Can Uber Rent Me a Car?

Renting a car is one of the most trying things one can do, particularly when you’re trying during travel. It’s why people respond so well to that scene in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, when Steve Martin berates a rental agent. Uber has simplified the ride-sharing process, but we’re going to see whether Uber can rent you a car.

Yes, Uber allows you to rent a car directly through their app. This new program is known as Uber Rent and offers cars from rental companies such as Avis and Hertz. 

This blog will walk you through the fairly easy process of renting a car from Uber Rent, as well as why it may be the better option. 

Can Uber Rent Me a Car?

It’s important to understand, when asking can Uber rent me a car, that Uber is not and never will be a car rental service, it’s a rideshare service. So you can’t rent a car from Uber directly. Rather, Uber Rent allows you to book cars through major rental companies. We already mentioned Hertz and Avis, but you can also select one from Budget.

Uber Rent will even deliver the car to your door in some major cities like Washington D.C. 

How To Rent a Car With Uber

Renting a car with the Uber app is about as simple as requesting a ride. Simply open the app and tap “Rent” at the centre of the main page. Once at the booking screen, you can select pick up locations and times. 

The next page will prompt you to select your car. Each car will have a listing, detailing exactly how many passengers it can take. You can also add other options and features such as ski racks and booster seats. 

Once you have optimized your choices, confirm and tap reserve. You can pay in a number of ways, including Paypal and Cash App.

Is Renting a Car With Uber Rent Cheaper?

Though it is a more convenient option than dealing directly with the car rental company, unfortunately prices are fairly consistent. Cost comparisons ran by The Points Guy suggest that renting the same car at the same time of year in New York from one rental agency is on par with Uber Rent. 

However, upon launching, Uber offered some cash bonuses and rewards that proved beneficial, and they are likely to continue as the service expands. 

Why Would I Want To Rent A Car With Uber?

Of course one could easily just walk to a rent-a-car stand at an airport or call ahead to book one the old-fashioned way. It’s still a perfectly acceptable way of handling your affairs. However, there are some added benefits to using Uber that you may not have realized. 

In recent years, Uber has surpassed traditional taxi services in terms of popularity. Their ability to use cash apps, offer your choice of size of vehicle and deliver food to customers has made the rideshare industry one of the fastest-growing in the world. The delivery service, in particular, is known for being dependable, with drivers having to pass a background check.

It’s Easier

Think back on the times you’ve rented a car in the traditional way. It’s almost a notoriously difficult and irritating experience. For one thing, car rental websites are exactly known for their functionality. It’s an issue the industry has noticed itself and is making efforts to fix, but it’s frankly not there yet. 

With Uber Rent, it’s as easy as requesting a ride. By ordering a car from Uber, you’re essentially asking a third party to absorb all the hassles you’d normally be stuck handling. Selecting your car and requesting a pick-up and drop-off location can be completed in just a few taps of your fingers. 

Uber Cash Rewards

Up until September of this year, Uber offered ten per cent back on all car rentals in Uber cash that could later be redeemed for rides and deliveries. Uber also offers a ten dollar credit to help get you started. Though the ten per cent is no longer offered, it’s a sign that they’ll continue to include excellent deals and bonuses to entice customers. 

Uber Valet To Come To More Cities

Around the same time Uber launched Rent, they launched Valet as well, a service that picks up and drops off your rental car at your home, hotel or airport. Currently, it’s only offered in Washington D.C., however the company plans to expand the service nationwide and, eventually, around the globe. 

You can still use a traditional car rental service, however you may be missing out on some of the rewards and benefits Uber often offers with it’s services. Moreover, you avoid the displeasure of having to deal with poorly run websites. It may still be a young service, but it’s already started to show promise.