Who Delivers for Grubhub?

The meal delivery app Grubhub has seen an astronomical rise in popularity due to the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The app allows restaurants to outsource delivery to independent contractors working with Grubhub, but this raises the question, who does the deliveries for Grubhub?

The requirements to deliver for Grubhub are that a person must be 19 years old or older (21 or older in Las Vegas and Chicago), have an iPhone with at least iOS 11 or an Android with at least Android 5.0, have a checking account for payment, have a data plan for their cellphone, and pass a background check

The rest of this article will focus on some of the perks of working for Grubhub including the average salary, some of the benefits, and the overall work environment of the job. 

Who Delivers for Grubhub?

Grubhub deliveries are conducted by independent contractors from Grubhub. As stated earlier, the requirements to deliver for Grubhub are the following:

  • 19 years old in every area other than Las Vegas and Chicago (21+).
  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • A valid driver’s license and insurance.
  • Own, or have access to, an iPhone with iOS 11 or an Android with Android 5.0
  • Have a checking account in order to receive payment from Grubhub.
  • A data plan for their mobile device. 

That’s it for the requirements to deliver for Grubhub. Anyone can deliver for Grubhub if they meet the minimal requirements outlined above. 

Is Ordering from Grubhub Safe?

Yes, it’s safe to order from Grubhub. Drivers must pass a criminal check and will not be allowed to deliver orders if they have any convictions for major crimes. 

Grubhub also keeps records of all their drivers, so if a driver commits a crime the company can easily turn their information over to the police. 

Due to all these processes, it’s considered reasonably safe to order from Grubhub. Drivers committing crimes against customers is an extremely rare occurrence and not something that you should worry about. 

What It’s Like Delivering for Grubhub?

It became incredibly common for unemployed or furloughed people to deliver for Grubhub during the lockdowns caused by COVID-19 as an extra source of income. Again, the requirements are not strict, so most Americans qualify to deliver for the company.

Anyway, the general consensus is that driving for Grubhub pays a decent side income and allows drivers to set their own schedule. However, Grubhub delivery drivers are considered independent and as such receive nothing other than the payment they earn from delivering orders. 

Grubhub drivers do not receive:

  • Any health insurance or retirement benefits.
  • Compensation for gasoline.
  • Coverage in the event of an accident – the vehicle Grubhub drivers use is their personal vehicle.

Basically, Grubhub drivers only receive compensation for a completed order. No other benefits are provided to drivers.

Final Thoughts 

To summarize, Grubhub has some very basic requirements to deliver for them, but they do require passing a criminal background check. This makes it safe for anyone that wants to order food using the app. 

As for working for Grubhub, it pays decent enough for the requirements and allows drivers to make their own schedule. The lack of fringe benefits, however, makes it not appealing as a full-time job.