Can Uber Use Paypal?

It’s always big news in business and finance when two major corporations, particularly when one is involved in fintech, work together to make our lives more convenient. Paypal is one of the best-known of these companies, and today we’re going to look at whether you can pay for an Uber with Paypal.

Yes, you can use Paypal to pay for an Uber since 2013. Simply open the app and link your account to make it your default payment method.

In this blog, we’ll explain how to make Paypal your default payment option, as well as talk about some other payment methods that make Uber such a success. 

Can Uber Use Paypal?

“Can Uber use Paypal?” is one of the most commonly asked questions. Naturally, the option to use something other than a credit card to use Uber was an issue the company needed to address when it first launched. It made it too exclusive, and some countries don’t use credit cards as frequently as the West. 

The partnership has only gotten stronger over the years, with Uber and Paypal being compatible in many countries. In Australia and the U.S., it’s the primary option. It’s also available in:

  • Canada
  • Austria
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Israel
  • Hong Kong
  • Greece
  • France
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Belgium

Better still, you don’t have to log in to PayPal every time you want to use it for a ride. Once you’ve selected the size of Uber you need, be it an Uber XL, Uber Classic, Ubervan or smaller, Uber lets you pay using the Uber app. It’s just charged to your PayPal account. 

You’ll always know you have a reliable driver in an Uber, thanks to Uber’s screening process

How to Link Your PayPal account to Uber

One of the best things about Uber is how easy they’ve made it to pay for rides. As early as 2013, they allowed PayPal, and in 2018 a $500 million investment from the latter only ensured that it would be more widely available as an option around the globe. 

Oftentimes, people have multiple preferred choices to pay for their ride, that’s why Uber asks you to choose which if you have more than one. Paypal is the most popular. 

Linking your PayPal to Uber is just as simple as everything else on the app, which certainly prides itself on convenience. 

Open the application on your phone. You should see three dots on the top of the app stacked horizontally. There, you should find payment. Tap that option and select “Add Payment method”.  At this point, you should easily be able to link your PayPal account. 

To make it easier in the future, always remember to select the option that allows you to stay logged in. Remembering passwords, especially in an age where you have more than two or three, is always a bit of a hassle. 

Why is Paypal Not Working With Uber?

It’s not often, but every now and then, malfunctions happen. Finding out your preferred payment method has been declined can be frustrating enough to turn you off of the entire rideshare industry.

First, it’s important to ensure that PayPal is accepted where you are. Above is a list of places where it’s accepted, but remember that list is always expanding and growing. 

Another common cause of payment failure is that somehow, something went wrong when you were linking the two accounts. Review your information to ensure it’s correct, and also to confirm you have the necessary funds in the account.

Does Uber Eats Accept PayPal?

Currently, UberEats does not accept PayPal as a form of payment, however the added bonuses and deals often make it the go-to for many customers. There are other delivery services, however, that do accept PayPal.

What Other Forms of Payment Does Uber Accept?

If you don’t have PayPal, Uber accepts a lot of other forms of payment as well. Currently, you can pay using

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Virtual debit cards
  • Paypal
  • Uber gift cards
  • Digital wallets

After ordering a ride, just check to make sure the method you prefer is available.

Can I Link My Bank Account to Uber?

To make things even more convenient, Uber allows you to link your bank account to the application and add funds to use when necessary. All one needs to do is verify their account on the Uber application and follow the prompts as they appear. 

There are multiple payment options to use with Uber, as well as different services offered like car rental. As the company continues to grow and expand throughout the years – and likewise, as the online payment industry expands – more options will be added.