, of course, if you like to travel in style, UberBlack is the option that you should go for. UberBLACK offers luxurious cars for a price that is a bit higher than the regular UberX option.

Uber Minimum Fare in Amsterdam

 The minimum fare for UberX in Amsterdam is €15, its base fare is €1.4, and the cost for every km is €1.2.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol To Central Amsterdam?

To travel with an UberX and UberGreen from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to central Amsterdam costs around €30, and when traveling with a taxi, the estimated fare would be around €43. The UberBlack option would cost about €55.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Amsterdam?

The estimated fare of a 30-minute UberX ride in Amsterdam would be around €50. Again if you go for UberVan or UberBlack, the price would be higher.

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Amsterdam?

No, it is not possible to pay with cash in Uber in Amsterdam. Uber around the world doesn’t accept cash payment, but your drives take tips in cash. So if your ride was pleasant, make sure to tip your driver.

What’s Cheaper In Amsterdam Uber Or Taxi?

 As we saw from the article’s examples, getting an UberX or UberGreen ride would be cheaper than when taking a taxi. 

 And the prices for UberBlack and UberVan are almost the same. But think about what you are getting for the price of a taxi ride, and what you are getting for the price in a luxurious UberBlack car.

How Safe Is Uber in Amsterdam?

As set out, Uber is an amazingly safe option when commuting around Amsterdam. All the drivers that start working for Uber are going through a security check.

Uber also offers wifi connection in the car, so if you are a tourist and you don’t feel safe in an Uber at any given moment, you can contact someone.

Is Uber Safe At Night in Amsterdam?

Yes, Uber is safe at night in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a safe city, and you could easily walk on the streets during the night. And it is no different with Ubers; as we said many times when commuting around Amsterdam, Uber would be your safest option.

How Reliable Is Uber In Amsterdam?

Uber is very reliable in Amsterdam. It is a way of traveling around the city you can rely on at any given moment. You should be able to find drivers 24/7.

The only downside is that there are not many UberX vehicles at the airport, but more UberBlack and UberVan. Still, as we said before, their prices are similar to taxi prices, and you get a lot more when riding in an Uber, so either way, you can rely on Uber at any time.

Can You Pre Book Uber in Amsterdam?

Yes, you can pre book Uber in Amsterdam. The shedule rides option is also available in Amsterdam. With it, you can book your ride five minutes to thirty days in advance.

It is a fantastic option that gives you ease and stability in your travels. 

 But not only that, even if you live in Amsterdam, and you want to make sure that that perfect UberBlack car is available on the day you need it, book your car in advance.

Can Uber Operate Outside Amsterdam?

Yes, Uber can operate outside Amsterdam. Uber is available currently in five cities in Amsterdam, but even if you are not living in those five cities, you would be able to get a car; the only downside is that you would wait a bit longer for your car to arrive.

And the option of traveling with an Uber from Amsterdam to another city is available, but it will be a bit pricier, so maybe you could chose the public transport option which is not that bad after all. 

How Do I Contact Uber in Amsterdam?

 In Amsterdam, you can meet up with someone who is working for Uber support in person. The steps you need to take are: go to Help in your Driver app, choose the issues, click on book an in-person appointment, and then click on schedule the appointment.

Or you can skip all that fuss and visit Uber’s website, where you will get all the help and assistance you need.