Should I Uber To The Airport?

With the airports back open for safe traveling, they’re almost as busy as they were prior to the pandemic. Perhaps you’ve got the weekend off, and you’re trying to fly out and see your family and friends, or maybe you have an urgent business trip and need to go make your next million-dollar deal.

Whatever the case, you’ll need a reliable way to make sure that you get to the airport on time, so you don’t miss your flight.

That being said, should you Uber to the airport? Yes, you should definitely Uber to the airpot. Uber is, by far, the easiest, cheapest, and most efficient way to ensure that you get to the airport on time and don’t miss your flight. Uber is cheaper than traditional transportation, and their app even allows you to schedule your ride the day before, so you don’t forget.

I’m what most people would consider an “airplane veteran.” I take at least 5 or 6 planes a month for various business trips or to catch up with friends and family. I’m even a member of Delta’s Sky Club (if that says anything about how often I fly). Whenever I need to go to the airport, I almost always use Uber. In today’s post, I’m going to outline the reasons why I always trust Uber to get me there on time. 

Why You Should Consider Taking Uber To The Airport

Still not convinced? Admittedly, if you have a spouse or a roommate to give you a free ride to the airport, then it’s not a bad idea to take them up on their offer. However, after having friends, lovers, and family alike ditch me at the last minute, I’m very untrusting of these offers. By contrast, I’ve almost never had an Uber driver cancel on me. 

I know that I can count on Uber to get me to the airport on time, every time. Seeing as I’m stingy and don’t like paying the extra money for the flight insurance, this is very important. If I miss my flight, there’s no refund, just lost money and frustration.

I don’t just use Uber for riding to the airport either. I also use Uber when I touch down as well. Unless I’m renting a car at the airport (which I do from time to time), I’ll usually catch an Uber to my hotel or Air BnB. That being said, here are the top reasons I choose Uber every time. 

Uber Is Cheaper (and Cleaner) Than A Taxi Cab

It only took one time taking an old-school Yellow Cab for me to never do it again. As soon as the rickety Crown Victoria pulled up (15 minutes late, by the way), the driver tossed open the door to reveal a dirty, dingy interior that smelled like somebody had thrown up in it the night before. I was already late, so I had no other options. 

You’d think I’d get some type of discount or something, but you already know the answer to that. I paid a whopping $30 for a 15-minute ride from my house to the airport, not including a tip. My usual Uber rides cost me around $20, including a $5 tip

You Won’t Have To Pay To Store Your Car At The Airport

Before Uber became popular in my city, I would often drive my own car to the airport and leave it in their parking lot storage. For the most part, this was convenient as I didn’t have to call any favors to get a ride back home when I came back. 

However, there are two main drawbacks to this: 

  • Airport parking lots are expensive (which is bad if you’re going on a long trip). 
  • Many airport parking lots aren’t safe. 

By taking an Uber, I don’t have to worry about paying $20/day to store my car in an outdoor lot where it gets rained on, hailed on, and snowed on by taking an Uber. Additionally, I don’t have to worry about anybody hopping the fence and breaking into my windows to steal my valuables (this happened once before). 

Schedule Your Ride Ahead Of Time 

One of the really cool new features that I enjoy about Uber is that they now allow you to schedule a ride ahead of time. For somebody with a busy schedule like me, this is invaluable! In fact, Uber lets you schedule a ride up to 30 days ahead of time, so there’s absolutely no excuse for you to forget. Whether you like it or not, Uber will be at your doorstep at the preset time to ensure you get there on time. 

Divide Your Business Expenses For Tax Time

If you sign up for an Uber business account, you’ll have a few helpful perks to take advantage of. One of the best features is an expense calculator. This handy little feature keeps track of all of your Uber rides and allows you to divide and sort them between personal rides and business-related rides. 

When I used to take cabs, I would have to go back through all of my bank records and manually record all of my transportation expenses. As you can imagine, this was a huge pain. When it comes time to do your personal and business taxes at the end of the year, this can potentially give you thousands of dollars in tax deductions without you having to save receipts! 

You Can Plan Ahead For Traffic

Another nice feature I like about the Uber app is that it stays up to date with all of the latest traffic information. For instance, if I have a 9am flight and pull my app up at 6am, it will tell me how long it will take for an Uber driver to arrive at my house and an estimated arrival time at my destination. This allows me to plan my ride so that I don’t have to worry about being late due to traffic.