Is there Uber in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital is as beautiful as it is creative. It is small enough to be enjoyed on foot and big enough to have everything. It is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in Europe. But is it easy to get around?

Is there Uber in Edinburgh? Yes there is Uber in Edinburgh. The Uber X minimum fare in Edinburgh is £3.50. In addition, it costs £0.15 per minute and £1.25 per mile. Uber X is generally a lot cheaper than a regular taxi in Edinburgh.

is there uber in Edinburgh

Download your Uber app and experience Uber in Scotland.

How to Get Free Uber Ride in Edinburg 

Being new with Uber will give you the advantage of having your first ride for free, or if not free, at least Uber will provide you with a good discount. If you search for free codes for Uber in Edinburgh, you can get up to £25 off of your first ride, and when you refer a friend to Uber, you can get a free ride as well.

Is There Uber XL in Edinburgh? 

Yes, Uber XL is there in Edinburgh. If you have a group of friends coming for a visit, and if you are a group of 5, you can all go together. 

Uber X is there as well if you want to share a ride with 2 of your friends. Uber Exec is there for the ones who like to ride in high-end cars. Uber Assist cars are available in Edinburgh too. Uber Assist has drivers who are trained to help you if you need any extra kind of assistance.

How Much Does Uber Cost in Edinburgh?

Uber X and Uber Assist are reasonably priced and very affordable. 

Uber XL and Uber Exec are a bit pricey, but if you like riding together with your friends or family with Uber XL and everyone gives their share, it will be cheaper for you than any other taxi in town. Uber Exec are high- end cars and will give you a sense of luxury.

Uber Minimum Fare in Edinburgh

Uber X minimum fare in Edinburgh is £3.50. The base fare is £1.50; Uber will charge you £0.15 per minute and £1.25 per mile.

Uber XL minimum fare is £5.00; the base fare is £3.50, they charge £0.15 per minute and £2.00 per mile.

Uber Exes minimum fare is £5.00; the base fare is £2.50, it’s £0.20 per minute and £2.00 per mile.

If the Uber driver waits for you longer than 2 minutes, additional wait time charges will apply, and that will be £0.25 per minute or £0.20 per minute for Uber Exes.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Edinburgh International Airport To Edinburgh Downtown?

Uber X and Uber Assist will cost you £14.46 for a ride from Edinburgh’s Airport to the Center of Edinburg.

With Uber XL, the ride will stay at £21.92, and Uber Exec will be £22.92.

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Edinburgh?

A 30-minute ride with Uber X or Uber Assist in Edinburgh will cost you around £16.24.

That will £24.07 if you’re going with Uber XL and £25.10 if you requested an Uber Exec.

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Edinburgh?

You CAN pay with cash in Uber Edinburgh; you can also pay with your Credit or Debit card, a Gift Card, or via PayPal.

And if you want to give a tip, you can also do it with cash or on a card.

What’s Cheaper In Edinburgh Uber Or Taxi?

Uber X is generally a lot cheaper than a regular Taxi. A Taxi will charge you around £20.00 for a ride from the Airport to the Center of Edinburgh, and an Uber X will be about £5.00 or £6.00 less. 

How Safe is Uber in Edinburgh?

Uber is just as safe in Edinburgh as it is in any other country because Uber drivers learn the ropes before they even start driving, as, in any other country, it is considered one of the safest ways of transport.

Seeing what both Uber and Taxis offer is the easiest way of comparing Uber’s protection with standard cabs’ safety. You’ll find that Uber is safer than regular cabs in some places, while in some areas, it’s not. 

The car’s condition, the driver’s specific profile, and a specific location you are going to are all the conditions of safety you should consider.

Is Uber in Edinburgh Safe at Night?

As we answered the last question, we covered a bit of this too; even though big cities are a bit scarier at night than in the morning, Edinburgh is considered to be a safe and crime-free city, so if you are thinking about that, don’t worry. 

And if you have any complaints or have any doubts regarding your safety while driving in an Uber car, please feel free to contact Uber by phone, email, or within the app.

How Reliable Is Uber in Edinburg?

Uber in Edinburgh is very dependable. One of Edinburgh’s most viable modes of transportation is Uber. At whatever point you would like one, you ought to be sure you can merely book one. The car will hold up for you at the pickup area you indicated, and you will be dropped off wherever you’ve got meant your drop-off area to be.

Can You Pre Book Uber in Edinburgh?

Yes, your Uber ride can be pre booked in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you’re in a hurry and want your car to pick you up in 30 minutes, you can just click an option schedule for later and select the pickup location, pick up time, and drop off location. 

Can Uber Operate Outside Edinburgh?

In theory, Uber drivers can take you anywhere in Scotland, but we are not sure if you will be able to come back to Edinburgh with Uber. Glasgow is the city with Uber too, so if you are going from Edinburgh to Glasgow and would want to go back with an Uber, we are sure that you will be able to do that.

How Do I Contact Uber in Edinburg?

Contacting Uber in Edinburg is easy; this is the number that works 24/7,  0808 189 7190, and it works in all the United Kingdom, or you can just open the app, open “Help,” and click the “Call Support ” button so you can be connected to the support team via the app.