Is There Uber in Krakow?

Are you visiting Krakow in Poland, and wondering if there is Uber in Krakow to help you go around and exploring this magnificent city?

Yes, there is Uber in Krakow, and it is one of the best ways to travel around the city. The base fare for Uber X and Uber X Shield is PLN4.00, equivalent to $1.10, Uber Comfort base fare is PLN5.20 ($1.43), and Uber Green base fare is PLN7.00 ($1.92).

is there uber in krakow

Get around the city smoothly with your favorite Uber ride. Just download the App and enjoy the ride. 

How to Get a Free Ride in Krakow?

All new riders can get a discounted or a free ride by using Promo Code DYVY3RR6UE in the Uber App. It is a PLN20.00 (around $10) free Credit that can be used for a single ride or a few shorter rides.  

Is There Uber XL in Krakow?

Uber XL is not available in Krakow, Poland. So if you are about to go to Krakow with four or more of your friends you would have to consider another type of transport if you would want to travel all together. 

The only available car rides in this area are Uber X, Uber X Shield, Uber Comfort, and Uber Green. 

How Much Does Uber Cost in Krakow? 

In Krakow, Uber is so cheap that it is one of the most affordable ways of transport in Krakow. Since Krakow is a pretty small city, the Uber rides are rarely high-priced. 

Uber Minimum Fare in Krakow?

Uber X minimum fare in Krakow is PLN9.80, which is around $2.69. Uber X Shield minimum fare is PLN9.80 as well, which is $2.69. Uber Comfort minimum fare will be PLN13.00, and that is $3.56, Uber Green minimum fare will be PLN10.00, that is $2.74.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Krakow International Airport To Krakow Downtown?

The price for Uber X from John Paul II Krakow- Balice International Airport to the Center of Krakow will be PLN28.90; Uber X Shield will cost you the same as the regular Uber X, PLN28.90 (around $8.00) .

For the same route, Uber Comfort will charge you PLN37.92 (around $10.00), and you will pay PLN40.00 if you would want to go with Uber Green, that’s around $11.00

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Krakow? 

Krakow is a pretty small city, and usually, there are no longer routes than 15-20 minutes, but let’s see if you were to travel for 30 minutes, how much would it cost you.

Uber X and Uber X Shield will be the same, which is around PLN110.00 ($30.00), Uber Green will charge you PLN139.00 ($38.00)

Uber Comfort will charge you PLN143.00 ($39.00) for a 30-minute ride, you can also take an Uber Hourly, which will charge you PLN45.00 per hour, that is around $12.00

Can You Pay Cash For Uber in Krakow?

Yes, if you prefer, you can pay your bill in cash in Krakow. Even though Uber is designed to be a cashless experience, some cities like Krakow offer a service to pay in cash. 

The other available payment options are by your Credit or your Debit card. You can also tip your driver in cash, which is optional.  

What’s Cheaper In Krakow Uber Or Taxi?

Uber is usually the cheapest option in Krakow, as it is cheaper than regular taxis and it is a lot cheaper than other private taxi services, so if you were thinking of changing Uber for a regular taxi cab or a private taxi, be prepared to pay a bit more than when you are taking a ride with Uber.

How Safe is Uber in Krakow?

Krakow is pretty much a safe place to visit. And Uber can give you a safe experience too, as Uber drivers, before they even start working for Uber, have to go through series of tests and questions so that people who ride with Uber can be safe with them.

Is Uber Safe At Night in Krakow?

As we talked about in the last paragraph, Krakow is a safe place to travel to, but is it safe at night? 

As in any bigger city or a tourist place, it has its own dark streets, but you can be sure that you will be safe if you are cruising around with Uber, as most of the Uber drivers are professional drivers. 

Keep in mind that you always have to keep your eyes wide open, and if you feel that you are endangered, for even the tiniest bit, feel free to contact the local police department. 

How Reliable Is Uber In Krakow?

Uber is a world-known company; therefore, they will give you the experience to remember. So if you ask us how reliable is Uber in Krakow, we will tell you, from our experience, that Uber is one of the most reliable mode of transport in the city. Whenever you need an Uber, we are sure you’ll be able to get it.  

Can You Pre Book Uber in Krakow?

Yes, you can pre-book your Uber ride in Krakow. You can pre-book it for 30 minutes or 30 days in advance.  

Can Uber Operate Outside Krakow?

In theory, Uber can drive you to whatever place in Poland you would wish to go, but will you be able to come back to Krakow with your favorite Uber ride? We are not sure If that will be possible. Poland has ten cities where Uber is available, so if you are going to one of those, we are sure Uber will take you back to Krakow. 

How Do I Contact Uber in Krakow?

If you’ve lost an item and you want to contact your Uber driver, you can always go to the “Your trips” section, pick the ride you’ve taken and click “I’ve lost an item” to get in touch with them and arrange your meeting point so your driver can return what you’ve lost. And if you want to contact the operator open the “Help” center and then pick “Call Support.”