Is Doordash in Texas?

DoorDash delivery is widespread all over the nation – it has almost 400,000 partner restaurants. But can you use it in the cities of the Lone Star State? Is DoorDash in Texas?

Yes, DoorDash is in Texas. It is available in major cities such as Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Huston, San Antonio, and South Texas, as well as many nearby suburbs and smaller towns. You can use this food delivery service to get items from all kinds of places, from restaurants to convenience stores.

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If you want to know more about using this service inside of Texas borders, find more information in the following article.

Yes, DoorDash Is in Texas

DoorDash is the dominant food delivery service in the US. In 2021, it was estimated to hold more than 50% of the market share. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s available in the Lone Star State. There are six major cities in which you can get DoorDash services:

  • Austin,
  • Dallas,
  • El Paso,
  • Huston,
  • San Antonio,
  • South Texas.

Aside from being available in these five large cities, there are many neighboring towns and suburbs this delivery service operates. Take a look at the table below to see some of the destinations close by:

AustinDallasEl PasoHustonSan AntonioSouth Texas
Barton CreekAddisonAlpineBaytownAlamo HeightsAlice
CrestviewBedfordAnthonyCloverleafDevineDel Rio
GiddingsBowieLas CrucesEl CampoHot WellsFlour Bluff
North LamarEvermanLake JacksonOlmos ParkMcAllen
TempleHighland ParkLibertySan MarcosRio Grande City
West lake HillsWichita FallsVictoriaStone OakZapata
La GrangeSan AngeloSintonUvaldeEagle Pass

Keep in mind that DoorDash delivers to many other nearby places than presented in this table (except in the El Paso case). Make sure you type your delivery address into DoorDash’s search bar to see if it delivers to your place and which restaurants you can order from.

What Can You Get Delivered With DoorDash?

Although best known for food delivery, keep in mind that restaurant delivery is not the only kind you are able to get with this service. DoorDash has partnered with thousands of restaurants in Texas – but you can also use this service to get the goods from grocery, convenience, and pet stores.

Most Beloved Texas Restaurants on DoorDash

DoorDash has created a list of the best and most reliable restaurants – and three Texas restaurants are a part of it, all Asian! When delivering the next time, make sure to check the:

  • Sushi Time in Dallas (Japanese restaurant)
  • Little V in League City (Chinese and Vietnamese restaurant)
  • Zena Sushi in Hurst (Japanese restaurant)

DoorDash Payment Methods

DoorDash offers a wide variety of payment options, so you can choose to use the one that fits you the most at the moment. Here is a list of available payment methods on DoorDash:

  • Debit or credit card – you can pay this way by adding the card’s information on the DoorDash app (CVC, expiration date, and card number) or simply scan your card.
  • PayPal – a good solution for when you have cards connected to your PayPal account or when you have money deposited there. Additionally, sometimes DoorDash provides discounts for customers using this payment method.
  • Apple Pay – this is only possible if you have an Apple Pay app installed on your phone. If you do, just go to the payment section on a DoorDash app and select the Apple Pay option.
  • Venmo – all you have to do is link your DoorDash and Venmo account. As with Apple Pay, just go to the payment section of DoorDash’s app and choose Venmo as a payment method.
  • DoorDash credits – you can get these credits after purchasing a gift card or if the company reimburses you in this way. You can use them as a payment method as long as you have enough credits on your account.

Keep in mind that paying with cash is not an option since the beginning of the pandemic. However, you can choose to tip delivery workers with cash – but be careful. The tipping amount is shown on your order, so workers will see your tip. When you want to tip with cash, it would be shown as if you won’t provide a tip, and not many workers will accept the order.

Can You Cancel an Order With DoorDash?

You can cancel an order through the app or website, but you will not always get a full refund. The sooner you take action, the better chance you have to get a full refund. If something comes up and you no longer want delivery service, you must cancel it before the order is confirmed and a courier is assigned. If not, you’ll be able to get only a partial refund.

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What Time Does DoorDash Stop Delivering?

In most cases, you won’t be able to get delivery after 11 PM. However, the exact time will depend on your location, the restaurant you want the delivery from, and the delivery workers.

In small towns, DoorDash delivery stops before the mentioned time, while big cities typically have longer delivery hours.

However, keep in mind that you must follow the opening hours of a restaurant you want to order from. Additionally, workers must be willing to make the delivery. The same goes for the starting hours of delivery. However, the usual time DoorDash workers start working is around 8 AM.

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Take Advantage of Everything DoorDash in Texas Has to Offer

DoorDash is one of the most trusted delivery services nationwide, and it partners with many different restaurants and stores. So, when you’re planning to order from a local grocery store, junk food joint, or a high-end restaurant, try the DoorDash app. As the most popular US food delivery service, you’ll get the biggest food selection with them.