Is There Uber in Calgary?

Calgary offers a cosmopolitan and welcoming atmosphere, good upscale shopping opportunities, tasty food and abundant family attractions. This city shines in summer and winter. When temperatures drop, it becomes one of the most popular destinations in North America, with resorts around the Rocky Mountains.

Is there Uber in Calgary? Yes there is Uber in Calgary. Just download the Uber app, type your location and destination, and you’ll get a list of vehicles to choose from. In Calgary, Uber is very affordable and will not cost you more than a regular taxi if you choose an Uber X ride. 

is there uber in calgary

How To Get a Free Uber Ride in Calgary?

You can get a free ride if you are a first-time user; you just need to download the application on your phone, choose your destination, select your car, and use the code dominiks15. 

The code will work only once on your phone, so tell your friends so that they can get it too.

Is there Uber XL in Calgary? 

Yes, Uber XL is available in Calgary, Canada.  If you are a group of five, this will be a great option. And if you guys share the expenses, it will be a low-cost option as well.

Other options are available as well, such as Uber X that fits up to 3 people, Uber Comfort that fits up to 3 people and has extra legroom, Uber Premier that gives you premium comfort with luxury rides and highly-rated drivers, and Uber WAV, which are wheelchair- accessible rides and are charged as per local rates.

How much Does Uber Cost in Calgary?

In Calgary, Uber is very affordable and will not cost you more than a regular taxi if you choose an Uber x ride. 

Choosing a different type of vehicle will defer in price range, but all in all, it will not cost you much more than a regular cab. 

Now let’s see what the prices of Uber ride in Calgary, Canada are.

Uber Minimum Fare in Calgary

In Calgary, Uber Connect charges CA$ 2.30 as their initial fare; it will also cost you CA$ 0.95 for a kilometer and CA$ 0.18 per minute. 

A minimum fare will be CA$ 6.93, and if you would want to cancel your ride, it will cost you CA$ 5.25.

Uber XL base fare will be CA$ 4.00; your booking fee will cost you CA$ 3.00, you will be charged CA$ 0.26 per minute and CA$ 1.70 per kilometer. The minimum fare will stay at CA$ 8.50, and your cancellation fee would be CA$ 5.00.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Calgary International Airport To Calgary Downtown?

A ride from the main Airport to Calgary downtown will cost you CA$ 24.52 with Uber Connect, CA$ 30.60 with Uber X, and CA$ 36.48 with Uber Comfort.

How Much Does Uber Cost From Calgary/Springbank Airport to Calgary Downtown?

Springbank Airport is the second-largest Airport in this area; when wanting to go from this Airport to Calgary Downtown, Uber X will cost you less than Uber Connect, Uber X will cost you CA$ 35.90 and Uber Connect CA$ 37.81.

The price for Uber Comfort will be CA$ 44.36. 

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost In Calgary?

An approximate 30-minute ride with Uber X will cost you CA$ 34.97; Uber Connect will be CA$ 36.32, Uber Comfort CA$ 43.25, Uber XL CA$ 60.85, and Uber Premier CA$ 78.90.

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Calgary?

You cannot pay cash with Uber in Calgary. 

The only payment methods are your Credit or Debit card, a PayPal account, or a Giftcard. But if you wanted to tip your driver, they will accept cash.

 What’s Cheaper In Calgary Uber Or Taxi?

Getting a taxi in Calgary will cost you the same as getting an Uber; it all depends on the traffic and the places you are going, the difference is just a few bucks, so if you don’t like taxies, Uber is the ride for you.

How Safe Is Uber in Calgary?

Taking an Uber in Calgary is a risk-free option as the riders have to undergo a series of tests before they get to work for Uber.

 But if you want to keep it extra safe, the cross-street feature of Uber allows you to enter your cross-street address instead of your address as a pickup or drop-off destination.

Is Uber Safe At Night in Calgary?

Calgary is considered to be safe during the daytime, so any type of transport is pretty much safe. 

But Calgary at night is not that safe, especially East Village and Victoria Park areas where there are homeless people, drugs, and prostitution, so if you are going through that area, take an Uber as it’s one of the safest ways to travel around the city during the night.

How Reliable Is Uber In Calgary?

One of the most efficient forms of transportation in Calgary is Uber. You can be sure that you can book one whenever you need one, the vehicle will wait for you at the pickup location you have mentioned, and you will be dropped off wherever you’ve set your drop-off location to be.

Can You Pre Book Uber in Calgary?

The answer is YES. Why wait for the last minute, when you can put your location and desired destination before you even get there. This is convenient for people who are traveling to Calgary as you can pre-book your Uber before you even land there.

The ride will wait for you at the Airport at the desired time.

Can Uber Operate Outside Calgary?

It can theoretically do so. Uber will take you out of Calgary, but there’s a possibility that you’ll not be able to come back with Uber, as Uber is not available in all the cities across Canada. Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa, Edmonton, and a few more are all cities that have Uber, so if you want to travel to one of those, we’re sure you’ll get back safe to Calgary with Uber.

 How Do I Contact Uber in Calgary?

Numerous options are available if you would want to contact Uber in Calgary.

One of the options is by contacting their customer support; the second option is to set up a face to face meeting with their support team; another option is to visit their website and go to the help center and find the answer to your questions.

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