How to Uber with a Bike

There is no clear-cut rule that Uber allows clients to bring bikes with them on their rides. This option was around in the past, but it no longer exists. Therefore, these days, whether you can take your bike with you is up to each driver’s discretion. Learn more about how to Uber with a bike below.

If you are looking to Uber with a bike, communicating with your driver is the key. Calling or messaging your Uber driver before they arrive is your best bet. This contact allows you to ask permission and shows you are being considerate.

After requesting a ride, tap on the driver’s information. Select “Contact” and then “Chat.” You can send a message with your request.

Communication is critical in all parts of life, including when asking favors of your Uber driver. Being nice goes a long way. It is simple; you need to ask for authorization. Nonetheless, there are some tips to follow to get a YES answer from the driver. 

How to Uber with a Bike

Even though there is no set Uber rule per se, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of traveling with your bike. Depending on the size of your bike and the car you are requesting, you may need to make adjustments, so your bike fits. The more adaptable you are, the better the chance of success.

If you are an avid biker or someone who commutes to work on the bike, you may consider buying a folding bike. Not only are these bikes portable and convenient, but they are also easy to assemble and use. This type of bike is super easy to transport in an Uber. There are also high-quality options for folding bikes like Dahon, Montague, and Brompton.

Top tips to Consider When Requesting Permission for Your Bike

  1. Be upfront with your driver. Contact your driver to ask permission after requesting your Uber on the app. The driver may not want a filthy bike or a perspiring person in their car. They have the option of picking you up or not. The driver has the right to cancel the fare upon arrival, so clear communication beforehand ensures that you are not wasting anyone’s time.
  2. Clean off your bike if it is dirty. Wipe off the mud from its frame and tires. Uber drivers pride themselves on maintaining high standards for both the exterior and interior of their cars. Using a bike cover is yet another option. 
  3. Be friendly and kind to the driver when asking about your situation. Explain what is going on and why you can’t return to where you are going on your bike. You may get some sympathy from the driver. They may feel bad for you and want to help turn your day around.
  4. Take steps to make it easier to fit your bike into a car. Removing a wheel is an option; the front one is usually the best one to remove. Figure out if you need a wrench or a tire lever for this. Remove any racks or baskets if they get in the way.

Types of Uber Vehicles

If you request an UberXL, most likely, your bike will fit in without the need to dismantle it. These cars have ample room; however, they do cost 30 to 40% more than UberX. An UberXL fits up to six people. On the other hand, UberX uses sedans; you may need to take off your wheels to get a bike to fit into one of these cars.

Popular UberXL Vehicles

  • Kia Sorento
  • Dodge Grand Caravan
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Dodge Durango
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Popular UberX sedans

Popular UberX sedans

  • Ford Fusion
  • Mazda3
  • Chevy Impala
  • Honda Accord

Uber Pedal: A thing of the past

Back in 2015, Uber Pedal began; it was an Uber service offering a bike rack option. But these days, this particular service is no longer available. The service was tested in Seattle and Portland but was then canceled.

What Are Some Reasons People Uber with a Bike?

When you are out on a bike ride, some situations can throw a wrench in your plans. Being flexible is a critical skill to learn. Sometimes we have to adapt to the situation around us.

Here are the top reasons people may need to Uber with a bike.

  • a fall/injury
  • too much to drink (being drunk)
  • a downpour
  • too tired to finish
  • a drastic change in weather
  • a flat tire
  • snapped chain
  • switching gears
  • broken pedal

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