The Best Music To Listen To While Driving For Uber

If you’re the type of person who enjoys driving around in their car and listening to music, then Uber gives you the perfect opportunity to do what you love while making money! The only problem is that, sometimes, you’ll be so busy driving and conversing with your passengers that you won’t have enough time to create a playlist. So what is some of the best music to listen to while driving for Uber? 

The best music to listen to while driving for Uber is something that pumps you up and motivates you. For some, it’s EDM (electronic dance music) or pop music. For others, it may be the steady rhythm of hip hop or afrobeats. And, of course, there’s always good old-fashioned rock and roll.

Uber & Spotify

In today’s post, I’m going to discuss some of the best playlists, genres, and styles of music that Uber and rideshare drivers are listening to in 2021. As a former Uber driver, I’ve figured out a system that works for me. Music is subjective, however, so ultimately, you’ll need to find what makes you the happiest. This post is merely my opinion and strategies for picking a great playlist for your next drive! 

The Best Music To Listen To While Driving For Uber

Admittedly, when I was driving for Uber, I didn’t always listen to music. Sometimes, I would just be tired, or I would have a lot on my mind. Other times, I needed to make some personal phone calls (through my Bluetooth headset) and didn’t want to be interrupted by music. 

However, I will say that the days that I had a great playlist playing in the background were always the best days. I used to work a lot of Sunday morning shifts, and I specifically remember how awesome my “Sunday Jams” playlist was. 

Once you get into your groove and find/create that perfect playlist, time flies by. Before you know it, you’ll be almost finished with your shift, have a smile on your face, and (hopefully) be a few hundred bucks richer. 

Below, you’ll find a few tips from a salty old dog (yours truly) on how to pick the best music and create a playlist that keeps you moving and your passengers happy! 

Top Genres To Keep You Upbeat And Focused

Music has two key components- rhythm and melody. The rhythm typically consists of the drums or strong base notes that keep the song “moving,” while the melody is usually created by the vocals, instruments, synths and keeps the song “flowing.” 

I’m not a music theorist by any means, so please pardon my lack of technical terms. When it comes to driving, I particularly enjoy music that has a strong rhythm. Something about a great drum or bass guitar line just makes me incredibly energetic, and if I’m trying to get focused and in the mood, I would almost always start my day off with some old-school hip hop. 

Personally, I enjoy all genres of music. So, as the day went on, I would find myself switching from one genre to another to match my mood (or to play something a passenger wanted to listen to). As I said before, though, your taste is your own, so you may or may not feel the same way about a certain genre of music. 

Anyway, regardless of what you like- here are some of my top genres that I would listen to on my long Las Vegas Uber driving shifts

Hip Hop

As I mentioned, I almost always start my day off with hip hop. I’ve always been a fan of old-school Biggie, Snoop Dogg, and other West Coast artists. I also grew to really enjoy New York’s high-energy lyricists like Joey Bada$$ and Nas. When I was tired coming into work in the morning, hip hop would wake me up like a shot of espresso. 


For night drives, I always kept a few good EDM and trance music sets in my mix. The bass kicks’ steady rhythm combined with the soaring vocal cuts and futuristic synth melodies would make my little Toyota feel like a spaceship as I was cruising by the opulent casinos of the Las Vegas strip. 

Classic Rock ‘n Roll

Although it’s not my go-to, I would also conveniently throw in a few classic rock ‘n roll records onto my mix- especially in the hot summers. There’s something about listening to AC/DC on a hot summer day that brings me back to my childhood when my parents would blast their favorites on our long family road trips. 


One of my passengers actually turned me onto reggae, and specifically dub reggae (which is a bit more bass-heavy than traditional acoustic reggae). If you’re stressed out in the middle of a traffic jam and need to relax, some chill reggae will definitely take the edge off of the stress!

Spanish and Portuguese Reggaeton

A past girlfriend of mine would always wake up and start her day with booming Spanish reggaeton. The neighbors hated it, but I grew to love it. Whenever I’m feeling a bit “stuck” and I want a nice tropical vibe to remind me of my upcoming vacation, reggaeton puts me in that party move and gets me dancing in my seat. 

Podcasts or Audiobooks

Although it’s technically not “music,” listening to podcasts and audiobooks during my drives has been incredibly helpful. I’ve always loved reading, but I rarely have enough time to actually do it. So, whenever I’m looking to gain some knowledge, I’ll download an audiobook on business or personal development. I’ll also listen to podcasts to hear different peoples’ opinions and keep up with current events.

Pro-Tip: Create Playlists For Different Passengers

While it’s important to craft a playlist that you enjoy listening to, it’s also a good idea to make a few different playlists for your passengers. After all, the happier that they are, the better tip you’ll usually get. In fact, on days that I played great music for my passengers, my tips were about 15% higher! 

Obviously, you want to be careful not to stereotype individuals. For example, I wouldn’t pick up a college-age girl and automatically assume she likes Taylor Swift. However, I do try to gauge my passengers’ moods and put on a playlist that matches it.

For instance, if my passengers are in an upbeat partying mood, I’ll almost always default to EDM or pop. If they seem like they’ve had a long day and are just trying to relax, then jazz or reggae usually does the trick. On the other hand, if they just landed at the Vegas airport, I’ll usually start off with a bit of classic rock ‘n roll to set the mood!

Ultimately, you’ll need to figure out your own strategy depending on your own tastes, the type of passengers you typically work with, your city, and the time of day you’re driving at. Hopefully, though, I’ve been able to give you a few pointers, so you have a good place to start! 

Until next time, happy driving!