Uber Black Car List

If you like taking Ubers to get where you need to go, then you might be interested in a slightly more luxurious experience, and that kind of experience is provided by Uber Black. So, if you want to know more about this topic, here’s all about Uber Black car list 2022.

Uber Black is like the high end version of Uber, and in today’s guide, I’m going to look at the cars that are allowed for Uber Black drivers. Let’s start with Uber Black cars list 2022.

Uber Black Car List 2022

Uber Black cars don’t necessarily need to be from luxury manufacturers, since Chevrolets and even Fords are accepted. However, they will typically need to be high-end models like SUVs, and low-end vehicles from luxury manufacturers like Mercedes and Audi will not  be eligible.

Here is a list of vehicles that are required so that you can qualify as an Uber Black driver:

  • Audi: A8, A8L, A6
  • BMW: 7-series, 5-series
  • Cadillac: XTS, CT6, Escalade, Escalade ESV
  • Chevrolet: Suburban, Tahoe
  • Ford: 2018+ Platinum Series Expedition
  • Hyundai Genesis: G90
  • GMC: Yukon, Yukon XL, Yukon Denali, Yukon XL Denali
  • Infiniti: QX80, QX56
  • Lexus: LX, LS, GX, GS
  • Lincoln: MKT, Continental, Navigator
  • Maserati: Quattroporte
  • Mercedes: S-Class, GL-Class, GLS-Class, GLE-Class, E-Class
  • Tesla: Model X, Model S
  • Volvo: S90, XC90

Uber Black SUV Car List 2022

You may also drive for the Uber Black SUV, which is essentially the Uber Black version of Uber XL, for riders who require a little bit more space. Having in mind the Uber black SUV car list will help you decide what type of vehicle you actually need for your ride. Here is the list of vehicles accepted for the Uber Black SUV:

  • Cadillac: Escalade ESV, Escalade
  • Chevrolet: Suburban
  • Ford: 2018+ Platinum Series Expedition
  • GMC: Yukon XL, Yukon Denali, Yukon XL Denali
  • Infiniti: QX80, QX56
  • Lexus: 3-row LX
  • Lincoln: Navigator

While that should give you a pretty accurate idea of the kinds of cars that are allowed to be used by Uber Black drivers, it is by no means a comprehensive list. If you’re looking for a list of these vehicles, I’ll go over them and then I’ll answer some related questions about what you can expect from Uber Black.

Check the Uber Black Xl Car List

Uber Black XL cars are the highest-end vehicles in Uber’s fleet. These comfortable luxury cars offer plenty of legroom and spacious seating, perfect for large groups and long rides. The Uber Black XL list includes some of the most popular models from leading automakers including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Cadillac, and Lincoln.

Other Vehicle Requirements to be an Uber Black Driver

There are a few additional requirements aside from the model of vehicle that you’re allowed to drive as an Uber Black driver. For example, your vehicle has to be at most five years old or newer, so even if you have one of the above vehicle models, you will be ineligible if your car is beyond that age.

The exterior of your vehicle has to be painted black, since that is what puts the “black” in Uber Black. Another thing that many drivers may not know is that the interior of the vehicle also has to be black, but it also has to be leather. Uber also accepts black vegan leather interiors for humane reasons.

The car must have at least four doors that open independently of one another, and your vehicle needs to be able to seat at least four passengers, with the driver not being included. In practice, this means that you’ll have to seat at least three people in the back and one person up front.

Along with that, your vehicle mustn’t have sustained any cosmetic damage, and there must not be anything missing from the car’s interior or exterior. This helps maintain the premium image of Uber Black, since a nice car with missing parts doesn’t exactly sound like something luxurious.

Yet another way that your car needs top notch reliability is that all of the windows need to be working, so if you have a malfunctioning window servo, you’ll want to get that fixed up ASAP. The final reliability related matter is that your vehicle’s A/C needs to be functioning perfectly.

Uber Black Car List Boston

If you’re in Boston and want to become an Uber driver, don’t worry. There are no special requirements other than the regular ones on Uber’s site everyone has to follow. This being said, here is the list of vehicles that are considered in Uber Black category:

  • Mercedes Benz E Class,
  • Audi A6,
  • Cadillac XTS,
  • BMW 5 Series,
  • Lincoln MKT Town Car,
  • Tesla Model S,
  • Lexus LS 460,
  • Volvo S90/V90,
  • Infiniti Q70L,
  • Jaguar XF/XJ,
  • Acura RLX,
  • Hyundai Genesis G90,
  • Audi A7,
  • Cadillac CT6,
  • Mercedes Benz S Class,
  • Porsche Panamera 4S/Turbo,
  • Range Rover Sport/Velar/Vogue SE/Autobiography Dynamic Luxury Edition/HSE Luxury.

What Are Uber Black Driver Requirements?

Your vehicle isn’t the only thing that determines if you can be an Uber Black driver. You will also need to maintain a high rating of at least 4.85 stars, so you’ll need to keep your riders happy enough to rate you well and tip you.

You will also need to provide Uber with additional documentation and you’ll have to maintain your own commercial insurance for your vehicle, as personal insurance may not be sufficient as an Uber driver.

As an Uber Black driver, you’re also expected to keep your vehicle neat and presentable. This means that you’re going to be spending a lot of time at the car wash, since your vehicle shouldn’t have any visible stains. While this is ostensibly for the car’s interior, it can also apply to the exterior of your vehicle depending on the weather.

Keep in mind that most of these rules are the same for Uber Black SUV drivers, with the exception of how many riders you’re expected to transport. To drive for Uber Black SUV, your vehicle must be able to carry at least six passengers, not including the driver, so you’ll likely need a three-row SUV.

Check Some Basic Rules You’ll Need to Follow as an Uber Driver

Along with the specific Uber Black vehicle guidelines, you’ll also need to abide by the basic guidelines that all Uber drivers need to conform to. For example, your vehicle shouldn’t have any cosmetic wraps that contain advertisements and decals and your vehicle should typically be one color.

You also won’t be eligible if you have aftermarket hoods or doors that are painted a different color than the rest of the vehicle, though this is covered by the requirement for a fully black vehicle.

The paint on your vehicle also shouldn’t be oxidized or rusted, as that will disqualify you from driving for basic Uber or for Uber Black. No aftermarket modifications are allowed on your vehicle, so it must be fully stock or it should only have upgrades that are put on by the vehicle manufacturer.

While you are allowed to tint the windows of your vehicle, they must be within the tint range allowed by your local regulations. Exceeding these regulations could lead to you getting stopped by the police and it will certainly disqualify you from being an Uber Black driver since your car will be non-conforming.

As with all other Uber varieties, an Uber Black vehicle must also pass a vehicle inspection before you are allowed to drive.

How to Choose the Best Vehicle for Your Next Ride?

Once you’ve decided to take an Uber ride, the next step is to decide which type of vehicle you should request. The different types of vehicles available on the Uber platform vary by city and include everything from basic car rides to luxury SUVs. However, with a Uber Black car list, you’ll decide in no time.