Can You DoorDash In a Different City?

DoorDash is a useful app that allows customers to order from stores and restaurants and get their orders delivered to them by Dashers – shoppers for DoorDash. Many people are choosing to work for DoorDash since it can provide shoppers with extra money. But there is a dilemma. May shoppers ask – can you DoorDash in a different city? Read this article and find out.

Yes, you are allowed to deliver for DoorDash in a different city from the one that you signed up under. The only requirement is that DoorDash is available in the place you want to work.

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Can You Doordash In A Different City?

Are you interested in dashing in Washington or perhaps accepting deliveries in Michigan? Every Dasher that wants to deliver in different cities is free to do so under one condition – DoorDash must be available in the city one wants to work in. DoorDash is used in approximately 7,000 cities across Canada, the USA, Japan, and Australia. Therefore, a Dasher is not required to work in just one location. Many Dashers like to drive to other cities in the country and accept orders in different areas. However, you are not allowed to work outside the country that you live in. For instance, if you are a Canada-based DoorDasher, you won’t be permitted to work in the USA.

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How Can You Work For DoorDash In Another Location?

In case you desire to dash to another area that is quite near the location where you worked recently, you are not obliged to make any changes to your application. You can start dashing right away by selecting the feature DASH NOW or opt for the option Schedule a Dash.

But, if you’ve moved to a completely different city that is not close to the location where you’ve recently dashed, you’ll be required to update your location in the app. Here is a guide on how you can do it effortlessly:

  • Open the DoorDash application and check the available starting points that are around your location.
  • If you see the DASH NOW feature, you’ll be provided with a pop-up intended to allow you to start dashing. Once you click on Okay – your location will be changed.

But, the process is a bit different in case the Dash Now feature isn’t enabled. This means that the city is already covered with enough Dashers, and there is no need for more. Check our list below for advice on what to do:

  • The Dasher can decide to go to the location that is busier. The starting points that are shown as red in the application are in need of more Dashers. One can go there and select Dash Now.
  • If the person is using an Android, one should find on the map the desired location and click on it. Then, it’s necessary to tap on “Change” when you get a pop-up asking if you’d like to change the location.
  • If the person is using iOS, the process is different. One needs to tap on a schedule tab. Only then will you be provided with an option to change the location in the app.

Tips For Dashing In Another Area – Remember To Send Updates

Every Dasher that chooses another location to continue delivering orders should follow useful tips so as to become a top Dasher. The main advantage that the best drivers do while dashing in different cities is keeping the customers in the loop about their orders. Check out our table for more information about when you should share details with your customers.

First update – Once you get to the restaurantShare with the customer that you are at the restaurant waiting for their order.
Second update – When you pick up the orderWhen you exit the restaurant, send the customer your ETA.
Third update – In case of a delayIf you encounter traffic jams, let the customer know.
Fourth update – When you are a couple of minutes away from their addressThe customer should be alerted once you approach their address. They can instruct you on their exact location.If you encounter traffic jams, let the customer know.
Fifth update – Notify the customer when you get to the locationIn case you are carrying out a contactless delivery, you’ll be required to tell the customer that the order has arrived.

Make Sure To Restart The App On A Regular Basis

Unpredictable situations can happen when you start delivering in a new area. Dashers most commonly have problems with their cell phone connection and GPS. This can cause a lot of harm to your work since you cannot get new deliveries when the phone service is bad. In case this happens to you, don’t panic. Simply restart the DoorDash application, and the requests for deliveries will start flooding your phone. It’s best to get into the habit of restarting your application on a regular basis since this will help you get the orders.

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Should You Consider Doordashing In Another City?

Are you looking for a flexible side job? DoorDashing in another city is a great way to earn extra money and get to know a new area. When you take into account fuel and vehicle expenses, and you still manage to earn money from the deliveries, the job is definitely worth trying out. Bear in mind that the average Dasher earns approximately $23 per hour. The customer’s tips may increase the earnings if you prove yourself as a top Dasher

You will have the flexibility and the opportunity to work according to your schedule. The best thing to do when searching for new areas where you can dash is to first find cities where DoorDash is available and then locate ones where the demand is high.

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Get Ready To Explore Different Cities While DoorDashing

Dashers should know that it is possible to deliver in cities that they don’t live in. The company allows all Dashers to work in the entire country and in locations where the application is available. The only limitation is that individuals are not allowed to expand beyond the country they are based in. Therefore, if you are based in the USA, you won’t be allowed to deliver in Canada. However, if you find new cities where Dashers are in demand, you can prepare your vehicle and freely dash in a different area.