How to Get a Lyft Amp?

Up until now, car stickers were used to help identify a driver working through the ride-sharing platform, but in recent years a new, better, and brighter way to recognize them has emerged. So how to get a Lyft amp, stand out from the crowd and make it easier for passengers to spot you?

If you’re wondering how to get a Lyft amp, there are a few requirements to be met. Drivers should be located only in some regions and have some driving goals met. If you are a driver that meets these requirements and you have left a correct shipping and email address, you will be contacted.

Lyft's app showing on a display

If you are interested in more details about whether you are eligible for this device, you should check the app for drivers. Once you meet all that is required, Lyft will contact you so you can claim your Amp.

How to Get a Lyft Amp and Get Spotted by a Rider in an Instant?

The Lyft Amp is a shiny, bright, and unique device that makes the ride-sharing experience with this company more recognizable. It’s a personalized way to be branded and to get recognized by riders at first glance. But, how does a driver get one?

First off, it’s completely free, but a driver should meet a few requirements to be eligible to get one. Since Amps are not available everywhere in the US, but only in some locations, you should be located in the city where you can get it. You should also be a Gold or Platinum level driver and have updated your address to the current one in the app.

Step-By-Step Installation of the Amp in Your Car

Your Amp will be best visible if you place it on your dashboard, but there are a few preparatory steps to install it correctly.

Step #1Take some rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth, and thoroughly clean and rub a suitable spot on the dashboard.
Step #2After the spot has completely dried, remove the sticker from the base of the device.
Step #3Stick the base to the surface, with Lyft’s logo facing the front windshield, and hold it in place for about 30 seconds.
Step #4It’s time to install the Amp by placing it correctly on the magnetic base that is firmly holding on to the dashboard surface.
Step #5After you’ve set it on the base, you should plug in your Amp by using the provided micro USB cable.

If you’re worried about the adhesive on your dashboard, you should know that it has been designed to be safely and easily removed without causing any damage to the surface. And also, note that the Amp’s easy to disconnect from the base when you’re not using it.

Pairing the Amp Has Been Made Easy for a Driver

As a driver, most of the things you do you’ll be doing through the app. The same goes for pairing the device with your smartphone. Before you start, you should make sure that the Amp has been turned on and the Bluetooth on your phone is on, too. Then, pair it in the next few steps:

  • First, open the menu in your app.
  • Find Amp and tap it.
  • Finally, tap “Pair my Amp.”

If you’ve done this successfully, the Amp will be automatically connected to your app whenever you turn it on. If you are experiencing problems with the device, you should hold the power button for 10 seconds, and it will be reset.

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Why Does a Driver Need an Emblem for Getting Work?

Imagine that you are a driver that’s about to pick up riders from an airport. Airports are crowded, and many people there are waiting to get a lift from a taxi, their families, or a ride-sharing service. An emblem is a sign that makes sure you get spotted in a timely manner and you don’t lose your passengers due to waiting.

Pay Attention to Amp’s Benefits

While having a sticker emblem is a part of your new kit, enabling you to be easily spotted as a ride-share driver for the Lyft platform, having the Amp steps up the game. It’s not only pleasing to the eye as a shiny gadget that can be seen through the front windshield; it’s beneficial both to drivers and riders.

It will cut down the time spent on messaging between the drivers and passengers. Sometimes, cars can’t easily be identified, especially on night rides or when attending crowded events. Amps are designed to be personalized, quickly spotted, and speed up the whole process. It allows drivers to get more rides and finish them in record time. It’s also safer to use Amps because it will notify drivers when there’s a new request instead of checking the phone messages and notifications while driving.

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Let Lyft Amps Light the Way to Speedy Earning

If you do not qualify just yet to receive the Amp, work towards reaching new goals by accepting as many ride requests as possible. Once you are eligible for this device and it has been sent to you, you can light the way to a smoother pickup and ride experience. It will allow you to stand out from the crowd of many ride-sharing vehicles and pick your riders more easily and quickly.