How Many Passengers in Uber XL?

You’re likely already aware that Uber allows customers to customize the kind of vehicle that’s going to pick them up, choosing from various sizes such as UberX, UberVan, XL, Black, Pool and Classic. Each one has different passenger limits, and we’re going to take a look at how many passengers are allowed on an Uber XL.

Uber XL can fit up to a maximum of six passengers, making it the company’s most spacious offering available. Keep in mind that even if drivers have additional space, they are not allowed to surpass this limit.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through how to select the size and style of car you want to drive you as well as explain some of the recent changes. 

How Many Passengers Uber XL?

The answer to the question of how many passengers Uber XL can take has changed recently. Uber used to allow vehicles to be at maximum capacity, filling every seat of an Uber XL SUV. However, Covid restrictions are still in place, and there’s really no telling when they’ll be lifted. For the time being, an Uber XL is only allowed to take 5 people. 

You’ll pay more the larger the vehicle is, being it an Uber XL or Ubervan.

That’s the case with all SUVs, with sedans being limited to only 3 passengers. 

Other Changes 

The number of passengers allowed wasn’t the only policy changed after Covid. To ensure the health of both drivers and passengers, here are the other policies they’ve enacted. 

  • Both drivers and passengers are required to be masked while in the vehicle. 
  • Uber Pool, the carpool service, has been temporarily unavailable. 
  • Customers are not allowed to sit in the front seat anymore. 
  • 3 passengers per sedan, 5 per SUV.
  • Drivers are asked to regularly sanitize their cars and drive with the windows cracked open. 
  • Both passengers and drivers have to agree on a safety checklist before departure. 

How To Select Your Size

Uber is more than just a taxi service. Through the app, you can do more than just order a ride, including renting a car or just choosing the specific size of vehicle. 

The first thing you do when ordering an Uber of any size is to enter your destination into the app. At this point, a list of ride choices should appear of all the various sized vehicles in your immediate area. Change the type of vehicle you want by tapping your selection. 

Once you confirm that you want an Uber Classic, Uber XL or other option, then you can be guaranteed that’s what will come to collect you. 

The only trouble you might encounter depends on where you live, as some areas might not have the vehicle you want. Major cities like Los Angeles will have more of a broad selection, but if you’re in a smaller community it might suffer from a lack of variety. 

How Much Is an Uber XL?

Obviously, the size of the vehicle is going to affect how much it’s going to cost. No matter what size car you want, however, Uber will give you your total fare when you first order your destination, so you’ll always know what you’re paying. 

Size is not the only factor that affects cost. The fare is determined by size as well as distance, market demand, time and whether or not there are other fees like airport surcharges. 

The one thing that does not affect the cost is the number of passengers. If you are riding with someone who wants to split the fee, then there’s a .25 cent charge for every split. 

But the factor that likely affects how much you’ll pay the most is what kind of car you’re in. Here’s a list of usual prices. 

Pool (temporarily unavailable): $9 – $11

X: $9 – $12

Comfort: $12 – $16

XL: $15 – $20

Select: $24 – $30

Black: $30 – $40

Black SUV: $42 – $52

The Uber XL typically seats up to six passengers, currently five, and it’s the cheapest way to move a large number of people. Though UberPool is the cheapest option, it’s not currently in service. 

When it eventually returns, however, it’s a great benefit, particularly for those who are trying to get around quickly and inexpensively. UberPool pairs you with another passenger so you can split the cost. 

Uber XL, on the other hand, can be an especially cheap way to travel if your passengers are also willing to split the bill, which can even be done using Cash App or Paypal..  Sometimes, though, it’s not about saving money. For the nights when you’re out on the town celebrating, a Black SUV might be in order.  Their most expensive option is also their most lavish. 

You can always trust the Uber driver, thanks to a careful background check performed during hiring.

Covid restrictions won’t be in place forever, but fortunately Uber hasn’t had to make too many major changes to its operations. Whatever car you select, it’ll get you where you need to go.