Is There Uber In Aruba?

Aruba is a perfect place to enjoy various sports activities, entertainment, sightseeing and walking in beautiful nature reserves. But how do you get around in Aruba?

Is there Uber in Aruba? No, there is no Uber in Aruba. There are several other options like taxis, public buses, rental cars and rental bikes.

is there uber in aruba

While there is no Uber Aruba option available, this place will cover all of your transportation needs, and the prices are very affordable. Let us tell you more about them. 

How To Get Around Aruba Without Uber?

You are probably used to using Uber as your primary means of transportation and are probably not happy about the fact that Aruba has no Uber, but don’t worry, you won’t even feel like there is no Uber.

We want to tell you all about how you can get around Aruba, so let’s start! 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Aruba

Unfortunately, there is no Grab or Lyft in Aruba; the government allows taxis only, but you are not to worry; there are plenty of taxis available whenever you need them.

Taxi in Aruba

Getting a Taxi in Aruba is a piece of cake! They are available throughout the day, and there are several options for getting one.

The easiest option would be flagging one down since there are many taxis around town. You won’t have to worry about not getting a cab in this way; if they don’t have a passenger already in their car, they will pick you up. 

If you have the taxi service number, you can call and book your taxi, but if not, you could ask the concierge at your hotel to do it for you. 

Taxies in Aruba also have a fixed fare, so you don’t have to worry about getting tricked; you can even ask your driver how much the ride cost before getting inside.  

The minimum fare for a taxi in Aruba is 7$, and they can also be booked for an hour, with the price being 50$.

They also allow five passengers in a vehicle, so if you are traveling in a bigger group, you will have to arrange it accordingly, but this shouldn’t be a problem. The only downside of this would be the cost, and if you want to save up some money, let us tell you about our next choice of getting around Aruba.

Trolley in Aruba

Another fantastic option when getting around Aruba’s capital is a trolley ride, completely free of charge. It goes through the main streets of the capital, and it helps you get around the city without having to walk much. 

The trolleys usually start at 10 am, with a 25-minute interval, and the rides end at 5 pm. Some trollies are double-deckers, and they offer you a nice view of the city while riding on them. 

So save up some money and combine walking around the city and travel with a free trolley ride. 

Bus in Aruba

Traveling by bus in Aruba is a traveler’s favorite choice since it is very inexpensive and easy to use. They travel to many places visited by tourists. 

A day pass for a bus will cost 10$, whereas, if you would like to get a roundtrip card, it would cost you 5$, and you would get two rides when buying it. 

The line that passes next to the main hotel area goes every 15 minutes, from 05.45 am to 06 pm, and after that, it goes every 40 minutes until 11.30 pm.

Walking in Aruba

Of course, as always, our recommendation is to take a walk around town, since Aruba is such a beautiful country, and has many places that you should visit and see.

If you have all the time of the day, start with an early morning walk along the beach, and visit all the market places, you will have the chance to meet the locals as well, so get their advice on what are the best places to visit in Aruba.

Walking around Aruba will not only save you some money that you could use on something else, but it will allow you to meet the culture as well. 

Bicycle in Aruba

There are a few places in Aruba where you could rent a bike. Renting a bike in Aruba can be a memorable experience. Since the beaches there are so beautiful, riding a bike along the coast and enjoying the view can be just what you need. 

The price of a bike rental will differ on the type of bike you were to choose but just like everything in Aruba, renting a bike is also inexpensive. 

Go green and rent a bike; they are eco-friendly, so you will not only help yourself when renting one. 

And there are also offers where you can rent a motorcycle or a scooter if you are one of those people who likes riding with the wind in your hair, and you like getting to places a bit faster but still enjoying the view of this beautiful island. 

Rent a Car in Aruba

Since the answer to the question – are there Ubers in Aruba is no, you should consider rental car services. There is an abundance of car rental companies available and they can be found at the airport or downtown. This option allows you to meet maybe the places and beaches of the island of Aruba that not many people have visited, and be completely independent.

Prices vary depending on the length of rental and type of vehicle, but it’s usually cheaper than taking a taxi. There are several car rental shops that you could rent a car from, and their prices are not high. The estimated price for an economy car is 17$ per day and for an SUV the price would be around 95$ a day.

 So if you like exploring, rent a car in Aruba and go to places where buses and taxis cannot take you. But, as we already mentioned above, don’t forget to get a bit of advice from a local on what places you should visit, or ask a person at the front desk of your hotel. 

You can try visiting Amigo Rent a Car, Aruba Top Drive, or Sunset Car Rental to find a car that will suit you and your needs.

Aruba Is Beautiful and You Should Enjoy It on Foot

There are many ways to explore Aruba without Uber, and all of them provide a convenient and enjoyable experience. Whether it’s taking a taxi, riding the bus, or renting a car, travelers can get around with ease and see all that Aruba has to offer.

Going for a walk around Aruba is an excellent way to explore the island. There are numerous walking routes throughout the island, ranging from leisurely strolls along the beachfront to more challenging hikes up rugged mountain trails.

Walking around Aruba is a great way to take in the sights and sounds of the island. From tropical vegetation to beautiful beaches and stunning sunsets, there is plenty to explore. There are numerous paths leading along the shoreline or through lush forests for those seeking a more adventurous journey.