How Much Is a Lyft Car Rental?

Lyft’s listed a rental called Express Drive among their services for some time now. But how much is Lyft car rental, and is it a smart choice for you?

If you’re wondering how much is a Lyft car rental, you should know that you will pay around $200 to $300 per week for a vehicle. Express Drive is a good option for drivers who want to participate in this service without putting mileage to their car. It’s also a great solution for those who own a vehicle that doesn’t qualify for driving through the Lyft app.

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All in all, a rental is a great option whether you own a car but want to keep it garaged or your car doesn’t qualify for Lyft’s services.

How Much Is a Lyft Car Rental and How Does It Work?

Over the years, the Lyft app has been expanding its services and adding other suitable options besides matching passengers and drivers. If you are a potential driver who wants to use Express Drive, you should know that Lyft’s rental service prices start at $200 on a weekly basis.

Express Drive has become a very popular option among drivers because of its convenience, especially when you can earn money for giving a ride to passengers while preserving your own car. Besides renting, Lyft also includes routine maintenance of these vehicles, as well as insurance.

There Are Certain Requirements to Be Met Before You Can Lease

Before you can lease cars through Express Drive, you must meet several requirements. The age restriction is that you must be at least 25 years old, meet all the driver requirements, and pay a refundable deposit. The driver that’s in the application process must be clear of a set of violations so they can pass the background check.

The Partners That Provide Rentals for Lyft

Although Lyft’s services have been expanding, it has not become a company that rents vehicles. However, it offers an easy way of leasing or renting a vehicle through its partners. They work with the following rentals:

  • Hertz,
  • Flexdrive.

When you apply to become a driver, you will not get a vehicle for free; however, you will not be in a long-term commitment when you rent.

Before You Apply for Drive Express Rental, Know the Types of Cars

Not all types of cars can suit you, so before you invest your money and rent, get acquainted with the solutions offered for rent. The wide range of vehicle types available includes electric, hybrid and midsize. Particularly, Flexdrive offers compact vehicles, sedans, full-size cars, and SUVs.

But, How Does It Work With Gas Expenses? A Driver Should Know a Few Hacks

Since any ride-sharing companies and other services on demand can provide you with a car, regular maintenance, and coverage if an accident occurs, you should know what you’re responsible for. Gas expenses are covered by the driver, so there are a few hacks to keep track of what you spend. You should always keep a record of the miles traveled, install a gas cashback app and learn all the fuel-efficient drive techniques. Also, it can prove that hybrid cars are most suitable for these types of services.

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Rental Restrictions and the Number of Rides Your Passengers Book

If you want to become a user of Express Drive rentals, you should know that Lyft has a set of unique restrictions for drivers that use this service. It includes the following:

  • As a driver, you must provide a minimum of 20 rides weekly.
  • You can not use the rented vehicle to make money through other rideshare services.
  • Lyft’s restrictions include a limitation on personal miles. If you drive further than the limited mileage, you will pay extra.

After you provide a certain amount of rides, you will be rewarded with rental rewards, which can be used to cover some of the costs.

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Insurance Is Included With All the Rentals

Besides the many benefits that Lyft’s services offer, they also include insurance. If you don’t have a personal policy, it doesn’t disqualify you; instead, you are fully insured from the moment you pick up the car.

When offlineWaiting/availableEn route
Physical damageRental companies will provide up to $50,000.Rental companies will provide up to $50,000.Lyft provides coverage that goes up the actual value of the vehicle in cash.
Liability coverageRental companies provide coverage for damage on property and bodily injury to third parties, while the limit will vary depending on the state.Rental companies provide coverage for damage on property and bodily injury to third parties, while the limit will vary depending on the state.Lyft will provide a third-party liability of up to $1 million.
Uninsured or underinsured motoristIf there were an accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist, the rental company would provide coverage.If there were an accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist, Lyft would provide coverage.Lyft provides coverage for the injury of the said motorist.

In Which Cities Are Express Drive Rentals Available?

Although Lyft’s services are available in over 600 cities across the US, you can not find Express Drive rentals in all of them. Some cities with this service are Washington DC, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Richmond, Sacramento, Austin, San Diego, and San Francisco. For more information, you should check on Lyft’s website.

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Lease Vehicles Through This Service and Enjoy Many Perks

Lyft’s rentals have made it easier for many drivers to join Lyft’s program and share rides all over the US. With perks like covered costs for the maintenance of these rentals and insurance coverage, too, it’s a very convenient solution. While it’s limited to use only for Lyft’s services, the most considerable convenience it offers is the lack of long-term commitment.