Is There Uber in Gdansk?

Crossed by the Motlawa River and on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Gdansk is a beautiful Polish city that treasures a splendid and eventful past. It offers one of the most valued tourist destinations in the country and on the Baltic coast.

Is there Uber in Gdansk? No, there is no Uber in Gdansk. Getting around Gdansk is pretty easy; you can go around with a car rental or public transport.

is there uber in gdansk

Let’s start talking about all the commuting options available for you in Gdansk. 

How To Get Around Gdansk Without Uber?

Getting around Gdansk can be pretty easy; you can go around with a car rental or public transport, and in both cases, you won’t be making a mistake. You may be disappointed that Uber is not available in Gdansk, but don’t be.

Exploring around Gdansk is not expensive at all, and whichever option you choose as your commuting option we are sure that you won’t regret your decision. 

Let us tell you about all the ways you could get around Gdansk. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Gdansk

There are no alternative ride-sharing options in Gdansk. But let’s start talking about all the available options. 

Taxi in Gdansk

Yes, Gdansk offers taxi services! Taxi drivers in Gdansk have been known for their reputation of tricking their customers, so try to ask the driver about the price of your fare before you get in a taxi. 

The taxi prices won’t be as expensive but if you are dealing with a bad driver he can give you a very high price at the end your ride

Also, know that if you book your taxi ride in advance, it will be somewhat cheaper. And when it comes to commuting outside of Gdansk with a taxi, it can be more expensive than commuting around the city because the drivers have a special tariff for when they cross the border of Gdansk. 

The ride from Gdansk to Gdynia would cost you about $20. 

Tram in Gdansk

Traveling around by tram in Gdansk is a great option, and it is very affordable. If you wanted to buy one tram ticket, it would cost you only $0.8, and a ticket valuable for 60 minutes will cost you $1. There is also the option of buying tickets for fast trams which are a bit more expensive but still very cheap. 

One ride will cost you $1.15, and a 60-minute valuable ticket will cost you $1.30, still pretty cheap right? You will also have the option of buying a 24h ticket, which will cost you $3.5.

Tickets for trams are issued for Gdansk and Gdynia, so if you bought your ticket in Gdansk, you would be able to travel to Gdansk and Sopot. If buying a ticket in Gdynia you will be able to travel to Gdynia and Sopot, and if you bought your ticket in Sopot, you would have to choose the direction you are going in.

Bus in Gdansk

This is probably the best, cheapest, and fastest way of traveling around Gdansk. The bus services in Gdansk are pretty good, and plus they are very comfortable, you will also be riding in new buses. 

So, a this is another great option if you are balling on a budget, or just want to save up your money for more important and exiting things than commuting around the city. 

The ticket for any ride around Gdansk with a bus will only cost you $0.6, which is really cheap. So if you like saving up when it comes to transportation and spending your money on something else, this is the best option for you! 

Rent a Car in Gdansk

Renting a car is a great option in Gdansk if you like depending on no one but yourself. All you will need when wanting to rent a car is an international driving license, an ID that you are 18 years of age, and a credit card, not a debit card. 

Getting an international driving license is very important before going to Gdansk because, in most cases, the renter will rent you a car. 

But you would be driving it at your own risk; if you were to get caught by the police and you would get fined, also. If an accident happened, no matter the event, you will be charged with everything. 

The prices for car rentals will depend on the type of vehicle you will choose, but they will fluctuate between $77 to $145, which is not that cheap, after all. So if you are looking for something cheaper, we would recommend public transport or walk. 

Walking in Gdansk

Walking in Gdansk, meeting the Polish culture can be a memorable experience. And you can even make it more unique by meeting some of their locals who can show you around. It is a great way of saving money, doing good for yourself, your social life, and for our planet, since this option is eco-friendly.

Bicycle in Gdansk

Renting a bike in Gdansk is also eco-friendly, but not only that, by riding a bike around Gdansk when you are on vacation, you won’t be forgetting about exercising because you will be doing it while exploring. 

Experiencing this beautiful city on a bike is something that can be genuinely wonderful. The bike rails are very good, and you can ride around the city center with no problems, and if wanting to move away from the busy city streets, you will have options to go for. 

If you were to go on one side, you would ride next to the beautiful beaches Gdansk has and enjoy your view; however, if you choose to go to the other side, you will be diving into nature, and you will be surrounded by the forest. 

And when climbing a bit up the hill with your bike, you will be able to see the beautiful city view.