How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Uber Eats?

Who hasn’t thought of taking in a couple of extra bucks as a driver for Uber Eats in some capacity? You have to make sure your insurance is in order, but it’s certainly a sweet gig. So how long does it take for an applicant to be approved as an Uber Eats driver?

It usually takes between three and four days to get approved as a driver for Uber Eats. This is mainly due to the background check that you have to pass before you’re allowed to drive for them.

This blog will explain how to apply and get approved successfully to drive for Uber Eats, as well as some handy tips for new drivers looking to get ahead. 

How Long Does It Take To Get Approved For Uber Eats?

You may have already applied and are sitting, nervously, wondering just how long does it take to get approved for Uber Eats anyway? 

While most background checks only take up to three or four days, some drivers sit with their applications pending for weeks. This could happen for several reasons. If you don’t meet the necessary requirements, then you’ll likely not be accepted. 

There are a few things in your background, such as some criminal records, that would preclude you from working for Uber. If you have been convicted of a felony, violent crime or sexual offense, then your application will be denied. Other driver requirements that might stall your application include not having a license for more than a year. 

If, however, you feel that your application should have been successful, then it’s possible something went wrong internally, and you should apply again or contact the company for further details. 

Once you’re approved, you can start making money with your car. Some drivers have even been known to make up to $1000 a week driving for Uber Eats. 

How to Make $1000 a Week Driving for Uber Eats

Whether you’re driving for Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash or some other delivery service, it helps to have a plan. There are certain strategies one must adopt as an Uber Eats driver that will increase their salary in ways they never thought possible. First, though, you need to know what they are. 

  • Have a Business Strategy
  • Have a Delivery Strategy

Having a Business Strategy

Perhaps you think of Uber driving, like many, as a side hustle. It truly is an excellent way to make some extra money. In this day and age, though, side hustles have often turned into more full-time jobs. The pandemic certainly made people reconsider their career options. 

However you drive for Uber Eats, there is a way for you to make $1000 a week, but you will have to take the job a little more seriously. This probably seems obvious, but the responsibility of being your own boss is rarely discussed. Usually, only the positive aspects are highlighted. 

As an independent contractor for Uber Eats, you set your own hours, so set as many as you think you can handle to maximize your income. However, being on the road at all hours is not necessarily going to mean that you’ll be making money the whole time.

It’s much smarter to work during lunch and dinner hours, between 12 and 2 and 5 and 7. It’s also wise to pick up some late nights, especially if you live in a college town. 

The trick to earning money as an Uber Eats driver is understanding your market as well as you can. Knowing the area and when people usually eat is directly tied to how much you make. 

Another trick a lot of drivers have caught on to is to reduce your own operating costs. Bringing water and food from home will save on meals, and phone apps like Gridwise help you find the cheapest gas nearby. 

Having a Delivery Strategy

Taxi drivers are quizzed on their knowledge of the area they’ll be driving, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have the same general understanding of your region. Knowing your area will help you avoid traffic jams, construction and other obstacles. You’ll also be able to anticipate any rush hour or sudden emergency. 

Having a strategy is important for every delivery job, especially if you have to deal with the equipment they supply you with. Uber Eats is simpler than Postmates or Doordash. The driver just has to pick up the already-paid-for food rather than use a prepaid credit card or a red card

Your own personal schedule is something that should be taken care of before you begin, and you should be aware of anything upcoming that could prevent you from working. Probably the hardest part of being a successful Uber Eats driver is having the discipline to keep going, even on days when you really don’t feel like it. 

Be somewhat selective with the orders you accept. Often, customers that want to tip in cash are inclined to leave more for delivery drivers. You can also be paid through the app using Paypal, which customers often prefer.

Being your own boss is a great benefit, but it comes with a certain degree of self-discipline. If you have such qualities, then driving for Uber Eats might be a great position for you.