How To Get a Postmates Prepaid Card

Being a courier or delivery driver is nothing new, but it’s certainly become a more widely recognized side-hustle. After a background check, it’s a great way to make some extra cash. Here’s how you can get a Postmates prepaid card.

The moment your Postmates application is accepted, a prepaid card will be sent out to you automatically from the company’s headquarters. If it hasn’t arrived or has gotten lost in the mail, you’ll have to get in touch with customer service to see if they can send out another one.

This blog will explain the basics of using a Postmates Prepaid Credit card. 

How to Get a Postmates Prepaid Credit Card

Getting a Postmates prepaid card is a fairly easy process. One doesn’t have to worry too much about having to special order a prepaid credit card from Postmates, as it’s sent out to your address from headquarters in San Francisco the moment you apply. Once you get the card, you can activate it through your account. 

How Do Postmates Prepaid Cards Work?

A Postmates Prepaid card is not unlike a Doordash Red Card. It’s important to activate your card the moment you get it, as Postmates will not start a background check. If you don’t activate it within 14 days, your application will be rejected. 

Open your account on the fleet app on any browser or phone. If you haven’t downloaded the app, it’s important that you do so beforehand. 

Here’s a simple look at how the card works once activated. 

  • The customer makes their payment through the Postmates app.
  • The driver will then accept the order, and pay for it using the card at the restaurant or store. 
  • When you drop off the order, the money you earn goes to your account so that you can cash out to a personal debit card with the instant payment option. 

What Happens if My Card is Declined?

Every once in a while, when paying a store for an order, your prepaid credit card will be declined. At this point, it’s recommended you wait between three to five minutes for the order to complete on Postmates. 

Postmates is notified the instant an order is declined, so they’re already on top of it at the office once it’s happened. If you’re still having problems, here’s the procedure to follow. 

  • Sign out of your account on your phone. 
  • Uninstall the Postmates app.
  • Reinstall the Postmates app. 
  • Login again
  • Try to pay the order again.

If you’re still experiencing issues, Postmates may be experiencing technical issues. Check with DownDetector to see if that’s the case. Finally, you can always request assistance by contacting Fleet support on the app. 

Can I Use My Postmates Card For Gas?

One of the most common questions asked when a company gives you a prepaid card is whether or not you can use it for gas. Whether you work for Doordash or Postmates, it stands to reason that they’d allow you to write off expenses and charge them to the company. 

It’s important to remember, though, the nature of a Postmates job.  You’re not exactly an employee so much as an independent contractor, so you can’t use a company card for personal expenses. 

The Postmates card will only be accepted for orders paid for by a customer, so it would be declined at a gas station. The best way to save money on things like gas is to keep track of your mileage during business hours and report them when you file your taxes each year. 

Card Advice

As with most delivery services, your Postmates card is a necessary part of your job, but there are times when it’s been known to fail. Just like Doordash, sometimes the orders are paid in cash. Customers often prefer this as they can tip at their own discretion. 

Naturally, you’re going to rely on your Postmates card quite a bit during work hours, so you always want to be sure it’s not going to fail due to wear. After a few years of being in a wallet, cards can get old. That’s why a lot of drivers carry around a second, backup card just in case. It will never cost a cent and provides protection should a card demagnetize. 

You can only use the Postmates card when you’re prompted to pay with it. Never try using it for other purposes.

The Postmates card is a credit card, not a debit card, and as such, you should always select “credit” on the machine when paying. There’s no pin number required. 

To make the most of your work hours, always accept orders that promise the most money. Use the same strategies you would if you were trying to be a Top Dasher, it’s just good for business. 

In the event that you lose a card or it’s stolen, report the card to Postmates immediately.  There’s no real danger of it being misused, however you won’t be able to effectively do your job without it.