Uber With Dog

Uber has revolutionized the way that we travel, and the service is always evolving and offering new things. From delivering things like cigarettes and alcohol through Uber eats to giving riders new ways to travel in style through Uber Black, it’s a versatile service. Today, I’ll explore if you can Uber with your dog.

You can indeed Uber with your dog, but it’s dependent on a few conditions. First off, you’re allowed to Uber with a service dog that is legally certified no matter what. If you don’t have a service dog, you’ll likely have to book a pet friendly ride to ensure that the driver is prepared for your dog.

Of course, there are a few details about taking an Uber with your dog that I had to gloss over for the sake of brevity. If you’re interested in learning all you need to know about taking an Uber with your furry friend, then bear with me as I cover all of the ins and outs of booking a ride together with them.

Uber With Dog

For ease of comprehension, I’ll split this section into two parts. The first part will go over how you can Uber with a service animal. The second part will discuss how you can Uber with your dog if you need to take your pet somewhere but you don’t have it certified as a service animal.

Uber With a Service Dog

Taking an Uber with a service dog is relatively straightforward since federal laws tend to specify that businesses need to accept service dogs when they are required by the customer. This also applies to taking an Uber, since the vehicle you’re taking technically acts as Uber’s place of business.

However, if you’re taking a service dog along for the ride with you, it’s typically a good idea to let the driver know that you’re bringing it along. This will allow the driver to prepare their vehicle for your animal and it will at least ensure that the driver is on the same page as you.

While a driver likely won’t refuse you if you genuinely need a service dog, it will save them the surprise of seeing you walk up to their vehicle with your service dog. It will also save you having to explain the situation to the driver while you’re being picked up, as everything can be sorted out in advance.

If you’re taking a regular Uber with your service animal, then it’s a good idea to make sure that you bring along something to reduce the mess in the vehicle. I’d recommend bringing along a blanket with you if your driver doesn’t have one in the trunk of their vehicle. Once again, you can sort all of this out in advance.

The Uber driver may ask to see your service dog’s certificate to make sure that you aren’t trying to circumvent Uber’s pet friendly rides, since those tend to cost a little bit extra relative to regular Uber rides. Also, make sure that your pet will fit inside of the vehicle without any trouble when you order your Uber.

If you have a particularly large service animal, then you may need to order an UberXL so you can be sure that your pet will fit inside of the vehicle comfortably. If your service dog is sometimes uncomfortable with riding in a car with others, you may also wish to bring along some treats to keep them calm.

Taking an Uber With a Non-Service Dog

If you want to take an Uber with your pet and it isn’t a service dog, the process is a little more complicated, but once you know how to do it, you’ll know how to do it in the future. Uber recently launched its pet friendly rides, which are meant for drivers who have no qualms about bringing a pet in their vehicles.

To get picked up by a driver offering pet friendly rides, then you’ll have to order an Uber X. However, you won’t be able to bring your pet on just any Uber X ride. Tap under Uber X to customize the trip and select the pet friendly ride option so that you can request a driver that accepts pets.

As an Uber X trip, you can expect this to be a little more expensive than a typical Uber ride, but this is to be expected because of the chance that a pet will get the car a little more dirty. Also, Uber drivers that accept pets have to be a little more accommodating since they’ll need to be prepared for a pet’s needs.

Unlike when you’re bringing a service animal along, you can expect a pet friendly ride driver to have things like blankets to ensure that the car is kept clean and that your furry friend is kept comfortable.

Keep in mind that Uber’s pet friendly rides allow for a maximum of one dog per trip, which is unfortunate if you have a few smaller pets that you’d like to bring along with you. However, this rule is flexible, so if you get in touch with the driver and inform them that you’d like to bring along multiple pets, they may allow you to do so.

One of the conditions of bringing a pet along with you is that they have a harness or a collar with a leash attached to ensure that they remain safe in the vehicle and for the safety of the driver. Even docile pets must be restrained on rides, as this is Uber’s policy for pet friendly rides.

Also, it’s common courtesy to ask the driver where they would like your pet to sit. Some drivers for pet friendly rides may have a designated area that they would like pets to be seated so that they can cut down on the amount of cleaning that they have to do after carrying multiple pets over the course of the day or week.

Thanks to pet friendly rides, bringing a dog along with you on an Uber trip has been made simpler than ever.