Is there Uber in Quebec City?

Quebec City is a beautiful city known for its gorgeous European style architecture, and it is a well-known touristic city, with lots of places to see and wander around. And if you wonder if Uber will be there to get around this beautiful city, we are here to give you the answer. 

Yes, there is Uber in Quebec City, and it is one of the safest ways to travel around the city. The base fare for Uber in Quebec City is $1.50 if taking an Uber X ride. In addition, it costs $0.15 per minute and $0.63 per KM. 

Read on to find out more and find the easiest way to book and pay for transportation, especially if you don’t carry any cash. 

How to Get a Free Uber Ride in Quebec City?

Uber always offers its new riders their first ride for free. So, if you never took an Uber ride, there are promo codes and coupons used in Quebec City to get your first ride for free. 

Is There Uber XL in Quebec City?

Yes, there is Uber XL in Quebec City. Getting around Quebec City with Uber XL is perfect for those who like to travel with their whole group; it saves your money, and you will have all of your friends there with you. Uber XL can fit up to five people. 

Uber in Quebec City has some other options: the Uber X affordable everyday rides, and Uber Comfort, which offers rides with some extra legroom for you to have. 

How Much Does Uber Cost in Quebec City?

Getting an Uber ride in Quebec City is the most affordable way of commuting. Since there are lots of places to see, and if you are planning on taking many rides around the city, you might as well save up some money along the way. 

In the next few paragraphs, we will tell you all about pricing in Quebec City; read on to find out more. 

Uber Minimum Fare in Quebec City?

Uber’s minimum fare in Quebec City is $5.36 if riding with Uber X, and its cancellation fee is $3.94. If you took the Uber XL ride, the minimum fare would be $6.94, and its cancellation fee the same as with Uber X. Uber Comfort’s minimum fare is $7.88, and a cancellation fee will differ. 

If the rider doesn’t show up for its Uber Comfort ride, the cancellation fee will cost him $7.88, and if we are talking about the rider-initiated cancellation fee, it would cost you the same as for an Uber X or Uber XL ride. 

How Much Does Uber Cost From Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport to Central Quebec City?

Uber from Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport to central Quebec City costs $36.64 for an Uber X ride, $42.23 for an Uber Comfort ride and $54.68 for an Uber XL ride. 

How Much Does A 30 Minute Uber Ride Cost in Quebec City?

A 30-minute Uber ride in Quebec City costs around the same as the ride from Quebec City Jean Lesage International Airport to the city center since that ride takes about 30 minutes. 

Can You Pay Cash With Uber in Quebec City?

Yes, you can pay cash with Uber in Quebec City. Paying cash for your Uber ride in Quebec City is easy; all you need to do is select the ‘Cash’ option in the Payment menu and pay for your ride in cash when it ends. 

But, remember that the cash option stays selected until you deselect it manually, so if you are out of cash, remember to choose an option that suits you better. 

What’s Cheaper In Quebec City Uber Or Taxi? 

In Quebec City, you save up, up to 24% when riding with Uber X. But if you decide on taking some other riding options with Uber, they will be more expensive than taking a taxi, 

but the service will be far better. 

How Safe Is Uber in Quebec City?

Quebec City is generally speaking a safe city in Canada, so when taking an Uber ride, know that you will feel even safer because of all the precaution measures Uber takes to protect its customers. Uber is safe in Quebec City day and night. 

Is Uber Safe At Night in Quebec City?

Yes, Uber in Quebec City is safe during the night. Uber might be your safest option to use when venturing around Quebec City. Trust us; there is nothing to worry about when getting an Uber ride at night in Quebec City. 

How Reliable Is Uber in Quebec City?

Uber in Quebec City is reliable, but in some cases, it can be harder to get an Uber ride if riding in the busy hours. 

Can You Pre Book Uber in Quebec City?

Yes, you can pre-book an Uber in Quebec City. Isn’t it great that Uber allowed us to pre-book our ride five minutes to thirty days in advance? You simply need to use the Schedule a Ride option, choose your pickup, and drop off location, pick a date and time, and you’re done! 

Can Uber Operate Outside Quebec City?

Yes, Uber can operate outside Quebec City. Uber is technically able to operate outside Quebec City, but not in all cases. If you need your driver to take you from Quebec City to any other place, he would be able to do it, but picking you up from a place out of Quebec City is something that he would not do. 

All Uber drivers are asserted to their location, and they are not allowed to leave it unless they are with a passenger. 

How Do I Contact Uber in Quebec City?

Uber offers 24/7 customer support in Quebec City, so if you are in need of any help, we suggest calling their land-line. But, before calling the support team, try checking out the frequently asked questions because the answer to your question may be laying there, and you won’t have to go through all the hustle.

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