Does Lyft Deliver Food?

Lyft’s app is on the rise in popularity for many services it offers. But besides ride-share and Express Drive rentals, does Lyft deliver food?

If you’re wondering does Lyft deliver food, the answer is yes. This new service is called a Delivery Ride, and drivers can dispatch various items to customers. Delivered items include prescriptions, auto parts, food, and many other things. The delivered packages should weigh no more than 50 pounds and can be delivered from various businesses.

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While this platform isn’t supporting food delivery like Uber Eats and similar services, you’ll be able to get your takeout by requesting it from a Lyft driver.

Does Lyft Deliver Food Besides Offering Lift for a Rider?

Recently, Lyft’s services have been expanding and adding a bunch of convenient solutions for customers, as well as more different and new opportunities for a driver to earn money. Their Delivery has been active for some time now and offers dispatch of different types of goods.

The new addition is take-out delivery, which makes it easier for you to grab your meal from your favorite restaurant. It isn’t designed to become a competitive app to other ride-share platforms which deliver food but rather to face the needs of the consumers and expand opportunities.

The Partnership With Olo Has Made Food Delivery Available to Customers

Lyft has approached the meal dispatch service in a different way than other ride-sharing platforms. To get into the growing restaurant delivery industry, they have decided to partner up with Olo. Olo is a company that backs up restaurants through their ordering platform, where they can be connected with drivers from other services. This gave Lyft’s drivers a new opportunity to earn money by delivering food dispatched through Olo.

Which Business Does Lyft Delivery Cover in Their New Offer?

You can hire a Lyft driver for the dispatch of various items that weigh less than 50 pounds. It’s a very convenient solution, but if you’re wondering what type of business does this delivery support, here’s a shortlist:

  • Pharmacies,
  • Retail stores,
  • Car dealerships,
  • And most recently, restaurants.

You can have different types of items through this service, and it includes groceries, medical supplies, various home goods, and as of recently – takeouts.

Olo Covers Many Locations and Works With a Huge Number of Brands

The greatest thing for Lyft about partnering up with Olo isn’t simply the expansion of Lyft’s services into the dispatch territory. Olo offers a huge variety of restaurant brands in over 76,000 locations across the country. The most popular brands include Five Guys, Qdoba, Denny’s, and Wingstop in many cities across the US.

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Tips for a Delivery Driver to Maximize Efficiency

A driver who has opted in to drive different deliveries should prepare with a few tips to maximize their efficiency and avoid cancellation fees.

Pickup advice #1Before you drive to get the package, enter the “Instructions” of the ride and find details about the pickup.
Pickup advice #2You can call the company where the pickup was scheduled by tapping on the phone icon next to the address.
Pickup advice #3If it happens that you either can not find the package or you can’t reach the company, tap on the red triangle to cancel the request.
Dropoff advice #1When you deliver the package, take a photo of it at the dropoff address to confirm.
Dropoff advice #2When the customer can’t be reached, or they don’t accept, deliver the package back to its pickup address.

Drivers May Earn Cancellation Fees

Canceling a ride or a dispatch will come with a fee, although in some cases, these fees are not applicable. But if a driver wants to make sure they are eligible to receive a cancellation fee, they should confirm canceling in one of the two different ways. The first is when the driver waits for more than a few minutes at the pickup location. The other is when they call the company and can’t reach them.

It’s Easy to Sign Up and Start Delivering

You can apply to be a delivery driver if you sign up through the app, but the next step would be to complete the course. You can start receiving dispatch requests as soon as you finish the course, but keep in mind that signing up doesn’t guarantee that you receive them on a regular basis. Also, note that you can not exclusively receive only requests for deliveries.

Drivers Can Also Opt Out of the Delivery Service

Lyft’s Delivery is a great way for a driver to earn some more money, while the customers and restaurants highly appreciate when they can have more dispatch conveniences available. But sometimes a driver may decide that this service isn’t suitable for them after they have already applied. It’s easy to opt out of this type of service at any time and continue receiving standard requests for rides.

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Delivery Rides Are a Convenient Solutions for All Parties Involved

Deliveries are a fantastic addition to the services you can get through Lyft’s app. It is convenient as a bridge between restaurants and consumers, and it increases the number of available drivers that can be reached through Olo, thus making it an all-around added value for everyone involved. Additionally, it gives a driver who has opted in a great new opportunity to earn.