Are Uber and Lyft The Same Company?

Ride-sharing services have become so popular that, in major cities not long ago, old-fashioned taxicabs who felt they held claim to the territory were threatening and vandalizing their competition.

Ultimately, there’s little they can do to stop the rise of companies like Uber and Lyft, which are honestly difficult to tell apart at this point.

Are Uber and Lyft the same company? Though they offer much of the same services, Uber and Lyft are not the same company. The main difference between Uber and Lyft is size; Uber is a much larger company than Lyft.

This blog will discuss the differences between Uber and Lyft in an effort to determine which service is more optimal. 

Are Uber and Lyft the Same Company?

As mentioned, it’s not hard to see why someone would ask, “Are Uber and Lyft the same company?” as they do have a lot of similarities. 

Lyft Services

Lyft was founded in 2012 by Logan Green and John Zimmer, who had previously launched Zimride, which was a peer-to-peer ride-sharing service; sort of a proto-Lyft. Zimride allowed users to book long carpool rides safely. The pair sold the company to focus exclusively on Lyft. 

In 2018, Lyft went public. It currently operates in Canada, all 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia. Lyft ensures their vehicles pass minimum requirements and all their drivers pass two background checks. Cars must have a minimum of five seatbelts and four doors. 

Depending on the city, Lyft also offers different service classes. They are:

  • Original Lyft: Riders enjoy a regular car that fits up to four passengers. 
  • Lyft XL: Riders can reach up to six passengers. 
  • Lyft Lux: Riders enjoy premium luxury black vehicles.
  • Lyft Black: Similar to Lyft Lux. 
  • Lyft Black XL: Riders enjoy a luxury black SUV that fits up to four passengers. 

According to a Smartphone study, the average cost of a Lyft was $12.53 in 2015. However, prices have since shot up considerably. Today, the average Lyft ride is clocking in around $27. Any changes the passenger makes to the trip while it’s begun will also add to the cost. 

Lyft Amp

Thankfully, Lyft has reworked how you can recognize your ride. Originally, Lyft used furry pink mustaches on their cars – “carstaches”. It was a cute idea, but it played up the company’s seeming immaturity.  That’s not a great look. Uber is your competition.

They’ve since retired the carstaches, replacing them with the Amp. It’s a small light on the driver’s dashboard that lights up a certain color when the driver approaches. The passenger will be alerted by phone what color to look for. 

When the passenger gets in, in most cities, the driver is able to give them an estimate of the total cost of their ride. 


Uber was first founded in 2009 under the name Ubercab by Travis Kalanack and Garret Camp. Kalanack has since left the company, but Camp is still a central figure. Whether you’re trying to get to Newark airport for your departure or you’re trying to leave LAX upon arriving, Uber will get you where you need to be.

The main distinction between the two companies is that Uber is a much bigger company, operating in a wide range of countries including Jamaica and Costa Rica. As a result, more has been written about it publicly, and more has happened both good and bad. As first reported by NPR, Uber had to settle a class-action sexual harassment lawsuit for $10 million in 2017. 

Nevertheless, the company went public the same year as Lyft, with much grander prospects. Uber operates in all US states and Canada, Central and South America, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the E.U. In some parts of the world, it’s your only alternative to more expensive taxis. 

Like Lyft, Uber also offers a class of services. 

  • UberX: Basic sedan vehicle, can fit up to four passengers. 
  • UberComfort: For passengers who want extra legroom.
  • UberXL: Fits up to six passengers.
  • UberSUV: Offers a luxury SUV that fits up to six passengers. 
  • UberPool: Allows passengers with different start and endpoints to share their rides. 
  • UberBlack: Offers professional drivers with black luxury town cars. 
  • UberBlack SUV: The same class of driver as UberBlack with a black luxury SUV that fits up to six passengers. 
  • UberWAV: Provides assistance to those with wheelchairs and scooters. 
  • UberSelect: Offers stylish, high-end luxury cars with a passenger’s choice of top-rated drivers. 
  • Ubertaxi: Allows customers to hail a yellow cab with the Uber app. 
  • UberPet: Offers rides for both you and your pet that are affordable. 

Similar to Lyft, Uber uses UberBeacon to signal the arrival of their vehicles. Again, the prices for rides have increased considerably since 2015.  Uber and Lyft currently cost about the same, however Uber offers more services for the money.