How Much Does Grubhub+ Cost?

Do you order food from restaurants on a regular basis? Wondering if Grubhub+ is worth it? Or how much does Grubhub+ cost?

Grubhub+ costs $9.99 per month and subscribers do not have to pay delivery fees when ordering from Grubhub+ partners. Subscribers also receive exclusive promotions and matched donations from Grubhub to No Kid Hungry.

This article will focus on some of the benefits of Grubhub+ and go into detail on whether or not Grubhub+ is worth the $9.99 per month. 

What Benefits Do Grubhub+ Subscribers Receive?

Those that sign up for Grubhub+ receive the following benefits:

  • No delivery fees on orders over $12 when ordering from Grubhub+ partners.
  • Promotions, coupons, and specials available only to Grubhub+ subscribers
  • All in-app donations to No Kid Hungry are matched by Grubhub.
  • $10 off one pickup order per month.

It’s important to note that delivery fees are only waived when the order is over $12 and from a restaurant partnered with Grubhub+. Grubhub has hundreds of thousands of restaurants all over the United States on its app. 

However, the vast majority of these restaurants are not partnered with Grubhub+ and as such Grubhub+ subscribers still have to pay delivery fees when ordering from them. 

The $10 off one pickup order per month is a nice benefit, though. It’s one that many people overlook, or misinterpret, when signing up for Grubhub+.

Is Grubhub+ Worth It?

Whether or not Grubhub+ is worth it comes down to your location. Are there are a lot of Grubhub+ partner restaurants in your area? 

If there are a lot in your area, then it may be worth signing up for Grubhub+. The service is break even if you do one pickup order per month with it, so that alone makes it worth it for many subscribers. 

If there are not many (or any) Grubhub+ partners in your area, then you will not find much benefit signing up for Grubhub+. 

Another factor to consider is that a lot of restaurants increase their prices for Grubhub orders because of the high fees that the app charges. This sometimes makes the lack of delivery fees, or even the $10 voucher, not worth it because it’s still more expensive due to the higher prices. 

Basically, you have to look at your area and see if there are any Grubhub+ partner restaurants in it before signing up for the app.

You should then compare the food prices on Grubhub to other apps to see if Grubhub+ is still worth it after accounting for the “Grubhub premium.”

Final Thoughts

To summarize, Grubhub+ costs $9.99 per month and subscribers do not have to pay delivery fees to Grubhub+ partnered restaurants and they receive $10 off one pickup order per month. This makes Grubhub+ a good option for those that order food from Grubhub a few times a month and have a decent selection of Grubhub+ restaurants in their area. 

Otherwise, it’s not really worth the money for the service. You will have to check the availability of Grubhub+ restaurants in your area to determine if Grubhub+ is a good deal for you.