Is DoorDash in Houston?

Ordering food online and getting some of the most reliable drivers to arrive at your front door with your order in record time has become much easier with DoorDash. But is DoorDash in Houston, and can you use their services there?

Yes, DoorDash is available in Houston. One can use the service in the nearby towns and suburbs as well as in the city center. There is an array of restaurant delivery options in Houston. So pick one of the 1,363 restaurants near your home and get the food in under an hour.

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Is DoorDash in Houston? You Are Free to Order in Space City

Hungry customers have the opportunity to order from numerous restaurants in Houston and the nearby area using DoorDash. It is a 24-hour food delivery service company that can bring you anything you want, even in the early morning or at midnight. The only obstacle can be the restaurant which closes early and makes it impossible for the driver to pick up the order. However, feel free to order from open and available restaurants in Houston with DoorDash.

What Suburbs and Small Towns Close to Houston Have DoorDash?

You don’t have to live in the city center to use the food delivery service. Some suburbs also have DoorDash drivers ready to pick up piping hot dishes from local restaurants. Here is a list of destinations in the Houston area where you can use the service:

  • Cloverleaf,
  • El Campo,
  • Humble,
  • Liberty,
  • Victoria,
  • Sinton,
  • Baytown,
  • Lake Jackson.

Bear in mind that you should always type your delivery address into DoorDash’s search bar and check whether there are drivers in your area and what restaurants are open and close by so you can order. Perhaps you live somewhere in a Houston metropolitan area that is not included in the list, but it does offer the company’s services.

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How Much Does DoorDash Cost?

When using DoorDash, customers have to be aware of the delivery fee, which is, in most cases, $5.99. Apart from the usual delivery fee, there is also a service fee that depends on the restaurant you choose to order from. It has been estimated that the users most commonly encounter service fees that range from $1.99 to $7.99. When the service fee and delivery fee are calculated together, one can expect to pay for the order from $7.99 to $13.99.

What About the Tip? Do You Have to Tip DoorDash Drivers?

Tips for food delivery service are not mandatory. The choice is entirely up to the customer to decide. However, it should be taken into account the fact that the drivers are providing the customer with a valuable service. They should be rewarded for their effort, time, and the gas used to get to their destination. What can help you decide on how much to tip the drivers is the app. Once you place your order, the app will automatically prompt you and calculate a tip that is usually 15%. The drivers will see your tip and will count on that amount.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

A wide variety of payment options are offered by the DoorDash application, so choose the one that is most convenient for you. In case you want to use your debit or credit card, you only need to enter the card’s information in the DoorDash application. Additionally, using PayPal is a great solution since, in some instances, you can get a discount for paying in this way. Apple Pay and Venmo are available as well, and the customer should just select these options in the application, and the purchase will be complete.

The application doesn’t accept EBT since funds can only be used to buy unprepared food. Also, paying with cash is not available currently; all purchases are taken care of in-app, but you can tip the drivers with cash.

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Choose the Type of Food You Want to Order and Available Restaurants

In the app, you will have the option to choose what type of food you are interested in, such as sushi, Indian, Mexican, or Brazilian. Also, other types of categories are available such as healthy food, vegan, salad, and breakfast. Once you pick the category, you will get the list of all the local Houston restaurants you can order from. Here is a table with some of the most popular restaurants and their ratings.

Type of restaurantNameRating
ItalianThe Cheesecake Factory4.9
ItalianPiada Italian Street Food4.8
SushiPapa Yu4.9
SushiThe Blue Fish5
VegetarianMuscle Maker Grill5
KoreanKorea Garden5
MexicanChilosos Taco House4.9
MediterraneanIsland Grill5
SaladSpring Branch Burger Shack5
GreekSimply Greek Gyros5
MediterraneanZ Pita Mediterranean GrillNo information

Is Grubhub Better Than DoorDash in Houston?

Among the most popular delivery apps in Houston, such as Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub, DoorDash has the best rating and the second overall market share. Grubhub and DoorDash are the two most commonly used apps. Even though DoorDash covers a smaller Houston area compared to Grubhub, the service is still rated better. Google Play’s in-app rating for DoorDash is 4.6, and for Grubhub, it is 4.5. The difference seems to be small and insignificant, but the fact that more people rely on Grubhub makes the services a bit slower. The rating also affects the cost of Grubhub, which has a bit cheaper delivery fee.

Living in Houston? Use DoorDash When You Want to Order Food

DoorDash is available across the US, and Houston is one of the places with a wide variety of restaurants one can order from and numerous drivers who will deliver the food to your home. Don’t hesitate to type in your address in the application if you live in the greater Houston metropolitan area. There are different suburbs and small towns that offer food delivery services as well and not just in the city center. Therefore, if you are hungry and craving some Italian or Mexican food, open your application and order your favorite meal.