Can You Drive For Uber With A Misdemeanor?

Wondering if you can work with Uber with a not so clean record? You’ve found the right post! Find the answer below.

So, can you drive for Uber with a misdemeanor? You can drive for Uber with a misdemeanor unless you have a record that is classified as serious under the federal law. Since 2016, Uber has made provisions for non-violent convicted felons to drive for them.

Can You Drive For Uber With A Misdemeanor?

However, since Uber is not exempt from the local laws and regulations, the laws in your state will influence your background check results. Read on to find out more.

Driving For Uber With A Misdemeanor

Before you can drive for Uber, a mandatory background check is necessary. This is an important safety measure for the company. 

A background check involves combing the individual records for criminal convictions, major and minor violations, and motor vehicle records. The extensive background check scours the local, state, and national databases over the last seven years.

Uber relies on Chekr, a third-party platform for the process. Typically, you should get the results within a week or ten days at the most.

However, certain factors can result in a delay. If you have lived in multiple states, the background check can take longer to complete. In addition, a high number of applicants at Uber can also cause a further delay. 

Uber’s background check is free and does not include credit score and physical check. 

Which Offenses Are Classified As A Misdemeanor?

The federal definition of misdemeanor in the US varies according to jurisdictions. Besides, the punishments also vary according to the states. But generally, misdemeanors are classified according to classes such as Classes A and B.

Furthermore, there is also a category of an unclassified misdemeanor. For a full list of the federal definition of a misdemeanor, visit this link

To be able to qualify as a Uber driver, your offenses should classify as a misdemeanor. However, Uber also has a provision where if you can get your non-violent felonies reclassified as a misdemeanor, you can also drive with the company. 

However, the above provision is only for Uber. It does not apply to  Uber Premium Service. For this premium ride service, Uber has zero-tolerance for any type of criminal record. 

How Do I Change My Felony Record To A Misdemeanor?

Changing your criminal record to a misdemeanor is possible through Proposition 47

This was launched on November 4, 2014 in California. Under this proposition, these crimes are reclassified as a misdemeanor:

  • Theft*
  • Writing a bad check* 
  • Receipt and possession of stolen property*
  • Forgery*
  • Shoplifting*
  • Simple drug possession

*All crimes under $950

Altering your felony record was only possible by going to court, some years ago. This involved a lengthy process, not to mention the financial expenses. 

To change your criminal record and start driving with Uber, click this link. However, this is applicable only in the state of California. 

What If I Live Outside The Jurisdiction Of California?

Applicants outside California state also have a chance at becoming Uber drivers. The company works in partnership with Defy Ventures, which is a non-profit organization. The organization provides job training for felons who cannot change their criminal record under Provision 47. 

Nevertheless, Uber will still perform the essential background check. In addition, if you have a record for violent crimes and DUIs related to intoxication, Uber might reject your application. 

How Do I Know The Status Of My Uber Driver Application?

Once you sign up to drive with Uber, you need to keep track of your application status on the company’s website. 

This is important since Uber does not communicate with applicants through messages or email, unlike other companies. As Checkr continues to conduct the background check, your status will be either of the four:

  1. Onboarding – This is the initial status of your application with Uber. It usually means that Uber is still reviewing your documents, and a background check is in process. The Onboarding status typically lasts for a week until it is upgraded to the next one. If this status on your driver’s profile does not change after a week, you will need to contact Uber to ensure that your papers are moving forward. 
  • Waitlisted – This status shows up due to a couple of reasons. The most common one being incomplete documentation or you uploaded wrong information. In any case, Uber still needs to run your documents through the entire system, i.e., local, state, and national databases. In this case, too, you need to contact the company for further information. 
  • Consider – If this status shows up against your driver’s profile, it means that your background check is complete from Checkr’s end. In addition, Uber has received positive results from the background check. It should not take more than a week until Uber accepts your application and activates your driver’s profile. 

However, if the company does not activate your status after more than a week, your application may be canceled. So monitor your Consider status and get in touch with Uber as soon as it crosses the one-week mark. 

  • Active – If Uber activates your application, then you will see this status. This means that you are an active driver with Uber and can start driving. 

Monitoring your status on Uber’s website is important to stay up to date. In addition, if you are applying under a referral program, keeping track of your status can also help you increase your potential of earning a bonus. 

How Can I Avoid Getting Rejected By Uber For A Misdemeanor?

If there is something in your records that may affect your Uber driver application, here are some things you can do.

  • Consider applying to change your non-violent crimes to a misdemeanor. Click here to get started. 
  • If you have a non-violent conviction within the last three years, it is best to wait it out before applying to drive with Uber. 
  • Get a copy of your motor vehicle record and comb for minor traffic violations. If there is one within a few months or so, enrolling in a traffic safety class can help you remove the conviction from your record. 

Final Thoughts

Uber has been clear about giving opportunities to everyone, including convicted felons. Therefore, unless you have a record that is classified as serious under the federal law, you can drive for Uber with a misdemeanor. 

However, before you apply to drive with this popular ride sharing company, it is good to check your local laws and regulations.