How Long Does Lyft Background Check Take?

If you’ve started or are planning on starting Lyft’s application process, you may be wondering: How long does Lyft background check take? We are here to help. In this article, you will learn how long it takes to get vetted, as well as what the screening process implies and how often it is done.

Lyft officially states that its evaluation process lasts anywhere from three to ten days. On average, this period usually takes about two to four days. However, in special circumstances, the process can take up to multiple weeks.

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How to Get Into the Lyft Background Check Process?

If you’re looking to become a regular Lyft driver, you’ll have to agree to an examination of your background by the Lyft company. It is the standard part of the application process that has the goal of getting only the best, most qualified, and secure drivers behind Lyft’s steering wheels.

Once you start the application process, all you’ll have to do is agree to the terms and conditions and provide Lyft with your social security number. This will allow the company to run a criminal background check through a secure third-party service Checkr, as well as a DMV check with the help of another safe third-party company – Safety Holdings Inc. Since it’s an inherent part of the application process, it doesn’t require any additional effort or payment on your part.

How Long Does Lyft Background Check Take?

On average, a background check should last from two to four days, although Lyft states that it can take anywhere from three to ten days to complete the check. However, delays do happen, leaving the process to last even up to multiple weeks.

The main reason behind such long delays is information issues in the applicant’s review – most commonly, the past address of the applicant. Additionally, the final decision is made by a real person, so, depending on the circumstances, the check can last longer. If the background check seems to be lasting significantly longer than expected, we recommend checking the status of your application.

In Case You Dispute the Results, the Redoing Process Can Take Up to a Few Weeks

In case you fail a background check, you can dispute the result. Once the check is complete, no matter what results come up, the applicant will receive a full copy of the check. With it, you’ll be provided with instructions on how to dispute the result, as well as how to improve the odds you’ll pass it on the next attempt. Take into account that the process of redoing a check can take up to multiple weeks to finish.

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What Does Lyft Background Check Search for?

As already mentioned, a background check aims to disqualify any potentially unsafe drivers from working for Lyft. That being said, it marks any criminal (especially violent) charges and driving violations as red flags. However, not all of them are disqualifying, so it is possible to pass the check even if your driving and criminal record aren’t spotless.

Depending on the type of the offense, when it happened, and whether or not it reoccurred, you can still be deemed a safe driver. Your records will be checked on the local, national, and county levels, and your information will be run through the following:

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles,
  • The National Sex Offender Registry,
  • The Federal Criminal Records database.

What Driving Violation Can Disqualify You on a Background Check?

Lyft takes both driving and criminal violations into consideration. Your driving record will be checked for smaller and major violations. Smaller violations are deemed relevant only if there have been more than three smaller violations in the previous three years. Find the list of both in the table below.

Smaller ViolationsMajor Violations
Speeding ticketsDriving without a valid license
Stoplight violationsReckless driving
AccidentsA DUI in the last 7 years
Driving Without insuranceA drug-related violation in the last 7 years
Hit and run in the last 7 years
Drug possession while driving in the last 7 years
Other major felonies involving a vehicle

Keep in mind that Lyft also background checks a potential driver’s age. No persons under the age of 21 are allowed to drive a Lyft, and drivers are deemed legible only after they’ve had a valid driver’s license for at least one year.

What Criminal Violation Can Disqualify You on a Background Check?

If you’ve passed a driving part of the background check, your information will have to pass a criminal background check. Depending on which state the background check is taking part in, standards may be more or less stringent. However, most often, these are the disqualifying crimes that will mark the applicant as ineligible:

  • Violent crimes,
  • Felonies,
  • Drug-related crimes,
  • Sexual offenses,
  • Theft, and property damage convictions.

How Far Does the Lyft Background Check Go?

Lyft examines records for major driving offenses and felonies for the previous seven years, while smaller driving accidents are examined for the period of the last three years. However, if extremely serious crimes that guarantee a disqualification of potential drivers happened prior to the last seven years, Lyft reserves the right to look farther than the standard seven-year period.

How Often Must Drivers Undergo the Background Check?

The first time you apply to become a Lyft driver, a background check will be performed. However, your information will be re-run on an annual basis to make sure no new offenses or crimes that would disqualify a driver occurred. Lyft may also receive a notification in case a driver gets convicted of a disqualifying crime at any point of the year. This is due to its new criminal monitoring efforts and doesn’t negate the yearly background check.

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Do You Qualify to Be a Lyft Driver?

Hopefully, this article helped you understand not only how long the process of becoming a Lyft driver may take but also how to pass it easily. Knowing the process inside out, as well as learning about disqualifying factors, can help you save time and effort – and we hope we helped with that. We wish you all the luck with passing your screening and becoming a part of Lyft’s ranks!