Is There Uber in Guam?

Guam is a beautiful island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; with crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy beaches, it has become one of the top travel destinations. Are you wondering if getting around it will be easy and if Uber will be there to help you?

No, there is no Uber in Guam. Sadly, Uber doesn’t offer its services in Guam but the island is small, which makes it easy to commute around it, even without Uber.

is there uber in guam

Let us tell you about all the commuting options available in Guam. 

How To Get Around Guam Without Uber?

Getting around Guam is not that difficult at all; as we already said, it is a small island that you can commute around on foot if you don’t mind the heat. On the other hand, there are many tourist buses, rental car agencies, and an excellent public transport system. 

Alternative Ride Sharing (Grab/Lyft) in Guam

There is no Grab or Lyft in Guam, but there is one alternative ride-sharing option, and that is Stroll. Stroll is an online app that works the same as any ride-sharing app. 

Since the taxis in Guam are a bit more expensive than Stroll, we recommend you to use this app when commuting around Guam. You will have the option of choosing between Stroll Sedan and Stroll SUV. The pricing for both of them is the same. 

The minimum fare is $4.15, the cancellation fee $5, the base fare is $1.05, and the charge per mile is $1.30. The only charge that is different in these two options is the service charge, which is $1.25 for a Stroll Sedan ride, and $2.25 for a Stroll SUV ride. 

The application is very easy to use, and it works almost the same; all you need to do is download the application, give some details about yourself, create your account and book your Stroll ride, hop in the car and explore around this beautiful island. 

We recommend this option since it is very affordable and an easy and safe way of getting around Guam. 

Taxi in Guam

There are taxies in Guam, but they are not cheap at all. However, even if they are not cheap, they offer excellent service, and the driver will let you know how much your ride’s estimated price will be. 

If you don’t like losing time and don’t mind paying a bit more, you should go for this option, but then again, Guam has a great ride sharing option that you can choose that will cost you less than a taxi would. 

Any taxi ride in Guam will cost you about $20, and the rides don’t last longer than 10 minutes, so as you can see from this example, this would definitely not be a good way of saving money. 

Train in Guam

Guam doesn’t offer train services for tourists or locals. But let’s continue talking about the services that it does offer. 

Bus in Guam 

There are two bus services in Guam, the Red Guahan Shuttle and Sirena. The Red Guahan Shuttle is the one that is used most of the time. One ride would cost you $4, and they are open-air buses. They have many rides and cover most parts visited by tourists. 

They also have a very convenient shopping route, which goes around some of Guam’s most popular shopping places. 

The other option when traveling by bus is Sirena, which don’t have as many routes (there are only two routes), but they are cheaper; one ride would cost you less than $3, so if you are headed in the way of one of its routes we recommend using this option. 

Using public transportation in Guam is a very good and money-saving option. 

Walking in Guam

Walking in Guam can be a very convenient way of commuting around the island if you don’t mind the heat. It can get pretty hot in Guam during the day, so before going out for a walk around the island, think about it, are you ready to walk in the drenching heat?

Bicycle in Guam

Renting a bike is a good way of commuting around Guam, but again if you don’t mind the heat. We would recommend renting a bike and having a night stroll around the island because it is so hot during the day. 

It is a good way of having your exercise during your vacation, it is eco-friendly, and it is a good way of saving up some coins. Guam has multiple bike rental shops that you can choose from, and the pricing is very good. 

Exploring the island on a bike can be a fun experience too, Guam is safe at night, so you don’t have to be worried about that. So, rent a bike, hop on and have some fun while exploring around this beautiful island. 

Rent a Car in Guam

Renting a car in Guam is a good option, but there are some downsides to it. Renting a car can be pretty cheap; you can find a good car for about $40, but the downside is the insurance. If you are someone who likes to have insurance everywhere they go, just for any case, in Guam, it will cost you a lot.

The insures for one day costs about $70, and that is not cheap at all. If you don’t mind paying for it, then you will enjoy riding around Guam because the drivers and laid back, and it is a breeze driving there. It is also a good option if you like your freedom and you don’t like depending on others. 

But, as far as we are concerned, if you are looking to save up some money and enjoy exploring around Guam, we recommend the option of installing the Stroll app and using their services. Or if you want to save up, even more, think about using their public transportation system.