Is DoorDash in Washington?

If you are currently living in Washington and you are in great need of a good food delivery service, you might be wondering, Is DoorDash in Washington? DoorDash is one of the biggest food delivery services, which besides food, also delivers other important necessities such as pet food, baby items, medicine, and other similar things. If you’re interested in using their services or becoming their dasher, this article will guide you through some important things.

DoorDash is a company available in almost every part of the United States, including Washington. Whether you are willing to use their services or become a part of their team as a Washington citizen, both of these options are available. This fast-growing community will definitely make a great impression on you.

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Services and Working Positions of DoorDash Are Available to the Citizens of Washington

DoorDash is a tech company that enables local businesses to meet the needs of their customers with ease and convenience. This company generates new ways for people to enjoy delivery services but also work and earn a living. If you are a citizen of the United States of America, the chance that a DoorDash is available near you is pretty high.

This company operates in more than 7,000 cities across the United States of America, but also Canada, Australia, and Japan. Among many American states, DoorDash also offers its services to citizens of Washington. If you are a citizen of Washington, you have the opportunity to either be a customer or an employee in this large delivery company.

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Various Restaurants and Shops in Washington Collaborate With DoorDash Company

DoorDash company collaborates with one of the largest networks of restaurant delivery in Washington. Besides numerous restaurants, you can also get a delivery service from convenience stores or pharmacies in case you run out of something important and you are not in the mood to go out of the house. There are 16 restaurant chains currently operating with DoorDash in Washington, and some of the most popular ones are

  • McDonald’s,
  • Taco Bell,
  • Wendy’s,
  • Arby’s,
  • Stoney’s Bar & Grill,
  • KFC,
  • Washington’s Classics,
  • Pizza Hut.

These are just some of the restaurants that are highly demanded on the DoorDash app in Washington. Whether you are craving Italian food, desserts, burgers, fast food, or traditional American comfort food – DoorDash will deliver it to you in no time.

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There Are Plenty of Delivery Options Available on This App

DoorDash really cares about the quality of its services and does everything in its power to constantly upgrade its services to make them more customer-friendly. This is why, as their customer, you will be able to adapt the delivery according to your needs and preferences. For example, you can choose to schedule the time of your delivery according to your daily tasks.

The average delivery time is around 40 minutes, but it could also be more or less, depending on various factors. However, you always have the option of tracking your order and communicating with the dasher. There is also an option of group deliveries, which are quite useful when ordering food with your work colleagues or friends.

The group order link can be sent to other people, and everyone can add whatever they want to the cart. Another great thing is the Dash Pass which you can use in order to order food without delivery fees. This option is pretty useful for people who use the DoorDash services quite often. The app is constantly updated, and new and interesting features are always coming out.

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Is DoorDash in Washington? You Can Apply for a Delivery Job in DoorDash Company

Delivery drivers at DoorDash, also known as the dashers, usually earn around $2 to $10+ per order, plus additional earnings for promotions and 100% of the tip. There’s a lively debate on whether being a dasher can provide you with a steady income or not.

At some point, you can be making a great number of orders and earning a lot of money, but it’s not a job that has great prospects. However, it’s a great opportunity if you are in need of a side job and wish to organize your work schedule according to your own needs.

Dasher in Washington Earn Salary Bellow the National Average

Unlike some other states in America, Washington doesn’t offer great salaries for delivery drivers. The average DoorDash dasher’s hourly pay in Washington is approximately $12.94, which is 16% below the national average. In the chart below, you can see that most of the other states in the US provide higher salaries for dashers per hour.

StatePer Hour
Washington State$12.94
New York$14.18
New Jersey$13.82

According to Washington State Advisory Group, Majority of Dashers Are Happy With Their Positions

Even though dashers in Washington earn less than their colleagues from other American states, that does not necessarily mean that they are unhappy with their work. In March 2022, DoorDash announced the first-ever Washington state dasher advisory group in order to help their dashers thrive as much as they can.

The group allowed Washington dashers to suggest solutions that protect flexible work and safe earning opportunities. According to their national survey from 2021, the majority of dashers are happy with their positions and the benefits this company offers them. Actually, according to the previously mentioned survey:

  • 77% of dashers from Washington reported that the biggest benefit of their job is being able to create a personal schedule;
  • 79% of them reported that they work in DoorDash because they can choose to work as much as they want;
  • 89% of dashers prefer to work in a company that employs them as independent contractors.

DoorDash Is a Company That Offers Great Opportunities to Their Clients as Well as Their Employees.

It is hard to say that a particular company is flawless because every business comes with good and bad sides to it. DoorDash is a company that constantly works on upgrading its services and helping both clients and employees. The company is committed to establishing and maintaining good communication with its dashers and clients in communities across Washington and the entire nation. If you think about giving this company a chance and becoming a part of its community, you will most likely be happy with the results.