Can You Pay Doordash With Cash?

Food delivery has come a long way since we were young. In the 90s, you might have had one or two pizza joints in your area that had drivers, but it was always a lot pricier than just driving there yourself. Doordash and other companies have changed this, but can you pay Doordash with cash?

No, you cannot currently pay Doordash with cash, though that was an option before the pandemic. It remains to be seen whether or not this option will ever return, but you’re currently restricted to payment methods like credit cards.

Not everyone likes paying digitally or using a credit card when they have some extra cash laying around. There’s a hint of nostalgia in being able to pay for delivery with the money you found between the sofa cushions. This blog will explain how to use the Cash on Delivery option as well as why they necessarily had to temporarily disallow it. 

Can You Pay Doordash With Cash?

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the answer to the question: can you pay doordash with cash. For safety reasons, Doordash has removed the Cash on Delivery app, though there’s no question they intend to bring it back in the near future. Customers prefer to tip with cash

To prepare for that day, it’s important to understand how the option works, as there are some restrictions.  For one, it’s up to the driver to decide if they will accept cash or not. You can request to pay with cash when making your order, but the driver always has the option to decline. Refusing cash on delivery does not harm a Dasher’s acceptance rate. 

It’s not much of a surprise that most drivers don’t really appreciate being paid in cash. There’s no guarantee the customer will have all the cash they need, and the last thing a Dasher wants to have to do is fight with a customer. It may hurt their chances of becoming a Top Dasher

Doordash also offers gift cards, which can be used as a workaround. If you have cash, purchase one from a drug store and keep it around for when you want to make your next order. 

What If The Driver Doesn’t Have Change?

Dashers are told that they shouldn’t accept cash deliveries if they can’t ensure they have enough to make the change, however mistakes are possible on both sides. 

Unfortunately, this is a problem without much of a solution. Without correct change, the Dasher would be forced to return to the restaurant unable to complete the order. When this happens a number of times, the Dasher gets a suspension. 

Is There Further Information Regarding Covid?

As previously mentioned, Doordash has had to cease all cash deliveries and has made everything no-contact in order to ensure the safety of both drivers and customers. Dashers are also required to be masked when making deliveries and are encouraged to sanitize their vehicle often. 

Currently, there’s no word on whether or not Doordash will return to allowing cash deliveries, but there’s no reason to expect they wouldn’t want to. While it may be a hassle for some drivers, customers always seemed enthusiastic about the convenience. 

Paying through a credit or debit card, or a peer-to-peer service like Paypal or Cash App, may be the norm these days in the West, but some other parts of the world still use physical money more frequently. 

What If The Customer Says They’ve Paid Online?

This can be incredibly awkward. No one wants to think the worst of a customer, but some people are prone to lying. If a customer claims they’ve already made their payment, and the driver knows this to be untrue, kindly inform them that they’ve made a mistake and return the food to the restaurant. 

What If I Change My Mind and Want to Use Another Payment Form?

Currently, you can’t change your mind, you simply can’t pay with cash. However, back when it was an option, there was a way to change your payment method during delivery, and it will likely be reinstalled when the time is right as well. 

Can I Tip A Driver In Cash?

Doordash includes a tipping system built-in to the app. Some prefer to tip after, however, so they can judge better how much to give. Since drivers currently leave your order at your door with the no-contact system, it’s better to use the app to tip. 

Covid has changed a lot about how we interact with one another, business and otherwise, but it’s not likely to be a permanent change. Hopefully, someday soon, Doordash will be able to reinstall its Cash on Delivery option.