How To Cancel Uber Pass

Uber Ride Pass is an excellent way to save on costs for some rides around most US cities. Subscribers who are frequent Uber users pay around $24.99 a month renewable fee. Fortunately, the service is cancellable, but how can you go about it to avoid regular charges off your account?

How to cancel Uber Pass? The easiest way to cancel an Uber Pass is through the Uber app. You first navigate to the menu symbol on the top left, find the Uber Pass icon and click on it. Finally, scroll down the options to the auto-renew button, click on it, and you will have canceled your subscription.

Uber Pass

Canceling your Uber Pass subscription is a straightforward process. However, if you are not familiar with the process, this guide will give you the steps to take, the best and fastest way to do it, and whether you can get a refund after cancellation.

How To Cancel an Uber Pass?

Although Ride Pass is an effective way to save money in selected cities, you may still opt for an alternative. As a result, you’re thinking about uber pass cancel order, right? You might have accidentally subscribed and want to reverse it. The best part about it is that it makes it pretty simple for holders to cancel their subscriptions. 

How to Cancel Uber Subscription Easily?

To cancel your Uber Pass, you first go to the Uber app and click on the menu symbol at the top left corner. Next, navigate to the Uber Pass icon and tap on it. Lastly, you will find an auto-renew option when you scroll down under the Uber Pass, and you can cancel your subscription by turning it off.

Will You Have to Fulfill a Formal Cancellation Form?

Uber has made the process very straightforward for its users as long as you have the Uber app. Therefore, you don’t have to use the website or make a formal request to cancel it. You only have to navigate the menus on the app, and it will reflect in their systems to stop the regular subscription. 

It is advisable to cancel your Uber Pass at least 24 hours before the usual payment schedule to avoid paying for the following month’s dues. By doing that, you will prevent the company from  billing you even though you don’t need the service anymore. If you are late to cancer the subscription, the charge will take effect, and you may request an Uber pass refund. 

When Is Best to Cancel Uber Ride?

Alternatively, you can also opt for sure ways to cancel the service through applications like DoNotPay. Such options are convenient in canceling subscriptions from other services, and most find them faster than the in-app prompts. It may also come in handy if your Uber Pass doesn’t seem to accept your cancellation.

Using the DoNotPay web page, you can log in and locate Hidden Money. Next, enter your code for Uber Pass, and the system will start the cancellation process. If successful, you will see the notification that the de-registration is complete. However, it would help if you made a timely application to avoid inconveniences.

Alternatively, if all the processes fail to work and Uber keeps billing you, contacting your bank may be the last resort. It can stop payments if you make a complaint, and some users find it a convenient method to stop subscriptions. 

How To Get a Refund for an Uber Pass

If you had accidentally subscribed to Uber Pass or didn’t cancel it on time to prevent a subsequent payment, you may want to reverse the charges and ask for a refund. Here’s how to go about it.  

You can only request a refund through your Uber app. Go to the menu on the top left corner, for which you will see a dropdown. Afterward, toggle to the help icon, tap on it, then find the Uber Pass option under account and payment. Lastly, you can click on the subscription canceling and type your concern and submit.

Once you tap on share details, it is imperative to give the system, or social media support clear information. You can say that you subscribed mistakenly or had a late cancellation, but the company already billed you. Unless you have a sudden need to go to the airport, state that you don’t need it and you want the payment to be reversed. 

It is also advisable to make your cancellation and refund requests if you are in the same city that you had subscribed for Uber Pass. Many users complain that the process sometimes takes longer if you shift to a different location. Either way, you may have to wait or make a follow-up request if it takes too long when you make your submission.  

Note that before you ask for an Uber Pass refund, you should first complete the subscription cancellation process. It would be best if you turned your auto-renew off first before making your plea. Doing this will help your case and back up your claims of not continuing with subsequent payments.

How to Do It Through a Website?

If you, on the other hand, want to cancel Uber ride pass through the website, don’t worry! It’s as easy as you would do it with an app. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Open the browser you prefer and type Uber’s website,
  • Select the “Sign in” option and enter your email and phone number,
  • Go on the “For riders” option,
  • Open a drop-down box you’ll and select the date of your ride,
  • Choose the “I would like a refund” option on the right side,
  • Select the best option that describes your situation,
  • Place all the needed info and press “Submit.”

How to Cancel Uber Subscription – Do It Effortlessly

Consider signing up for an Uber One membership if you frequently use Uber for rides and qualified deliveries (formerly named Uber Eats Pass). Yet, before making any commitment, it’s wise to learn about their refund and cancellation policies. It will allow you to effortlessly use the app without any worry when it comes to canceling your subscription (if needed).