Does Uber Have Lost and Found? | Uber Lost and Found (Complete Guide)

Uber is undeniably one of the greatest innovations of the 21st Century. It has transformed how people commute, making it cheaper, easier, and safer than it’s ever been. Some things don’t change, though, and it’s just as common for riders to leave items behind in their ride accidentally.

If you’ve recently dropped or lost something in your last Uber ride, then you’re probably wondering, “Does Uber have a lost and found service?

Yes, Uber has lost and found. Since this problem is such a common occurrence, Uber has made it incredibly easy for riders to retrieve their lost items. All you need to do is get in touch with the driver who you rode with, set up a meeting time, and pay a small $15 fee to compensate the driver for their time spent returning the item to you. 

Admittedly, I’ve had to use this service a number of times myself. After having several of my friends and readers ask me about how Uber’s lost and found service works, I figured that it was a good idea for me to write a conclusive guide to how Uber’s lost and found service works and how to retrieve your lost items. Let’s dive in! 

Uber Lost and Found: The Complete Guide

We’ve all been there before. After a night of partying (or while you’re rushing home from the airport), you arrive home after being dropped off. You reach into your pocket for your house keys, but the familiar jingle you expect is nowhere to be heard. Frantically, you turn your pockets inside-out, unzip all of the pockets in your bags, and realize that you don’t have them. 

Losing items can be incredibly stressful, especially if it’s something valuable like a phone, keys, wallet, or purse. In the old days, getting lost items from a traditional taxi cab was near impossible unless you remembered the exact number of the taxi. Many times, you would have to visit the taxi dispatch center and search through thousands of other lost items to find yours. 

Thankfully, Uber has made retrieving your lost items incredibly easy! As long as you’re able to contact the driver shortly after being dropped off, then you should be able to meet your driver and collect your belongings without any problems. Here’s how to get your lost items back from Uber. 

How To Retrieve Your Lost Items From An Uber Driver

Uber has a straightforward way for riders to get their lost belongings back by using the Uber app on your phone. Typically, the driver will respond immediately, and you’ll be able to set up a meeting point. Here’s how to go through the process step-by-step. 

Step 1: View Your Previous Trips and Figure Out The Most Plausible One

Open your Uber app and tap on your face/name to open up the drop-down menu list. At the top of the list, you’ll see an option titled ‘Your Trips.” Click this, and you’ll be able to see all of your most recent Uber rides organized by date. You’ll be able to view the car you rode in, the driver who operated the vehicle, where you went, and how much you paid. 

Sometimes, it may be hard to remember exactly where you may have lost your items (especially if you Uber for work as much as I do). However, try your best to narrow it down to one or two rides. This way, you’ll be able to contact the other driver even if your first lead doesn’t pan out. 

Step 2: Navigate To The “Help” Section

Now, select the ride where you think you may have lost your items. Then, scroll down towards the bottom of the screen. You’ll see two tabs- ‘Help’ and ‘Receipt.’ Under ‘Help,’ the first option you’ll see is ‘I lost an item.’ Click this option to move on to the next step. 

Step 3: Contact Driver About Lost Item

Under the ‘I lost an item’ tab, you’ll be able to see several different options. You can even return a lost item that you mistakenly picked up or found in your ride. However, for your purposes, click the first option that says ‘Contact driver about a lost item.’ 

Next, you’ll be prompted to enter a phone number that you can be reached on. Uber will then put you directly in touch with that driver over a phone call. If they’re unable to answer, make sure to leave a detailed voicemail with your name, phone number, and the lost item. Whether you’re talking to them or leaving a message, make sure to imply the urgency of your situation. This ensures they’ll take you seriously. 

Step 4: Meet Up With The Driver And Retrieve Your Item

Once you get in contact with the driver, you’ll be able to arrange a place to meet up with them. I always suggest somewhere that’s easy to reach and public, like a fast-food restaurant or gas station. Remember, you’re asking the driver to take time away from their workday, so try to be as accommodating and polite as possible to them. 

F.A.Q.s About Uber Lost and Found 

Here are some other common questions about the process I’ve been asked and my answers to them. 

Is Uber Liable For My Lost Items? 

No, Uber is not liable for your items. If the driver is unable to find the item, then the fault lies with you. 

Does Uber Charge A Fee For Returning Lost Items?

Yes, Uber charges a small $15 fee which is paid to the driver for using their car and time to meet up with you. 

My Phone Was Lost. How Do I Contact My Driver? 

If your phone happens to be the lost item, then you can log into your Uber account from another person’s phone or log into your online account through your computer. 

Should I Tip The Driver For Returning My Item? 

The few times that I’ve had to meet up with a driver after losing something valuable, I always throw them an extra $20 on top of the $15 fee. Remember, they’re going out of their way to do a favor for you (the forgetful one). It’s always good karma to show your gratitude and thankfulness for anybody doing you a favor.