Is Uber Monthly Pass Worth It? | Your Guide To Uber’s Monthly Subscription

If you frequently use Uber for transportation or to get food delivered to you, then you’ll love Uber’s new monthly subscription pass! Available in most major cities, Uber Pass gives riders discounted prices on rides and food delivery, rewarding frequent users for their loyalty.

Lately, I’ve been asked, “Is Uber Pass really worth it, though?” 

Yes, Uber Pass is definitely worth it if you use Uber daily. You’ll be able to save a considerable sum on both rides and deliveries. Furthermore, the small amounts you save every day all add up at the end of the month. This means that your monthly subscription fee not only pays for itself but can save you even more

I signed up for Uber Pass myself last year during the pandemic to take advantage of the discounted food delivery rates. Now that everything has opened back up again, I’ve found myself using it for my normal Uber rides as well! So, given that I have more than enough knowledge on the topic, I figured that I’d put together a conclusive guide for all my readers who are on the fence. Let’s take a look! 

Uber Pass: How It Works

One thing that has really set Uber apart from its competitors is that they’re committed to constantly advancing and improving the service. For example, when customers demanded a loyalty program, Uber listened and began testing out a new “monthly pass” service in select cities. After successful beta testing, they launched a full-fledged version of the service in over 200 major cities across the country in 2018. 

So how exactly does it work? How much does Uber Pass cost? In this section, we’re going to answer all of the most commonly asked questions regarding Uber Pass and give you a step-by-step instructional on how to sign up for it. 

How Much Is Uber Pass Per Month? 

Uber Pass will set your wallet back $25 per month. While this may sound like a lot compared to other monthly services like Netflix or Tidal, it’s really not that bad once you do all of the math and see exactly how much you’ll pay. 

Now, if you’re somebody who only uses Uber on occasion, then maybe it might be a bit of a waste of money. However, if you find yourself using Uber (for rides or food) at least 4 or 5 times a week, then the chances are that your Uber Pass will almost definitely pay for itself. 

In fact, I’ve had some months where my benefits total out to me saving a combined $70 across delivery fees, discounted rides, and more! That means that not only did the app pay for itself, but I also saved an addition $45. 

Where Is Uber Pass Available? 

Uber Pass is available in most large cities. Every year, Uber has expanded the number of cities and states where it accepts new members for the monthly pass. As it stands, the service is offered in areas where there is high volume, a large amount of participating restaurants/franchises, and considerable demand for Uber Eats delivery drivers. 

What’s The Difference Between Uber Pass and Uber Eats Pass? 

Uber has two monthly pass programs that users can sign up for:

  • Uber Pass (Total Uber Pass): $25/month.
  • Uber Eats Pass (For Uber Eats Only): $15/month. 

I recommend paying the extra $10 and getting the total Uber Pass. However, if you’re the type of person who only uses Uber for food delivery, then the Uber Eats Pass may be a better deal for you. 

Currently, a membership gets you free deliveries (no Uber fee) on all orders over $15. As Uber typically charges 15% for their delivery fees, your membership will practically pay for itself if you order using Uber Eats more than 5 times a month. Additionally, you’ll get great deals on food from participating restaurants, so it’s a win-win situation. 

Is There A Long-Term Contract? 

Uber Pass Benefits and Perks

Here are the top benefits to having a monthly Uber Pass. 

Discounted Ride Pricing

Riders can save up to 15% on standard Uber ride costs! If you ride UberX, UberXL, Uber Green, or Uber Comfort, then you’ll save 10% on your ride. If you ride UberBlack, you’ll save 15% with your Uber Pass membership.

No-Fee Food Delivery

This perk comes with both the total Uber Pass membership and the Uber Eats-only Pass. As long as your food order is at least $15 after taxes, then you won’t have to pay Uber’s 15% delivery fee. For a $20 delivery, this can save you $3. 

Save On Restaurant Orders + Free Coupons

Some restaurants and franchises participate in weekly awards for Uber Pass members. As a member, you’ll get access to special pricing for many of your favorite menu items or promotional food items. Additionally, participating restaurants also work with Uber to offer member’s special coupons and deals on some of their hottest menu items. Who doesn’t like free food? 

How To Sign Up For Uber Pass

Signing up for Uber Pass is super easy and will take you less than 5 minutes. Here’s how to go through with it and start saving money today. 

Step 1: Download  The Uber Rider App

If you haven’t already downloaded it, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and download the Uber Rider app. Log into your existing account or create a new account using your phone and email address. 

Step 2: Open The Menu and Navigate To ‘Ride Pass’ 

Once you’re signed in, click on the three-bar icon to access Uber’s menu. Then, scroll down the list to the tab that says ‘Ride Pass’ and click it. This will prompt you to sign up for your monthly Uber Pass or show you your perks and offers if you’re already a member. 

What If ‘Ride Pass’ Doesn’t Show Up In My App? 

If the ‘Ride Pass’ tab doesn’t show up in your memu, then it means that the service is not available in your city. If so, try checking back in a couple of months. Remember, Uber is always growing their network of cities!