Is There Uber in Florence, Italy?

Visiting Florence can be a breathtaking experience. The home of the Medici Family will give you a thrilling experience. But Is there Uber to help you experience it better?

So is there Uber in Florence? There is no Uber in Florence. The most common way of getting around Florence is by foot as you can get from one end to another in approximately 30 minutes. Another way of commuting around Florence is public transport such as taxis, buses or trams.

is there uber in Florence, italy

But we will tell you all the other ways of getting around this fascinating city in Tuscany, Italy.

How to Get Around Florence Without Uber?

It is a fantastic experience to walk around Florence, but if you wanted to go from the end of Florence to the other, you would need a pair of wheels to take you where you want.

The most common way of getting around Florence is by foot as you can get from one end to another in approximately 30 minutes.

Another way of commuting around Florence is public transport such as buses or trams, it is very affordable and clean, taxis are there too, and if you like to cycle you can rent a public bike. 

Bike stations are not available in the city, so you can just leave it on a sidewalk or curbside if you are done with cycling. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab or Lyft) in Florence? 

Grab or Lyft are not available in Florence, but Italy offers a private car, bus, or even a helicopter ride on 

Taxi in Florence

Taxis in Florence are not that cheap, so this might not be the best option for those who are on a tight budget. To get a taxi cab from Central Florence to the Airport, the taxi service will cost you around $22, plus $1 per suitcase. 

Taxi stands are everywhere around the city, so you can quickly get one if you need it. And taking a private economy car, that can fit up to 3 people,  from the Airport to Central Florence will stay at $23. 

Tram in Florence

Tram is a very popular way of transport in Florence. A ticket costs €1.50 (around $2) and lasts for 90 minutes from when it’s stamped. The ticket allows you to use trams, buses, and trains within those 90 minutes.   

Each tram stop has a ticket distributing machine where you can purchase single tickets. You can buy and validate your ticket with your smartphone with an app called “Nugo,” but the ticket will cost you €0.30 more than a regular ticket. 

Bus in Florence 

Buses are also a common way of commuting around Florence, but it can be frustrating as the ride can take a bit longer than it should due to traffic. 

A ticket is the same price as a tram ticket ($2), and it also lasts 90 minutes from when it is first stamped. You can also buy a multiple ride ticket that will cost you around €5, that’s about $6. Remember that public buses do not go after 12:30 am on the weekdays and 2:00 am on the weekends 

Mobike (bike-sharing) in Florence 

Another good way of commuting around Florence, Italy, is with public bicycles. It is a way of exercising, and plus it is eco-friendly, so you will be taking care of yourself and the planet at the same time. 

How can you rent your bike? 

Download the Mobike app, check the QR code on the bicycle using the Mobike app, and end your bike ride by parking curbside. The bicycle rides are charged to your account with a settled rate of €1 every 20 minutes. Since Mobike does not have any stations, hence the bicycles can be left nearly anywhere.

Florence also has a bike tour with a professional English speaking guide that will show you all the wonders of the heart of the Renaissance. It costs €36 for this 2-hour tour. 

Keep in mind that the tour does not cover the museums’ tickets’ costs, so if you wanted to sneak a peak in one of the world’s most astonishing museums, you would have to pay a little extra for that. 

Walking in Florence 

The best way to get to know the city and all of its monuments and sites is by walking around and seeing what Florence has to offer. Exploring around Florence can be one beautiful experience. 

Florence offers a Renaissance Walking Tour for €1.00 ($1.20) per person. The tour covers valuable information about the city’s history, where to go, what to do, and the most important thing was to have the best food in Florence. 

The ticket price does not cover museum visits. 

Rent a Vespa Scooter in Florence 

Renting a Vespa scooter is also a very good way of transport as it is not that expensive and can give you a dazzling experience. 

The prices go from €9.00- €40.00 ($10-$50) per day, depending on what scooter you would like to use. But have in mind that these scooters have to be pre-booked, so make sure to call or visit the site a few days before booking it. 

Self-Drive Vintage Vespa Tour from Florence is a tour that is very popular with tourists. The price for this single day, four and a half hour self-drive tour is around €107.00 ($130). The price includes Vespa safety briefing, wine tasting, and a few photo-op stops with views over olive groves and Chianti vineyards.

Rent a Car in Florence 

Renting a car can be affordable and pricey, depending on the vehicle you want to rent and where do you take it. Some car rental places offer Fiat 500 for €25- €45 ($30- $55), and if you would want to rent a more luxurious car, you would probably have to pay a bit extra. 

But consider that the Center of Florence is closed to through-traffic.  This area is commonly alluded to as the ZTL (Zona Traffico Limitato), which is partitioned into a few subsections. Residents of one segment can enter and drive in their district only and maybe a few close sections too. 

Cars without licenses are permitted to enter after 7.30 pm, or before 7.30 am. The rules move amid the tourist-filled summers, putting more limitations on where one can get in and out.